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UK Newswire Archive

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Teacher X: Why I'm striking, JCB

11-09-2012 23:17

I am willing to sacrifice an awful lot to protect the students I serve every day. I am not hurting our kids by striking, I’m striking to restore some semblance of reasonable care for students to this system.

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BHF charity shop in Leith closed by anti workfare protest

11-09-2012 22:55

Anti workfare demonstrators in Edinburgh shut down the British Heart Foundation furniture store at the Kirkgate shopping centre for over two hours on Saturday 8 September. The Leith store closed its doors as demonstrators arrived before noon, and didn't attempt to reopen till after 2pm.

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Next london abc meeting

11-09-2012 18:47

next meeting of london abc is this thursday 13th of september

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EDL Video Anaylsis!

11-09-2012 14:32

Mr Tommy's recent video showed him to be a few currants short of a clootie! Read all abaht it!

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London Met Protest, Home Office

11-09-2012 12:55

Report and video taken fron Reel News:

London Metropolitan University staff, students and other supporters attended a rally outside the Home Office at lunchtime on Wednesday September 5 to oppose the revocation of London Met’s international student license, which could result in 2,600 international students being deported.

Watch video of the protest.

All unions at London Met – UCU, UNISON and NUS – are calling for every university and college in the country to hold LUNCHTIME PROTESTS on Friday 14th September.

OPEN MEETING to discuss the next steps in the campaign:
5pm-7pm, Thursday 13th September,
North Campus – Tower Building, room TM1-83
166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB
Nearest Tubes: Holloway Road & Highbury & Islington
Buses: 43, 153, 271, 393

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Statement from Peace Strike "Vigil for Iran"

11-09-2012 10:55



On Wednesday 12th of September, from Parliament Square, Peace Strike will launch the “VIGIL FOR IRAN” This is a pre-emptive campaign to prevent a war with Iran.


We welcome campaigners, concerned citizens and anyone who cares for peace and justice, to join us for the initial two hours from 5-7pm to establish a weekly peace presence that will build up and spread to other strategic locations in and around Westminster and Whitehall.



We welcome campaigners, concerned citizens and anyone who cares for peace and justice, to join us for the initial two hours from 5-7pm to establish a weekly peace presence that will build up and spread to other strategic locations around Westminster and Whitehall.


The aim of the campaign is to unite supporters, and bring together differenr diverse groups and individuals so that our presence will be peaceful, powerful and effective. We wish our presence to be felt by the political powers, in order that they will have no option but to listen to us and take on board our concerns.


As well as acknowledging our concerns, we want them to ACT on them and CHANGE any plans they have for war.




So far, to date, there is no evidence that Iran has nuclear weapons capabillity. Even if they were to have the ambition, this in itself would not be illegal. What would be illegal would be a pre-empt war of aggression that in no way could be legally justified.





It would seem at times, that many people in our communities are beyond caring obout anyone but themselves. We live in selfish times, we are all aware of that. We suffer the consequennces every day in our own lives. If we don't care about each other, why then should we care about others, especially if we don't know them.





If we knowingly allow injustice to occur and go unchallenged, in our own lives and communities then we are allow ourselves to become 'part of the problem'. We have to, at some point take responsibility and work for change for the greater good. It is easy to see why young people in the UK are so frustrated and isolated within communities. The governments of the world spend so much time and energy exploting and killing defencless people simply because of geographic location and resouces. We ourselves become victims, as knowledge of the truth hurts. Being aware oof these problems in itself is not enough. We have to do something positive to make the change. Its up to us the ordinary grass roots citizens to unite and 'BE A PART OF THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE'


If a pre-emptive attack was launched on an Iranian nuclear site, then the very minimum amount of people to be killed initially would be in the region of 100,000. Iran would retaliate.

After this, no one would know when it would end.


This action would effect the whole of the Middle East and have major repercussions globally. The media propoganda would have us hating anyone who looked Iranian, even though they were attacked and would have been forced to defend themselves. There would be retaliation in this country and we would see communities turn against each other. At some point we would have to rely on the authorities to save us from each other. The irony would be that we would then be grateful to a government for saving us and our communities, even though they ignored our wishes not to go to war! The governments fear an uprising so would manipulate the situation so that we would turn on each other!




Endless war would mean that young people would eventually be called up to do their duty for our country. Patriorism would be called for and those not willing would be seen as disloyal and untrustworthy.




We have been down this road before, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Libya, Syria.....

Pakistan is being being continually bombed and is not mentioned as a counrty at war, we just go ahead unchallenged. To date, we have not stopped any wars. The will of the people has never been strong enough to succeed. Our weakness is that we are easily divided.




The “Vigil for Iran” plan is to start small and get bigger each week. It is grass roots lead and is non-partisan. We are not affilliating ourselves with any Iranian political parties. As concerned citizens our duty is to the famillies and civilian population that would be victims if such action were undertaken.




We are not prepared to accept war as the answer to making peace and establishing freedom and democracy!




We refuse to be complicate in any more war. We demand an end to war and our troops brought home.


The “Vigil for Iran” promotes peaceful action and is peaceful in its intent.


Please join us every Wednesday between 5-7pm either at Parliament square in London or in a solidarity action of your own organizing.


We need to establish now to be effective in rallying the masses. We have to influence and inspire people to promote confidence so that we are strong in our movement. We will not be deceived again nor will we be divided by properganda.

If all else fails and we are ignored we will go on STRIKE.

facebook: Peace Strike Parliament Square



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counter protest against the NF in Skegness

11-09-2012 08:38

Beat the Nazis

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Skegness Halal Demos, A Slippery Slope To The Right

10-09-2012 22:12

It has come to our attention that a demonstration has been planned in Skegness, Lincolnshire to oppose a halal slaughterhouse. The nature of this demonstration has led to a take-over by the National Front, a racist, fascist organisation who have recently resurfaced after previously being forced off of the streets by anti-fascist campaigners in the 80s. We believe this paves a dangerous road for animal liberation.

