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UK Newswire Archive

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Gloucester road bike v car times 2

14-04-2011 12:22

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Hereford bank occupation, Sat 16 April

14-04-2011 10:31


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7th May 2011 - Demo, occupation and much more in Nantes (France)

14-04-2011 00:24

!! 7th MAY 2011 !!
*** Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France) ***

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A call for common actions in solidarity with Belarusian anarchists (12-15 May )

13-04-2011 23:31

It's been 7 months now since the "case of arsons" was started in Belarus.
All this time our friends and comrades have been held behind the bars.
Having started with random detentions of activists of radially different political views in September last year, the case is finally coming to an end -
it is being brought to trial.

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Portuguese Petition : The relevance of the ratings agencies

13-04-2011 22:07

Last week, a group of Portuguese economists filed a demand for a legal investigation concerning the most recent actions of the three main ratings agencies - in what presumably could be an attempt at manipulating the normal functioning of the financial markets , and an insurgence in the normal functioning of the Portuguese democratic process. An online petition is now available for anyone who is willing to provide support to this action. (in Portuguese)

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Bramham's GM crops

13-04-2011 20:56

Audio Ricarda Steinbrecher
On 8th April 2011 a public meeting organised by Stop GM was held in Bramham about the genetically modified potatoe trials being held there. The meeting was chaired by local minister Rev. Menzies and addressed by Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher, Peter Riley from GM freeze, and Gerald Miles.

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Fukushima: Nuclear Mutiny

13-04-2011 20:46

Fukushima accident now Chernobyl-style Level 7. Analysis of risk & radiation by Arnie Gundersen, industry insider & whistleblower. Chat w. Calif. activist Ace Hoffman. Our milk, food, water hit. Lots of news clips you never hear. Plus corporate & political intrigue in Tokyo as "disaster capitalism" kicks in.

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Against the NATO aggression in Libya! Smash imperialism!

13-04-2011 20:18

The recent aggression towards Libya is strongly supported by many States, especially of the European Union, and by Italy too, which has various interests in this region but officially is a state which repudiates war. This is the fifth war in twenty years in which Italy is involved, and the third in ten years: a bellicose decade.

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Italian social centres raided by police, 5 arrests

13-04-2011 19:23

On April 6 more than 300 officers were employed in an “anti-terrorism” operation named ‘Outlaw Operation’ that specially targeted anarcho-insurrectionalist activists. The operation was carried out in 16 different cities including Bologna, where police arrested 5 activists close to the squatted social centre Fuoriluogo and shut down the place. Another person was arrested in the nearby town of Ferrara and released straight after interrogation. 7 other people are under banning orders which restrict their movements and are also being investigated (just for your information, these measures are normally adopted when there is serious circumstantial evidence of guilt AND at least one of the following: risk of escape, risk of acquisition or of the genuineness of the evidence and risk of the offence being repeated).

The operation was part of an enquiry started in 2009  linked in part to anarchist publications and in part to recent attacks against detention centres and corporations like IBM and ENI (multinational oil and gas company). The network was believed to stay in touch through the anarchist zine Invece which when found in houses would be proof of belonging to the network according to the police (by the way, in mainstream media the zine has been described as a “clandestine” magazine…). The police also seized other publications and materials considered “incriminating”.

The 5 arrested are being held in Bologna for now. To send them messages of support: Martino Trevisan / Robert Ferro / Nicusor Roman / Stefania Carolei / Anna Maria Pistolesi  c/o Casa Circondariale, Via del Gomito 2, 40127 Bologna

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[P]U[N]K[S] Uncut - Benefit Night

13-04-2011 19:22


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Confront Counter Terror: Expose the Expo!

13-04-2011 19:11

We're a noise demo against Counter Terror Exhibition at Olympia Exhibition Centre April 19th noon. This is an event showcasing the latest in state repression technology.

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Dale Farm Eviction - Solidarity / Numbers Needed...

13-04-2011 19:03

Numbers Needed For The Attempted Eviction Of Dale Farm Travellers..Any Assistance In Halting This Government Sanctioned Act Of Ethnic Cleansing / Facism Appreciated...

(lifted from P Poser-Solidarity & Respect)

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Now for the bad news... IT'S HERE, AAAGH!

13-04-2011 18:33

Lock up your daughters, well best to keep them out of the rain anyways and no drinking it either.

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PR firm Weber Shandwick attacked by activists in solidarity with Douglas Valley

13-04-2011 18:23

Originally posted:

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Protests at ATOS Centres for Disability Benefits Tests

13-04-2011 18:23

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

Protesters are due to descend on ATOS “asssement centres” where people on disability benefits are tested to decide if their benefits are to be cut off. The UK-wide day of action against benefits cuts on 14th April will see protests in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and at several locations in England.

ATOS are a profit-motivated company and they are being paid half a billion pounds by the government to victimise sick and disabled people,” say Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty, who are organising the protest at ATOS's Edinburgh base at York Place.

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7th of May - Demo-occupation against the airport and the world it represent !

13-04-2011 18:07

7th of May - Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France)

This initiative is the fruit of the connections between Reclaim the Fields, network of European farmers and landless peasants, and squatters in the ZAD. It is a call to all those who fight for the future of agriculture, those who have been giving life to the local resistance for so long, and who will not give in to resignation and all those who today want to join this struggle.

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Next Bobby Roberts Venue: High Flatts Farm

13-04-2011 15:29

Bobby, Bobby, What Do You Say? Where will you be performing today?

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Palestine Today 04 13 2011

13-04-2011 14:39

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, April 13, 2011.

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Jomast / Hartlepool Marina Ban Bobby Roberts!

13-04-2011 14:38


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UPDATED*SUN A17*PublicMeeting GarethPeirce/Music*Free BradleyManning! EndtheWar!

13-04-2011 12:49

*A17 POSTER Please download, print off, put up somewhere, promote
Sun. April 17th. 2-7p.m. "Free Bradley Manning! End the War" Guest Speaker Gareth Perice & Gig at GCH, Harringay, London
Instructions for download: Actions/View all sizes, then download size of choice.
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