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UK Newswire Archive

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Philippine President Aquino's inauguration

30-06-2010 14:47

THERE IS A REASON to celebrate the inauguration of President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino -- we have finally dumped the most corrupt and most hated regime since the fall of the Marcos dictatorship in 1986. GMA didn't deserve the President's farewell granted her. She should have been ousted years ago. Nevertheless, Aquino’s victory rightfully belongs to the Filipino people who voted against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her minions.

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Italian company ICOP applying for tunnel tender

30-06-2010 13:38

Italian company ICOP are currently applying for the tender to build the tunnel for the Shell onshore high pressure raw gas pipeline. The local community have been resisting Shell for the last 10 years and are fighting to protect their health, safety and environment.

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Leg Three, Five Day Peace Walk. Brentwood, Essex - Pictures

30-06-2010 12:40

In the Heartland of Essex.
On the day the bodies of seven British servicemen are returned to the UK after being killed in Afghanistan by misadventure and hostile combat, the London to Colchester peace walkers set out on the third leg of their peace walk led by 80 year old peace activist and campaigner Malcom Pittock.

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Foston Pig Farm Decision Due Today

30-06-2010 10:43

"The erection of a 2,500 breeding sow pig rearing unit with grain store, feed mill, feed hoppers, mess block, water treatment buildings together with storage buildings feeding an associated anaerobic digestion facility, service building, digestate and methane gas storage tanks supplying an electricity generation facility" - Midlands Pig Producers planning application.

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Mass protest Sat, 3rd July, Canada House, Trafalgar Square, G20 solidarity.

30-06-2010 10:41

mass protest has been called outside the Canadian embassy, for this Saturday the 3rd of July in protest at the violent repression and arrests of G20 protesters in Toronto. Meet outside the Canadian Embassy, Canada House on the west side of Trafalgar Square at 12noon.

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4 events in Nottingham - anti-fascism in 1930s Spain and rededication of Interna

30-06-2010 10:22

July 2010 sees a series of events in Nottingham commemorating the anti-fascists’ fight against General Franco’s coup in the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s. The 4 events will take place starting 17th July 2010 and include memorial re-dedication, exhibitions, talks and a cinema event.

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Tesco targeted in Beeston, Nottingham

30-06-2010 10:15

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the gates of a construction site of Tesco supermarket in the Beston area of Nottingham were d-locked shut and graffiti was sprayed on the boards surrounding the site saying 'TESCO - FUCK OFF' and 'EVERY LITTLE HURTS - FUCK OFF TESCO'

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Vegan Organic Network film screening TONIGHT!

30-06-2010 09:49

Vegan organic Network film Screening TONIGHT!!

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Job Seekers Only

30-06-2010 08:11

One million jobs possible
Michael Njoroge responds to last week's emergency budget

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Around the Campaigns Wednesday 30th June 2010

30-06-2010 07:40

Saman Akbarirad
Great News! Saman's deportation cancelled Monday morning. NCADC received a call from Saman's partner saying that he had been pulled from the flight. She would like to thank all those who have supported the campaign. However, they are still deeply concerned as they do not have legal representation. If anyone could support Saman in this way please email Saman Akbarirad is being held at Harmondsworth. Saman fled Iran after being imprisoned and tortured for political activities.
Read more here . . . .

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30-06-2010 05:46

Anti BP early action
It was us and it was art!

Last night (28 June), as the Tate celebrated 20 years of BP ‘support’ for British Art with a Summer Party, Liberate Tate disrupted the proceedings inside and out by pouring hundreds of litres of ‘oil’(molasses) and scattering thousands of feathers as the UK’s celebrity glitterati watched on in fascination.

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Democracy village 29th july 2010 PEACE enters The Houses of Parliament

30-06-2010 02:01

PEACE enters The Houses of Parliament.
UK Citizens protest peacefully by walking through the gates of the houses of parliament London SW1.

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MDL Muslim Defence League facebook hacked by EDL but is now back to normal.

29-06-2010 23:46

The MDL Muslim Defence League was formed to fight back against the Islamaphobia of the English Defence League, Welsh Defence League and Scottish Defence League. The MDL has support of Muslims and non Muslims. The MDL is against extremists ie Anjem Choudhary & are fighting against the EDL who claim to be against extremism but whose actions suggest they are against all Muslims.

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South of the Border

29-06-2010 23:23

An inspirational film from Oliver Stone on the experience of many Latin American countries. A vision for Scotland seizing control of its own destiny, not just constitutionally, but in terms of ownership of its energy and utilities, dances through my head as I watch this from Grist TV…

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Parliament Action stations 6 arrested beginning operation rolling thunder

29-06-2010 23:19

Calling all up for it crew to action.

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Invitation to Olive Picking, Palestine October 2010

29-06-2010 23:17

2010 will be the 7th year of the JAI/ATG annual Olive Picking Program in Palestine from October 16th to 25th 2010. This event is of special significance to the Palestinian economy when all energies and efforts are mobilised.

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Academy Schools: possibly 1,567 more by September, ARK, FRS, involved

29-06-2010 22:33

A list of 1,567 schools which have expressed an interest in becoming an academy in England has been released by the government. Are your children in one of them, or do you teach in any of these schools? You might like to be aware of what this is actually about.

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Free Vegan Food Fair - 30th October

29-06-2010 21:22

Do you want to find out more about veganism?
Non-vegans especially welcome!
Saturday 30th October 2010
12 – 5pm
(Food served until 4pm)
Broadmead Baptist Church, Union Street, Bristol, BS1 3HY

Join us to celebrate World Vegan Day, and find out how veganism can help animals, people, your health and the environment.

Delicious free food
Cookery demonstrations
Films for all ages
Free nutrition surgery
Face painting
Ethical merchandise
And more!

Sponsors include Café Maitraya, Vegan Society, and VegFund

See or call 07595745441 for a copy of the programme.

If you are vegan already, and would like to volunteer, please read on...

If you can help with any of the following in the lead up to the event, or on the day, give us a shout:

• Promoting the event – putting out fliers in your local area and door to door leafleting, putting up posters, etc.
• Do you have any spare fridge or freezer space that we can store food in during the lead up to the event?
• Can you do some vegan cooking for the event?
• Would you like to join the planning group? Get in touch with us so that we can give you times and venues of meetings and copy you into minutes.
• Driving food and other equipment to and from the venue on the day
• Set up on the day from 8am
• Clearing up on the day from 4.30pm
• Help during the day with a range of tasks including serving food, cooking in the kitchen, leafleting outside, wearing a cow costume, handing out food samples outside the event, holding a donation bucket, asking people to fill out evaluation forms, introducing talks and cooking demos, assisting cooking demos, etc!
• Filming the event

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Private Members Bill to set light to a smouldering controversy

29-06-2010 20:01

A Member of Parliament is about to introduce a Private Members Bill, which if successful, would significantly reduce the amount of opencast coal produced in England. It will also reduce impacts on local communities by bringing policies in England into line with those operating in Scotland and Wales by introducing the need for 500 metre Buffer zones between opencast sites and areas of settlement.
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