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Stop the Road!

10-09-2012 21:27

A rally and camp to celebrate the beauty of Combe Haven Valley and develop resistance to the planned Bexhill-Hastings link road.

29 – 30 September, Combe Haven Valley

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From Uruguay: Letter of Solidarity From Raul Zibechi

10-09-2012 17:44

“Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas:
Freedom and Justice for San Marcos Avilés and
Francisco Sántiz López”

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Council Tax Benefit Changes - Update

10-09-2012 16:55

Big changes to Council Tax Benefits are on their way.

The City Council has sent a letter outlining the proposed changes (rather vaguely - but you can see where this is going) and invites to partake in another useless "Have your say" exercise.

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Cracks in the Pavement- Call out for Articles

10-09-2012 11:36

Cracks in the Pavement Issue 2 - A call out for submissions of articles and illustrations.

*Deadline: November 9th 2012*
email:articlesubmissions *at*

Cracks in the Pavement is an anarchist journal with a mission to encourage critical reflection, undogmatic provocation and the uncovering of what is going on within our movement.

Right now we're on the hunt for articles for the next issue due out in all the wrong places in January 2013.

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EDL EEjits Latest!

10-09-2012 11:09

After their stunning 'victory' at Walthamstow, the EDL are coming back for 'revenge!' And it's going to be another disaster!

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Rendition between Lithuania and secret CIA prisons revealed

10-09-2012 10:48

New torture flights between Lithuania and secret CIA prisons in Afghanistan & Morocco revealed as European Parliament debates rendition report

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Noam Chomsky: Why America and Israel Are the Greatest Threats to Peace

10-09-2012 10:28

Imagine if Iran -- or any other country -- did a fraction of what American and Israel do at will.

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Seattle Solidarity Network meeting

10-09-2012 10:26

Public meeting with speakers from Seattle Solidarity Network

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Report exposes the hundreds of homes the council are leaving empty

10-09-2012 10:13

A report released today by the Birmingham Tenants & Homeless Action Group, who recently made the headlines by occupying an abandoned council owned property[1], exposes the hundreds of empty properties the council are leaving empty, while thousands sit on waiting lists for homes. The report publishes a list and interactive map[2] of all 607 empty houses that are owned by Birmingham City Council. The list was obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

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Victory! Lowell Group backs down

10-09-2012 08:55

On the eve of our phone blockade of the Lowell Group, yesterday, we had some great news. James Coll, who Lowell were threatening with litigation received letters from the debt collection company saying that they were closing his case and pleading with him to let the Nottingham Solidarity Network know. The threat of direct action from James’ enraged community was enough to make even a company as established as Lowell back down.

This is great news for James and we wish him the best of luck with his recovery, but it is also great news for the solidarity network. Our campaign worked and we hope that this inspires other members of our community to have confidence in collective action.

As a result of this good news the phone blockade of Lowell for later today is cancelled. But Lowell should be warned that James will let us know straight away if they go back on their word.

James contacted us about the harassment he was getting from Lowell in June. Following this we asked our members to email Lowell to ask them to cancel the debt because we did not feel that James was liable for it. Lowell responded saying that they were reviewing the case.

However, at the end of last month James received further correspondence from Lowell saying that they had passed the debt to Hampton’s Legal, their legal arm, and that he would be faced with litigation to recover the money. We responded by calling for a phone blockade of the Lowell Group that was due to take place today.

Fortunately this will no longer be necessary as Lowell seem to have realised that we will not be intimidated and will continue to fight.

Collective direct action (and the threat of it) have got the goods!


Unpaid wages? Denied deposit? Unsafe workplace? Refused repairs?

Don’t let bosses and landlords use and abuse you!

We are a network of working people and tenants who work to defend ourselves through direct action and mutual support. Nottingham Solidarity Network will help you get back stolen wages and deposits, get repairs made, and stop evictions.

We are a collection of Nottingham residents who have lived in the city for a number of years. We are all volunteers and anybody who wishes to show solidarity is able to join us. Each of us at some time has suffered from unjust treatment by employers, landlords, or other wealthy people who hold power over our lives.

We’ve learned from experience that the only way we’ll be treated fairly, equally, and with dignity is by being prepared to stand up to such people and defend our rights.  It’s hard to do this alone.  That’s why we’ve come together, and we’re seeking out other local people with similar problems who feel the same way.  Together we can find ways of dealing with abusive bosses, greedy landlords, and those who would deny us, our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers the right to a decent life.

See this page for more on how to get help from the network.

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the Met say they want to protest with DPAC against ATOS

10-09-2012 07:40

DPAC are very excited by an email we received on Saturday. We wanted to share it. The email was from someone called PS @ . We suspect this is some kind of a code name because they have low esteem so they feel they are a mere post script in the letter of life. We checked the IP address and it’s in London so are in no doubt of its authenticity. The email said:

Subject Future Atos protests
Message Sir/Madame – I would like to discuss the arrangement for future peaceful protests at ATOS offices.

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Looking For An End - Ecoshock

09-09-2012 23:55

Ecoshock fall opener! Alex inteviews Gareth Renowden, co-host of New Zealand's "The Climate Show" on the big stories. From Beijing, Li Yan Greenpeace East Asia climate campaign co-ordinator on China's emissions & coal dependence. Plus "Tip of the Iceberg News" with blogs & audio you might have missed. Radio Ecoshock 120905 1 hr CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Blog with all the links here.
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