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UK Newswire Archive

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After Sangatte Film Premiere, Thurs 31 January, SOAS University

24-01-2008 12:52

Thursday 31 January, 2008: SOAS University will premiere a photographic slide show, short film and discussion on the growing Refugee crisis in Calais, France.

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Students blockade EDO factory

24-01-2008 12:34

Yesterday morning 15 student activists from Sussex University, Brighton used a variety of tactics to completely blockade EDO MBMs factory in Fishersgate. Students d-locked and glued themselves to doors and occupied the roof in an attempt to bring the factory to a standstill and raise awareness of the products EDO produce.

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Home Office Demonstration this Friday

24-01-2008 12:17

Leeds man suffering sickle cell anaemia faces deportation on Monday- demo this Friday 25 January 11.30am-1.00pm outside Waterside Court, Leeds, on Kirkstall Road (past Netto, next to petrol station)

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Ballymurphy Eleven Speaking Tour

24-01-2008 11:55

Article on the families struggle for truth and justice for the eleven victims of the 1971 Ballymurphy massacre in West Belfast, who were shot dead by the British Army's Parachute Regiment - six months before that same regiment shot dead civil rights protesters on Bloody Sunday in Derry.

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NATO must prepare for nuclear first strike, report urges

24-01-2008 10:41

A chilling report prepared by a group of top military commanders from the US and its NATO allies declares that the alliance must be prepared to launch a preemptive nuclear first strike because of “asymmetric threats and global challenges” posed to the West.

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Greece: banks, car dealerships, and state owned vehicles attacked

24-01-2008 10:33

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire has claimed responsibility for a series of incendiary attacks against car dealerships, banks, and government vehicles. These attacks took place early Monday morning in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.
Communique sent to

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US recession fears provoke continued market turmoil

24-01-2008 10:23

The US stock market experienced its most volatile trading since 2002 on Wednesday, opening in near panic and plummeting more than 300 points before a late day rally that brought the Dow Jones up by 2.5 percent, erasing the sharp decline of the past three days. The S&P 500 rose by 2.53 percent, and the NASDAQ by 1.05 percent.

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U.S. to use Spy Evidence against Citizens?

24-01-2008 03:11

Determining what NSA electronic surveillance can be used by police or introduced into court by Government, may be the next battle Americans have to fight.

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Press Release: GBU:TSX - Rosia Montana's urbanistic plans declared illegal by court!

24-01-2008 01:32

(Canadian mining company wishes to destroy 1800 years old town Rosia Montana to open a cyanide open-pit gold mine. Government is complicit.)

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Press Release: Greater Manchester NHS Must "Break The Spine"

24-01-2008 00:14

Manchester NO2ID Logo
With yet more patient records going missing, local campaign group Manchester NO2ID is calling upon the NHS in Greater Manchester to abandon plans for more centralisation and computerisation of intimate medical details on the "NHS Spine" database.

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Public Eye Award "Anti-Oscar" given to AREVA !

23-01-2008 23:52

From Gunter wippel.

The Public Eye Negative Award ("Anti-Oscar") for worst company behaviour has
been given to the French Uranium mining company AREVA for its worst-of-all behaviour towards workers and people in the area in regard to its uranium mines in Niger.

Almoustapaha Alhacen, Tuareg form Arlit / Niger, the uranium mining town in Northern Niger,spoke out about the companies behaviour in Niger.

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I'd Put The Telly On But I Doubt It Would Fit.

23-01-2008 23:40

A humourous look at the medium that is television. Or perhaps specificly those who watch it and why. And why they probably shouldn't. Enjoy!

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Skill-share and Free Shop in Next to Nowhere (Liverpool Social Centre)

23-01-2008 23:06

On Sunday 13th January we held a free shop and skill-share day at Next to Nowhere ( The idea was for people to come in and engage in whatever creative or practical skills they knew, to look at what others were doing and have a go, and to re-use, recycle or modify second hand items for free.

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Some pics from the counter-cops demo

23-01-2008 22:56

FITwatch turned up to 'welcome' the demonstrating cops, presenting them with Section 14 orders (see and taking their photos for their own forward intelligence purposes.

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Concepcion Hunger Strike in solidarity with Patricia Troncoso; Mapuche Prisoner

23-01-2008 22:30


"If you die of dignity, we die of shame"*

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Mapuche's Urgent Communicate

23-01-2008 22:27


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DK: Ungdomshus Options Made Public

23-01-2008 21:40

In response to the announcement that a major civil disobedience action is under way politicians from the Copenhagen Council have made public two possible addresses for a new Ungdomshus.

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DK: Plan to Besiege Copenhagen City Hall

23-01-2008 21:38

G13 survived. Agrounded Ungdomshus-Discussions cause a new civil Disobedience-Action called "BlokR" (Word game with danish "Bloker" = engl. "to blockade"); which has the aim to get harder and more pressure to politicians.

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Sending congratulations to Gaza

23-01-2008 21:19

Congratulations to the Gazans for a powerful non-violent direct action opening the Rafah border with Egypt this morning, and allowing 30,000 people to nip to the shops and buy some food, petrol and medicines.

Rafah is a divided town - the Palestinians on the Gazan side of the wall are desperate for food, fuel and medicines due to the increasingly severe seige imposed by Israel. This morning Gazans finally broke the siege and broke through to the Egyptian side of Rafah to buy supplies. No-one yet knows how long the border will remain open.

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KFC Arson & More ALF Actions

23-01-2008 20:55

"On the night of January 20 the Animal Liberation Front Mexico (F.L.A.M.) placed an incendiary device in an establishment of this multinational corporation that continues the killing of our animal brothers and sisters on their farms of terror for filthy money that comes at the cost of the suffering of others. These actions are just the beginning of what the animal rights guerillas can do." ALF Mexico
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