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UK Newswire Archive

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Lee Hall confronted at the London Vegan Festival

08-09-2009 04:20

Lee Hall, notorious defender of state oppression of animal activists and author of the ridiculous ‘Capers in the Churchyard, Animal Activism in the Age of Terror’ was scheduled to give a talk today (Sunday Sep 6th) at the London Vegan Festival. Things didn’t work out quite as she, or the festival, had planned however. If Hall was seriously entertaining the notion that she could fly to England and hold forth for fifty minutes at an event like this, with SHAC activists present, on the subject of her choice, without being confronted about her statements on direct action, then I suggest she is in need of a psychiatrist.

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demonstration in newcastle on wednesday the 9th against Sanofi-aventis

08-09-2009 01:24

theres going to be a demonstration on wednesday in newcastle

we are meeting up at newcastle mounment for 3 . 30

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Post DSEi Action Debrief and future action planning

07-09-2009 23:13

LARC, Fieldgate Street (nearest tube Whitechapel), 7pm

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Leeds Grand Theatre Promoting Racism

07-09-2009 22:58

Over the past few years, Millions of pounds of public money have been spent on a full refurbishment of Leeds Grand Theatre. Only months after it was officially re-opened though, the Grand Theatre are busy dragging their ‘classy’ new image into the gutter by bringing racism centre-stage.

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Letter delivered to Gordon Brown on Western Sahara

07-09-2009 22:50

To mark the 18th anniversary of the UN ceasefire in Western Sahara, a delegation of campaigners and MP’s will today visit Downing Street to call on Britain to use her role within the UN Security Council to help enforce the terms of the ceasefire agreement and resolve the 34 year Western Sahara conflict. Versions of the letter were sent to the governments of all UN Security Council permanent members.

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Flashmob die in at 4th plinth

07-09-2009 21:41

Trafalgar Squares 4th plinth was focus of protest against arms trade today

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The U.S. invades and occupies Pakistan: A Pakistani viewpoint

07-09-2009 19:30

We are watching it happen in the streets. The recurring nightmare has become a grim, new reality for the people of Pakistan. After watching the horrors of the U.S. invasions and occupations of Iraq and neighboring Afghanistan for 8 years, the "war on terror" has finally arrived in The Land of the Pure. Obama is fulfilling his campaign promise to Pakistan.

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Zippos Circus gone but not forgotten

07-09-2009 16:36

Yesterday evening saw an end to the Zippos Circus Southsea run and SARC activists were there to give them an almighty send off.

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Palestine Today 090709

07-09-2009 16:30


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday September 7th, 2009

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Groundwater Levels Plummet Around Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, India

07-09-2009 16:06

Groundwater levels in Kala Dera, the site of Coca-Cola's controversial bottling plant in India, have plummeted 5.83 meters (19 feet) in just one year between May 2007 and May 2008, according to government data obtained by the India Resource Center.

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Professor Gary Francione: No Pacifist

07-09-2009 15:46

Is Gary Francione a pacifist or does it depend on who is doing the violence?

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Christian Peace Activist Arrested at War Planning Conference

07-09-2009 15:20

Chris Cole, peace activist, was arrested this morning following a protest at the UK Defence Conference held QE Conference Centre in London. Cole spray painted anti-arms trade messages and poured red blood outside the centre. He has been charged with £2,000 work of criminal damage and bailed to appear at Horseferry Magistrates Court on 17th September.

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New Lichfield BNP branch leader impersonates a Muslim online

07-09-2009 15:04

Alex Sproule, BNP candidate in the county council elections this year and head of a new BNP branch is caught out pretending to be a Muslim on a working class community message board.

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Climate camp Blackheath site now returned to how it was.

07-09-2009 14:12

How it was when we were there.
Just so any nimby hippy haters can't accuse us of leaving the wonderful Blackheath site as a shit heap, here's the proof that climate activists respect their sites and don't leave them looking like the average festival.

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Lockerbie - FBI gangsterism

07-09-2009 14:10

FBI head Robert Mueller phoned up Lothian & Borders police in the middle of the night to get Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskills home address. He said this was to have his FBI agents in Scotland deliver a letter to MacAskhill immediately. To their great credit, L&B polis told him to deliver to the night-watchman at the Government offices.

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An account of the EDL Birmingham demo

07-09-2009 14:01

Locals up for it
Before heading up to Birmingham I was a bit nervous because there had been no signs of any national call outs from any organisations in regards to this event, so I didn't really know what to expect. But me and some others had decided we'd go have a pop at the EDL so we went anyway.

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Climate Swoop and COP 15 Mobilisation Call Out

07-09-2009 13:44

This is going to be hot Autumun of Climate Action - we are are oprganising a mobilisation tour of the UK and we need your help! Local groups from all over the country are being called upon to organise and resist!

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Workers' Climate Action conference

07-09-2009 12:46

The second conference of the Workers' Climate Action network will take place in London on Saturday 10 October.

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Fifth attempt to remove Constant Moussavou

07-09-2009 11:48

Constant Moussavou, a national of Congo Brazzaville, and resident of Leicester a long time activist/member of Leicester Civil Rights Movement (LCRM). Is currently detained in Campsfield House IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Wednesday 9th September on Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET701 at 21:35 to Addis Ababa then ET831 to Brazzaville Congo.

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Disarm DSEi Critical Mass

07-09-2009 10:42

Meet 9am,Tues 8 September, Bank Junction EC2
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