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UK Newswire Archive

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GM Action-Take the Flour Back

08-05-2012 16:55

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Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network meeting

08-05-2012 16:31

Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network is a group recently set up to support anyone being evicted from their home. We are having a public meeting on Sunday 13th May at 5.30pm in the British Oak, Stirchley B20 2XS

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City of Frankfurt bans on Blockupy action days - thousands respond

08-05-2012 15:17

Blockupy Frankfurt are European action days taking place from May 16-19 in Frankfurt, Germany. The actions include the occupation of the Frankfurt financial district, a blockade of the ECB, and an international demonstration. Last week, the city of Frankfurt informed the broad coalition behind Blockupy that it would prohibit all planned protests. This ban can be understood in the context of the increasingly authoritarian government policies in response to crisis and accompanying denial of democratic rights.

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Satirical Cartoons Thwarted by Anti-Meale Action

08-05-2012 14:55

Lord Biro's perspective on the May Day rally.

On 5 May I went to the May Day Rally in Nottingham to hear Sir Alan Meale speak and to give out a few satirical cartoons about him and Gloria De Piero which the Mansfield Chad and Ashfield Chad newspapers somehow failed to publish (they were in my art show in Nottingham July 2011).

Sadly the Anarchist Federation wouldn't let him speak. After a verbal confrontation with one of them in which I said 'I know he's fat pompus c..t, but you should let him speak', I left the meeting without giving out any cartoons.

When it comes to freedom of expression etc the Anarchist Federation and the Manfield Chad may have more in common than they think. I shall spend next May Day in the Dog and Partridge watching the football or listening to the disco later in the full knowledge that there won't be any anarchists, SWP rebels or middle class Marxists in there to spoil my day.

Lord Biro, Elvis Defence League





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Kukusanya ~ Celebrating 4 years of restlessness

08-05-2012 14:55

Set by the river in the intimate Studio Lantern Theatre, over 500 restless beings, from varying occupations and backgrounds all over the UK came together as a united tribe to celebrate 4 years of restlessness at Kukusanya! Armed with Love, Light & Lollipops, a Restless Beings staple, supporters built up the excitement on twitter with the #kukusanya tweet-a-lot competition, reaching out over 165,000 followers, and were ready to get down to drum beats and feel good vibes!

Since our inception little over four years ago our work has taken us from the Roma community across Europe to the street children in Dhaka, women's rights in Kyrgyzstan and to the Rohingya community in South-West Burma. In harmony with the transnational nature of our work, the event carried a vibrant tribal theme knitting together the distinctive traditional arts of countries across the globe.


The electric vibes were felt throughout the night, with the audience chilling out on traditional Moroccan and Bedouin cushions and rugs set amongst the intimate stage, set alive with the many beautiful arts of different culture all over the world.

Musical delights were in an abundance ranging from the Quqin played beautifully by Nora Wang and composer and incredible flutist Shammi Pithia stunned the audience with his performance with singer Sonna Rele. Live music from our long time supporting artists, the vibrant duo Native Sun, Suzana Ansar and amazing drumming skills from Khansar, Latin, British, African hip-hop rapping dexterity from Street Souls UK, a surprise acoustic performance from Aruba Red as well Melissa Melodee performing the 100kids anthem 'Broken Hearts' with all the Restless Beings team singing on stage with her added to the celebration. Bringing a visual treat to the night, Brazilarte executed a show stopping capoeira performance and Manaia Maori stormed the stage with their chants, music and dance, including the haka- indigenous to New Zealand.

Akkas Al-Ali, playwright and director, brought a short but powerful piece of theatre looking at the kidnapping of women for marriage in Kyrgyzstan (Ala Kachuu), the oppression of the Roma people across Europe, the treatment of the Palestinians and the murder of Trayvon Martin.

With a focus on demanding change and voicing the voiceless, Restless Beings also announced the latest exciting developments with two of our projects. We are now up and running in Kyrgyzstan, helping to combat Ala Kachuu or bride kidnapping which is largely non-consensual and often involves violent kidnapping, mistreatment and rape of women. After an emotionally charged trip to the country in April this year, just a few weeks before Kukusanya, the Restless Beings team interviewed women and families who had faced Ala Kachuu and are now dealing with the many fall outs of the practice. The team held workshops with local charities, filmed an advertisement to be aired on Kyrgyz TV to encourage men and women to say no to Ala Kachuu and initiated dialogue with other NGOs aiming to find a resolution. Incredibly having recently achieved NGO status for Restless Beings, we have partnered with a women's right organisation, Sezim to offer a counselling service to women affected by Ala Kachuu.

