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UK Newswire Archive

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Genuine Terror Cell Found

11-10-2006 10:16

A fascist terror cell which it is reported involved a rocket launcher, a nuclear biological suit, largest haul of chemicals of its kind discovered in the UK and BNP literature has not made it into the meanstream media -- of course, they are white and not innocent.

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Evening Post helps Immigration Service harass East Midlands asylum-seekers

11-10-2006 10:15

Immigration yellow vests make Evening Post journalist feel like a big boy
An Nottingham Evening Post reporter joins the Immigration service to find illegal working at local car washes and writes a most despicable article (Evening Post, 10th October 2006, page 5), online at:

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More Sack Parliament pics

11-10-2006 10:00

Protecting the Churchill statue.
Just a couple of pics.

There is also my previously published video.

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Please don't forget Omar....

11-10-2006 09:44

Save Omar!

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Yet another anti-war mass action outside Parliament

11-10-2006 09:38

Saturday 29 October 2006 “Unauthorised” 24-hour peace camp in Parliament Square to demand an end to the occupation. Assemble 12 noon, Parliament Square.

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Catastrophic failure.

11-10-2006 09:07

Do it
They and their friend should go.

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Provocative US attack on Shiite militia in Iraq

11-10-2006 08:04

An attack over the weekend in Diwaniyah, a city to the south of Baghdad, signals a major intensification in the operations of US forces in Iraq against the Mahdi Army, the armed wing of the Shiite fundamentalist movement nominally headed by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

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Radical Romance Mystery Solved

11-10-2006 07:44

Romance in politics is rare, especially one sector of public activities to another. Recent ones like Rhoderick Gates in the Labour Party campaigner and the actor Daniel Radcliffe continues to grab headlines, as it did in Culture Now in London, gossip magazines like Young Turks in Turkey, and brawls with The Sun are certainly big when there are more important issues to cover than romance between two public figures.

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Glasgow - Dawn Raid Vans are Being Detained

11-10-2006 05:29

The Home Office Reporting Centre at Brand St in Glasgow (home of the Dawn Raid teams) isn't going to open on time this morning. Have a lie-in if you don't fancy work or signing-on today.

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Not to the evict of the Almagro`s Assembly !

11-10-2006 02:29

Que se vayan todos!!!
¡No al desalojo de la Asamblea de Almagro!

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11-10-2006 00:09

According to the experts the Bush administration’s ‘war on terror’ has resulted in more global terror and more turmoil in the nations it was intended to rescue from terror. So the war’s latest byproduct, a nuclear arms race among ‘rogue nations,’ should surprise no one.
Once the American war machine had pointed the finger of ‘I will get you’ on the ‘Axis of Evil’ (Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria) every small state not included on Washington’s ‘friendly nation’ list must have started to search for a way to deter American bombers devastating their country.

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Urgent - Kidnapping at Dallas, USA, Court! Information need!

10-10-2006 23:06

Kidnapping 1
At 3pm on Tuesday 10th September, a mother and her child where taken from Dallas Court Immigration Reporting Centre. Their details are unknown at the moment, as is their current location.

If anyone as any details please email asap so people can prevent their deportation!

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The Prospects for Fascism in America

10-10-2006 22:21

It’s now cliché for radicals to make links between US policy and Nazi Germany (it’s just really easy). Some take the analogy further, claiming that fascism in all its glory is fully integrated into American culture— with death camps soon to come. To some extent the various predictions are credible; the historical correlations are often unshakable. Sometimes however, the fascist bogeyman is revealed as exaggeration, or simply paranoia. Underestimating the drive and desperateness of those pushing the fascist agenda in the US is of course dangerous, with much of the population making this mistake; on the other hand, a common, tactical error many radicals make is in overvaluing the resources, organization, and receptiveness these groups have attained, often leading to demoralization and inaction. Exposing fascist tendencies in the US, their future prospects as well as limitations will be the goal of what follows.

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Israeli Holidays Impede Palestinian Freedom of Movement

10-10-2006 21:45

This post comes from a Brighton based activist spending October in occupied Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian lead group supporting non-violent resistance to the Israeli occupation...

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Never Trust A Celebrity Philanthropist

10-10-2006 21:43

Air Transport Emissions
It seems a bit harsh to be saying this, but I don’t trust anyone who publicises the donation of money. Not to say there is anything wrong with having money, or giving it away, so long as the recipient is happy to receive it, and the giver isn’t about to launch an attack on the fabric of our natural environment.

The issue I have is when the giver wants everyone to know about it.

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The perfect electoral crime

10-10-2006 19:35

The election was totally clean? Was there fraud in the election? God only knows. And some corrupt ones, also. Specialists warn: the security and the allegiance of the result of the electronic ballot box are not fidiciary.

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Battle of Cable Street - 70th Anniversary

10-10-2006 19:30

'They Shall Not Pass' and Cable St Mural
On Sunday the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, when Londoners massed and denied access to the East End to Masley's fascist blackshirts was celebrated in Cable Street with a parade and fair in the grounds of St Georges Town Hall.

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Sir Ian Blair Says New Terror Attack Could Lead to Internment

10-10-2006 18:42

Last week, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner addressed the Reform Club Media Group. Nothing like the 'establishment' sticking together is there? The meeting was conducted under Chatham House rules, which mean that no one attending is supposed to divulge what is said. But one person present was so appalled at Sir Ian's attitude and authoritarian stance that he has revealed to me an alarming - and seemingly off the cuff - remark made by Sir Ian at the event.

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Love Music Hate Racism Sheffield presents........

10-10-2006 18:31

A very Special Love Sheffield Music Hate Racism night for Bass Bar at DQ-The Late Bar Jerry Dammers and the screening of the classic film ‘Who Shot The Sheriff?’ on Thursday Nov 2nd

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Palestine Today

10-10-2006 17:32

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre for Tuesday October 10th, 2006.

One Palestinian killed east of Rafah, in the West Bank, an Aqsa Brigades fighter was injured near Jenin, the army takes prisoners in morning invasions to several cities and efforts to form a national unity government between Hamas and Fatah continues. These stories and more, coming up. Stay tuned.

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