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UK Newswire Archive

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Google's Role As Internet Censor

29-12-2012 21:29

Biased link placement, cooperation with illegal wars,
activist link censorship, lawsuits regarding
censorship are some of the many issues involving Google.

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Israel detains 3848 Palestinians, including 881 children in 2012

29-12-2012 20:25

Israeli policy of arrests
The Director of the Department of Statistics at the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners, Abdel Nasser Farawana stated that the Israeli occupation authorities have arrested during the year 2012, (3848) Palestinian citizens, including (881) children, (67) women, (11) parliamentarians, and (9) who have been freed in the last exchange deal between Hamas and Israel, in addition to dozens of academics, journalists, teachers, political leaders, and civil community leaders.

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Possible Demo ?

29-12-2012 13:19

Possible demo outside secruity offices....

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Yuletide in Parliament Square – War and Peace

29-12-2012 06:29

As we approach the New Year whither the prospects for peace? The honourable members of Parliament are on their Christmas break while long term peace campaigner Mrs Barbara Tucker will spend both Xmas and New Year opposite the great facade of democracy at constant peril of arrest and assault.

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Library Street London- The Break is Nearly Over, Big Things for the New Year

29-12-2012 01:36

A quick piece on news of upcoming things at the library street social centre...

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Palestine: Urif under attack

28-12-2012 08:31

Following three days of incessant attacks from Israeli soldiers and settlers on Soldiers checking people in the streets of Urifthe village of Urif, south of Nablus, around seventy soldiers on ten military jeeps soldiers invaded the village at 9:30 this morning. They started firing tear gas on children aged three to six years that were leaving their school after having finished an exam. The whole village was put under curfew for a few hours.

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Time For Justice – A call from Palestine to EU citizens

27-12-2012 19:17

On the fourth anniversary of Israel’s 2008-2009 war on Gaza in which it killed 1400 Palestinians including 300 children, a call urging EU citizens to ask their representatives to suspend the EU’s trade agreements with Israel, until it complies with international law has been issued by grassroots networks and organizations across Palestine.

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MI5 Betrayed Bomb Victims

27-12-2012 10:48

My experiences after being attacked by satanist David Myatt are that the Admiral Duncan,Brick Lane and Brixton nailbombings were an MI5 sponsored sting operation that went wrong.

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UG#601 - The Psychopathology of Money (Nick Leeson, The Economics of Happiness)

27-12-2012 00:28

We continue examining money with radio adaptations of 2 films. In our first hour, Adam Curtis' 25 Million Pounds narrates the rise and fall of financial fraudster, Nick Leeson. In our second hour, The Economics of Happiness which recommends relocalization as the urgent solution to economic globalization.

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Oscar Wilde Vs Rudyard Kipling Re The Folly Of Invading Afghanistan

26-12-2012 20:05

A 19th Century Cartoon About Afghan Invasion
It's time for British and American troops to withdraw from Afghanistan. Oscar Wilde told us this 131 years ago.

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Stuff Jerusalem!

25-12-2012 19:08

Doing Unto Others

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Communities won't take the closure of nurseries and childrens centres.

25-12-2012 19:00

Around 100 parents and children under 5 arrived from Tinsley Green children's centre. Another 50 joined the protest from Darnall Community Nursery.

In total at least 250 protested outside Sheffield Town Hall against the Labour council's planned slashing of Sure Start children's centres and nurseries.

The council is aiming to cut £3.5m from these centres. Currently there are 36 centres, all Ofsted registered and providing childcare, health, education and family support. All would be downgraded.

Instead the aim is to have 17 children's centre 'areas', with each area having only one nursery. The council calls its proposals a 'redesign' and incredibly has claimed that the service will improve, reaching more children.

Yet, at the same time, it blames the government for forcing the cuts on it - thereby implying that the service will suffer.

19 of the 36 centres have been earmarked for closure. Five of the seven centres that received an 'outstanding' grade from Ofsted last year are amongst those under threat.

Many nursery workers and parents have been told that their centres will be closed by March 2013 at the latest.

Yet the council is saying that there will be no closures. What it means is that it will use all the sites for something - it's just that 19 of them won't have childcare services!

sharon milson

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Nuclear Films travel from Rio to Delhi

25-12-2012 13:45

After taking place twice in Brazil and last October in Germany, the International Uranium Film Festival is now traveling to India. Documentary film maker from India Shriprakash is organizing the festival in New Delhi, Shillong, Ranchi, Pune, Mumbai, Hydarabad and Chennai.

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Christmas Cancelled!

25-12-2012 12:23

thats just 2 bad

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Leeds EDL Organiser Dreams of A Final Solution

25-12-2012 00:12

On a serious note, since Tommy Robinson (Yaxley Lennon) was jailed, more and more EDL divisions have become openly racist. Today, while the spirit of Christmas cheer in the air, peace, love and goodwill to all men and all that, Yorkshire EDL (Leeds) were fantasising about an anti-Muslim final solution where ALL Muslim citizens living in the UK would be "removed", and all immigrants would be denied social welfare.

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The Westcountry Mutineer #3 Out Now!

24-12-2012 17:45

Ho! Ho! Ho! The Westcountry Mutineer issue 3 is out now - better late than never! A new-ish radical tabloid, definitely not in the same style as The Bath Bomb, but for all the westcountry

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Secrecy over government's provision of services to Huntingdon Life Sciences

24-12-2012 12:46

Back in 2001/2002 respectively the government took the unusual step of providing notorious animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences with banking and insurance services - the pariah company being unable to source these services commercially. Ten years on a Liverpool woman is trying to find out the details of why, but the government is refusing to share what it describes as this 'highly sensitive' information.

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Kevin's Krismas Karol!

24-12-2012 10:29

2012 was a good year for anti-fascists, not so for the far right! Read all abaht it!

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Kuchi Refugee Camp in the Shah's Back Yard

24-12-2012 01:26

Maya is currently with a peace delegation in Afghanistan and sent this report via the VCNVUK blog.
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