Kukusanya also marked the end of our 100kids campaign which started in February 2012. We set the challenge to Restless Beings all over the world to raise at least £100 in 100 days for the 100 street children that are going to be given a future to at our Restless Beings Village in Bangladesh. With a phenomenal response of nearly 400 Restless Beings taking up the challenge from 32 countries worldwide and 31 cities and towns in the UK alone!

The top 3 100kids fundraisers were announced at Kukusanya, with Shareefa Panchbhaya claiming 3rd place raising £1,701.25 by chopping off all of her hair to show how street girls in Bangladesh do this to appear as boys in fear of rape and sexual abuse. In second place were two little sisters, Aliyah and Khadija aged 4 and 6 and together they raised £3,292.00 being sponsored for horse riding, a 3 mile walk and swimming! Claiming 1st place, raising a total of £3,568.85 was Amera Otaifa, who as the winner of the 100kids challenge will be able to fly out to the Restless Beings Village in 2013 when it will be a fully functioning home, school, rehabilitation centre and a safe environment for street children to play and live out their childhood, as they should.

Although the 100 days of the challenge are up, the problems facing the children in Dhaka are not. Please do not forget them and continue to support the project by signing up on like TV Presenter and Journalist - Tasmin Lucia-Khan!

With your support consistent, grassroots change is achievable - our 100kids campaign, having raised over £45,000 in 100 days is testament to that! We also debuted 'Building Hope', a short film documenting our work with the street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh and the reason why your help is so needed!

Thank you to all who took part in the 100 kids challenge and all our guests at Kukusanya - your help keeps us going and facilitates change in vulnerable communities.

Stay Restless.

Love, Light and Lollipops!

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DSEi Arms Fair Protester Faces Trial

08-05-2012 10:06

Following postponment of January trial Chris Cole again faces the courts for criminal damage at DSEi arms fair

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Anti-Labour party protest at Nottingham May Day

07-05-2012 22:55

Nottingham’s May Day events were the scene of controversy after protesters prevented Sir Alan Meale, the Labour MP for Mansfield, from speaking. Meale’s invitation to speak at the Notts Trades Union Council organised rally had already sparked condemnation in the run up to the day concerning his alleged support for “anti-working class” politics and his expenses claims. Protesters used whistles, heckles and placards to prevent Meale from speaking. Estimates of the numbers ranged from 200-500 trade unionists, socialists and anarchists. They marched from the Forest to the Congregational Hall for the rally. The day was also marked by demonstrations against workfare.

On the newswire: Nottingham May Day – one anarchist’s perspective | Troops on streets for Nottingham May Day | Alan Meale should not speak on May Day

Previous Mayday coverage: 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2004 | 2003

May Day was organised differently this year, following the decision by the May Day organising committee not to organise the usual outdoor rally. This decision was forced by increasing pressure from the City Council in the form of bureaucratic demands on the volunteer committee. In their absence, this year the Notts Trades Union Council organised a march and rally, to feature Mark Serwotka (General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union) and Alan Meale MP.

This decision sparked controversy and resulted in an open letter written to the Trades Council by two anarchist groups, asking them to withdraw their invitation to Meale. The Labour party’s support for neoliberal capitalism and anti-trade union laws, as well as Meale’s own voting record in favour of the war on Iraq, in favour of anti-terror legislation and ID cards and in favour of a tougher asylum system were all cited as reasons not to give him a platform. The authors of the letter also pointed to Meale’s MPs expenses claims of £13,000 for gardening and £7,000 for redecorating his home.

On the day itself, hundreds of people gathered at the Forest Recreation Ground, to march into the city centre. The march was led by trade union leaders and Meale who carried the Notts Trades Council banner.

The rally featured nine speakers in total including representatives of the CWU, Unison, Aslef, PCS, UCAT, the NUT and Notts Uncut. Alan Meale attempted to speak twice but was met both times with heckling, whistling and shouts from sections of the crowd and a silent protest with anti-Labour placards in front of the podium. The rally closed amidst angry scenes between the protesters and Trades Union officials.

Following the rally, Autonomous Nottingham held a demonstration against companies using workfare on Lister Gate. Topman, Holland & Barrett and Poundland were targeted by pickets and hundreds of leaflets were given out to Saturday shoppers.

