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UK Newswire Archive

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Can YOU Scupper this Unjust Deportation in Just Three Clicks ?

06-02-2008 10:33

Now the inquest has decided his wife was killed unlawfully by the NHS hospital which employed her, Arnel Cabrera is to be deported. Naughty man, he's foreign and was only allowed to live and work in England because his wife, the one the NHS killed, was a theatre nurse. You can protest -- right now -- without leaving your comfortable chair. Unless of course you know different.

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London: Photos/video from demo against fascist and state attacks in Greece

06-02-2008 03:14

"Police and Nazis, same shit"
Full report and longer video will be published shortly!

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Brummies rise up against their shity council

06-02-2008 03:02

Over 3,000 people gathered yesterday in Victoria Square, Birmingham, in solidarity with thousands of Council workers who were on strike to protest against planned wage cuts. Like many other councils, in their implementation of the national 'single status' agreement, Birmingham City Council is waging a vicious attack on low-paid workers in the name of 'equal pay'.

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Stop the Deportation of Two Iranian Asylum Seekers in Brighton police raid

06-02-2008 03:01

Join the Picket of the Home Office, Marsham St. London SW1 at the threatened deportation of two Iranian asylum seekers living in Brighton and presently held at Dover Detention Centre. Both were arrested over the weekend when their house was raided by police and immigration officers. If returned to Iran both of their lives are in grave danger.

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The Bugging of Babar Ahmad

06-02-2008 00:36

Having been a member of the Senior Civil Service for six years, I can assure you of two things:

a) The logging and tracking system for MPs' - let alone shadow cabinet members' - letters arriving into No 10 is very tight. It is not possible David Davis' letter was lost and unrecorded. Nor do I see any reason to doubt that Mr Davis sent it.

b) There are some very right wing people in the security services. It is essential for our democracy that they are not allowed to interfere with our lawmakers.

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'Smarter than yeast' Climate Activities Day

06-02-2008 00:32

Held on Sunday the 3rd of Feb, from 2 - 10:30pm. at The Art Organisation, 21 Station Street, Nottingham.

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Mass homelessness is now official UK govt. policy?

06-02-2008 00:28

According to todays Guardian the Government now plan to create mass homelessness by threatening about a million council tenants with eviction if they can't find work. As there are only 0.6 million vacancies, this makes it impossible for more than 60% of these - at the very most - to find work.

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Update on Smash EDO Conspiracy Case

06-02-2008 00:27

the Smash EDO conspiracy case is now set for July 28th

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Ballymurphy 11 Daughters Campain Tour Report

06-02-2008 00:19

A report on the speaking tour, organised by the Troops Out Movement, by two daughters of people murdered by British soldiers in Belfast

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Leaflet ban will hit democratic debate

05-02-2008 20:35

"On the pretext of anti-litter, Swindon Borough Council are bringing in restrictions on rights to distribute literature that are more severe than the restrictions that the Chinese Communist Party impose upon Hong Kong."

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Tesco Biofuel Protest and Chain mail

05-02-2008 20:23

Gorilla At Tesco
Protesters gathered at Tesco in Stroud during the weekend to protest against biofuels and collected names of people to volunteer to send around a chain mail presentation highlighting the destruction that the biofuel industry causes.

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Demonstrators in ‘stop Iraq oil raid’ call

05-02-2008 19:57

Campaigners protested at proposals for multinational corporations, including British companies, to control the development, production and depletion of Iraq’s oil reserves.

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MediaLens: 'Creative Destruction' – The Madness of the Global Economy

05-02-2008 17:32

Watching the corporate media report the ‘financial crisis’ is instructive. From the perspective of power, it is important that a steadying hand is applied to the tiller of news and commentary on the crisis, and the global economy itself.

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"Independent Kosovo", a Territory under US-NATO Military Rule

05-02-2008 16:33

Camp Bondsteel

While the European Union and the US, have acknowledged that they would be "opposed" to a " unilateral" declaration of independence of Kosovo, the secession of Kosovo from Serbia is already de facto. It is part of a US-NATO military agenda. It is the culmination of the 1999 NATO led invasion. It responds to US-NATO strategic objectives.

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Gorilla tactics – Every Little Helps the rainforest burn

05-02-2008 16:32

Censorship - an unpalatable message
On Saturday 2nd February, five hardy souls from Greenpeace, The One Tonners and Camp Hope joined a gorilla in chilly Stroud to protest against Tescos involvement in the destruction of our carbon sinks.

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Aldermaston byelaws - judicial review update

05-02-2008 16:26

"We claim the right to freedom of assembly"
On 1 February 2008 Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) took their Judicial Review of the Aldermaston Byelaws 2007 to the High Court in London. Lord Justice Maurice Kay and Mr Justice Walker decided to hear the case against the Secretary of State for Defence in full.

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Palestine Today 020508

05-02-2008 15:45

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday February 5th, 2008.

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Human Rights Watch - Word Report of events in 2007

05-02-2008 14:41

In its World Report 2008, Human Rights Watch surveys the human rights situation in more than 75 countries. Human Rights Watch identified many human rights challenges in need of attention, including atrocities in Chad, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia's Ogaden region, Iraq, Somalia, Sri Lanka, and Sudan's Darfur region, as well as closed societies or severe repression in Burma, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Libya, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. Abuses in the "war on terror" featured in France, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others.

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911: Taking a scientific approach to the collapse of all 3 high rise buildings

05-02-2008 14:20

Audio London
The attached 1 hour KPFK, LA Indymedia on Air show from 4th February 2008, presented by Chris Burnett, one of the founders of Indymedia, features Architect Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and Physics Professor Steven Jones of Journal of 9/11 Studies,

Also following are some photos from the 11th January 2008 International Day of Truth Action protests, for videos and more information see

Join us on 11th February 2008:

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The wide spread of corruption

05-02-2008 13:51

The UK's law enforcement machine grinds to a halt due to the extensive ramifications of a high-level case of fraud and corruption.
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