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UK Newswire Archive

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Nuclear-Free Future Walk - London to Geneva - Apr-Jul 2008

10-01-2008 11:09

Following on from this year's successful 900-mile Nuclear-Free Future Walk from Dublin to London, organised by Footprints for Peace, the same group will be staging another this year from London to Geneva, through France. The UK stretch will go from London to Portsmouth, starting on 26 April, the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.


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Prosecution Collapses in Superglue Penny Trial

10-01-2008 11:08

An activist who superglued her hands to gates to prevent riot police entering the Heathrow Climate camp last year has been exonerated by a judge at Uxbridge court.

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important socpa actions

10-01-2008 11:04

socpa consultation

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Women peace activists imprisoned - send support

10-01-2008 10:49

On 9 January two women peace campaigners were imprisoned in Scotland for 40+ days after being convicted of £3,600 damage to the High Court in Edinburgh. Their action - on remembrance day 2006 - involved painting anti-war and anti-weapons slogans on the building.

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An Ominous Non-Event: The Gulf of Tonkin and the Strait of Hormuz

10-01-2008 10:34

Those either old enough to remember, or cognizant enough to understand history, will immediately be reminded of the infamous 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident, reported on August 2, 1964.

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Enough is Enough! Close Guantanamo Demo in Parliament Square, 6-8pm tomorrow

10-01-2008 10:20

Six years on, enough is enough. It's time to close Guantanamo. Join the London Guantanamo Campaign, Cageprisoners and others and call on the British government to act to close Guantanamo and bring back the remaining British residents. This is an authorised event.

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A friend of CUBA passes away…

10-01-2008 10:05

On the evening of Monday, January 7, Philip B. Agee passed away in Havana. The US citizen was a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official until he broke with the agency in 1968 for ethical reasons.

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Video of Oxford tree protest

10-01-2008 09:45

Tree-sitters in Bonn Square (Oxford) opposing the massive expansion of the nearby Westgate shopping center. Since last Thursday one of the large trees in Bonn Square has been occupied in an attempt to save it from the chainsaws. It is one of around 40 trees, including many large mature ones, in the Westgate area marked for destruction.

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"Guardians of Power" - Reviewing David Cromwell and David Edwards' book

10-01-2008 08:28

GUARDIANS OF POWER - The Myth of the Liberal Media
David Cromwell is a Scottish writer, activist and oceanographer at the National Oceanography Centre in Britain. David Edwards is also a UK writer who focuses on human rights, the environment and the media. Together they edit an extraordinary "UK-based media-watch project" called Media Lens. It "offers authoritative criticism of mainstream media bias and censorship, as well as providing in-depth analysis, quotes, media contact details and other resources."

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film of this morning's 'repeal socpa' petition at 10 downing street

10-01-2008 02:17

with just a week to go to the end of the government 'consultation' various mps and activists delivered a petition to 10 downing street on wednesday morning. full report at - this film includes interviews with many of today's participants

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Total Out of Burma, Brighton Actions

10-01-2008 01:20

This Saturday the 12th of January the weekly pickets of the Total garage in Kemp Town, Brighton will resume.

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'SOCPA - The Movie' - free screenings on Thurs and Fri in south London

10-01-2008 01:17

Two free / donations screenings this week in south London, on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 Jan, followed by Q&A session with producer Rikki.

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Guantánamo Britons resist Spanish extradition order

10-01-2008 00:31

Recovering from their ordeal in Guantánamo, returned British residents Jamil El-Banna and Omar Deghayes began their struggle to resist a Spanish extradition request in a London court. Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison,” reports.

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Iraq: The myth of sectarianism - The policy is divide to rule

09-01-2008 23:55

IF THE U.S. leaves Iraq, the violent sectarianism between the Sunni and Shia will worsen. This is what Republicans and Democrats alike will have us believe. This key piece of rhetoric is used to justify the continuance of the occupation of Iraq.

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The Bomb in the Shadows: Proliferation, Corruption and the Way of the World

09-01-2008 22:58

This week, the Sunday Times lifted the lid on one of the most important stories of the last quarter-century: how American officials sold nuclear arms technology to illegal proliferators -- including ideological allies of al Qaeda -- in return for bribes and other inducements. This widespread corruption has been protected from exposure by the highest levels of the U.S. government, which has gone to enormous lengths to protect the truth from coming out. The entire planet has been put at grave risk by the greed -- and geopolitical gamesmanship -- that lies behind this criminal enterprise, which actually is even more extensive, and goes back further in time, than the newspaper's remarkable revelations.

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LARC's monthly film night kicks off with 'Bamako', 8pm, Wed Jan 1

09-01-2008 22:49

please pass the word along...

To inaugurate LARC’s new monthly film night, we’ll be showing ‘Bamako’ at 8pm, with tea and cake available from 7.30. Entrance free, though donations always appreciated.

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New Hampshire primary foreshadows protracted contest for US presidential nominat

09-01-2008 22:43

The results of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary suggest there will be no quick resolution to the contest for the presidential nomination in either the Democratic or Republican parties.

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Prisoner support benefit

09-01-2008 20:08

Friday 8th February @ TJs, Clarence Place, Newport
£5 advance, £6 on the door

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Defend The Right To Protest In Liverpool This Saturday

09-01-2008 19:49

The Liverpool Social Forum invites all campaigning groups and protesters to
join us in a march to Defend The Right To Protest in Liverpool.
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