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UK Newswire Archive

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Audio - Two Sides, One Story - Cageprisoners National Tour - LONDON

18-01-2009 16:01

Audio from the January 11th London leg of a 21 date national tour to mark seven years of unlawful detention, abuse and torture

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Update: EDO Decomissioners Charged

18-01-2009 15:22

Sources say all nine to be held till bail hearing on Monday morning Brighton Magistrate's Court.

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CEASEFIRE: One dead by Israeli fire - Medics uncover reeking bodies - at least 1

18-01-2009 15:18

Gaza – Ma’an – A Gazan farmer is dead and his son injured by Israeli fire less than ten hours after Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip Sunday morning, medical sources confirmed.

The farmer was identified as 24-year-old Abd As-Samad Abu Rejlieh, who was shot as he went out to his lands to inspect the damage from the 22-day Israeli incursion.

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Novartis Protests Continue in Sussex

18-01-2009 15:15

Last Tuesday outside Novartis in Horsham, we managed to create an awful lot of noise for the two hours we were there and got more support from the passers-by.

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Amira: Ma'an journalist finds young girl near death hiding from gunfire in his h

18-01-2009 15:11

Gaza - Ma’an - For two days 15-year-old Amira’s wound bled without medical treatment. She fled her home, and the dead bodies of her father and two brothers, to an abandoned apartment. She only had a bucket of water, no blankets or first aid equipment for two days as she hid in the building.

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Muslim & Jewish women protest outside the BBC - Monday 19 Jan, 5:30-7 pm

18-01-2009 14:50

Muslim & Jewish women: Vigil & Speakout against slaughter in Gaza

Protest the BBC's reporting of the Gaza crisis. All women welcome.

Monday 19 January 2009, 5.30-7pm

BBC Broadcasting House Portland Place, London W1A 1AA

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Bentswood Election (Haywards Heath) What you should know

18-01-2009 13:43

An Ex-Tory, as Labour Councillor?

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An ex-Tory for Labour

18-01-2009 13:33

Labour Party divided over selection of ex-Tory, Derek Booker as Town Council Candidate

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2009 Gaza Massacre more video links

18-01-2009 13:17

17th January 2009, Beit Lahiya, Gaza:
UNRWA school in Beit Lahiya shelled by the Israeli Army

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Yesturdays Torygraph frothing at the mouth over SHAC

18-01-2009 12:58

Apparently no animal at HLS is poisoned with anything other than lifesaving medication (none of which ever harms or kills people), anyone who is opposed to HLS is a sponger, hypocrite, anarchist and a coward, no animal is ever abused, blah, blah, blah....

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Gaza and Israeli embassy Sat 17th January, London - pictures.

18-01-2009 12:56

Getting to the Israeli embassy.
As the assault by Israel on the civilian population of Gaza continues, thousands gather in Trafalgar Square to continue their protests against the assault.

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EDO Arms Decommissioners- SOLIDARITY DEMO

18-01-2009 12:51

MONDAY 19th JANUARY from 10am all day

for their bail hearing

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Palestine Inspires Global Resistance!

18-01-2009 12:49

Protest outside the U.S. embassy in Mexico City
Gaza is a harbinger of wider war against oppressed people of the world. We are on the eve of a global capitalist crisis. This means massive insecurity, cutbacks in ALL social programs, unemployment for millions.

Millions of working people will seek to fight back against a system of endless war and greater and greater divide of enormous wealth for a handful and poverty for the overwhelming majority. Increasingly they will identify with and take heart from the many forms of resistance they see around them.

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The Genocide of a Nation, With the Full Support of the United States Government

18-01-2009 11:42

What is going on in the Gaza Strip is genocide, pure and simple. In all the barrage of rockets and missiles and whatever else Israel could shove down Palestine’s throat, “Israeli death squads” started moving through a Palestinian village separating the men from the women and children and then slaughtering the men, including young adults and teen-aged boys, shooting them in the back.

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Saturday January 17 - Starting again

18-01-2009 11:25

Saturday January 17 - Starting again

Read in full with links and pictures:

See new videos featuring Sharyn on the Tales to Tell facebook group page:

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E mail solidarity to families in Gaza

18-01-2009 11:23

You can e mail people in Gaza and send them pictures of your solidarity demonstrations as they are in need of understanding that they are not alone.
PLEASE, don't hesitate to write to this email address
they will make sure that your massages will be delivered, THEY REALLY NEED IT.

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Pics from Bath Gaza demo

18-01-2009 11:07

Outside Lloyds
Here arew a few pics from the 'Israel out of Gaza' demo called by BAN in Bath on 17/01/09

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Photos from protest outside Lloyds TSB in Edinburgh.

18-01-2009 10:45

Here are 8 photos from the demo outside Lloyds TSB in Edinburgh on Saturday 17th January 2009. There are links to reports of protests around the country.

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Tamils Protest Sri Lankan Genocide

18-01-2009 10:03

Tamil demonstrators in Downing Street pen
Several hundred Tamils packed the pen in Whitehall, London - opposite Downing Street - for a demonstration on Saturday afternoon, 17 Jan 2009 against the genocide of the Tamil people being carried out by the Sri Lankan government. Many carried 'Tamils 4 Eelam' placards. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Police herd Gaza demo out of Kensington 17th January - video

18-01-2009 05:37

Video the thick yellow line
As the police blocked people marching from Trafalgar Square to the Kensington, causing chaos on many Westminster streets as a result, there was also a small demonstration at the Israeli embassy, with a massive police presence.

From 7pm the protesters were repeatedly told that their time was up, and that they had to leave the area, at 7:30 police began to push them out of the barrier cage towards Kensington High Street tube, but as on nearly every day people tried to take the road rather than the pavement. There was a standoff, and reinforcements were sent in before the protesters, now numbering around 80, were slowly marched into the underground station by at least 100 police in riot gear. Another 50 police and several horses remained at the embassy.
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