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No Boris Island! - demo Friday 11th May

07-05-2012 19:26

Boris Island, your runway to runaway climate change!

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Smash EDO: This week's events

07-05-2012 15:42

Join our Critical Mass and Target Barclays actions this week as a part of the Summer Of Resistance. All welcome.

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How to Deflect a Taser Attack? :

07-05-2012 11:55

Guidance on protecting you from a Taser discharge. ;

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From Bristol With Love #20

07-05-2012 10:55

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Views of Palestinian women at the Solidarity camp in Gaza

06-05-2012 21:40

Journalists for the Prisoners—Gaza 06/05/12 -- Raghda Abu Jarad (33-year – old ) is one of many other Palestinians who come to the “solidarity camp” to express solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners and detainees held captive in Israeli prisons.

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Connecting The Dots of climate pollution

06-05-2012 18:55

Today many activists including; envirionmentalists, occupiers and supporters, gathered at St Paul’s for Climate Impacts Day and International Stop the Tar Sands Day to #ConnectTheDots between people, polluters, power and profit. The Occupy General Assembly heard from communities impacted by the extreme flooding in Pakistan, explored the most devastating industrial operation on Earth, endangering our very survival, and supported the Ecocide campaign to make mass-destruction of ecosystems the 5th international crime against peace. 

We bridged the desensitised media narrative of extreme weather events by engaging in a game of Giant Climate Twister in the rain, took a public tour across the river, and stood in solidarity with actions around the globe with a photo stunt outside the cathedral.

After being moved on from the Tate, for highlighting its dirty sponsorship from BP, a Shell-shocking screening of “Taking on Tarmageddon” under a walkway near Festival Hall, provided an evening of entertainment for security and spectators alike.

We are not afraid to take on the corporations, corrupt politicians or their footsoldiers, because we are awakened to what is at stake. The whole system, the eco-system of all life, the “home”-system of planet Earth demands a massive overhaul of the human species, and our attitudes and behaviours imprinted on the world for the future. As we look at the energy building through May towards the United Nations Earth Summit in June, we know we cannot afford another year of international negotiating failure, with no ambitious agreement or outcome to safeguard the future for the 99%. The people, on mass, must take a stand, galvanizing global grassroots pressure like never before.

This begins here, with us: Occupy Earth Summit are preparing to join with thousands at the people’s summit in Rio and occupy the UN Conference on Sustainable Development; Occupy Climate have been drafting a statement of demands to the 193 United Nations heads of state, and call to action for every citizen of the world; Occupy Youth are in the fight for five minutes to share the fair #FutureWeWant in the very conference hall of world leaders at Rio: Support us to defend, respect & sustain Earth-systems and Eradicate Ecocide. Click the links to vote now.

This is just the beginning… And now the Earth does expect us.

Hope is rising and a resilient reality is distilling out of the dream.

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Illegal squat eviction on Pritchard St, residents move next door!

06-05-2012 16:55

After heavies broke down the door at 4 Pritchard St, St Pauls (opposite Cabot Circus) this afternoon, squatters resited barricading themselves in an upstairs room for over half an over. People turned up to show support and there was a brief attempt to re-occupy but heavies began assualting people to remove them from the building, as cops were breaking down doors upstairs. More cops were then called who arrived in numbers with a crowbar to aid the illegal eviction.

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Corporate Watch book talk at the Cowley7.30, Monday: Targeting Israeli Apartheid

06-05-2012 15:29

Book Talk and Discussion on BDS - 7:30pm Monday May 7th, The Cowley Club

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Banner drop at Egyptian embassy in London

06-05-2012 14:24

Banner drop at Egyptian embassy
In response to a call for solidarity from egypt with the 600 + detainees and the 20 + killed by SCAF (military) in the latest round of repression in Cairo, activists dropped a banner on the 6th of May 2012 outside the Egyptian Embassy in London. The banner reads: Free the Prisoners, Down with the military rule.

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May Day in Berlin - It's Raining Rocks (Again)

06-05-2012 13:52

Twenty-five years after the original May Day riots in Kreuzberg, a ritualised confrontation with the police leaves the streets littered with cobblestones and broken glass.

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Anti ACTA & DEA March, Birmingham, Sat 9th June

06-05-2012 10:13

June 9th is to be part of a EUROPE WIDE day of action - see, which means EUROPE is taking a stand. Which in turn means the the UK needs to take a stand also and show the world that we are listening and we are in agreement.
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