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UK Newswire Archive

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Pi Music Tuned Liberation Party

14-03-2006 15:15

pi music flyer - 18th March 2006
A fundraiser event to raise funds for The Square Occupied Social Centre (21 Russell Square, London, WC1) featuring 9 excellent bands, four DJs and a whole lot more besides. 8pm - 2am. Donation entry. Please arrive early to guarantee your place in this momentous slice of living history!

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Action Alert: Jericho prison under violent siege

14-03-2006 13:41

Large numbers of Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have invaded Jericho and are surrounding the prison and governmental compound of the Palestinian Authority (PA) with tanks, jeeps and Apache helicopters. Contact Israeli, US and UK representatives now!

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Where the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill is coming from

14-03-2006 12:33

"The Bill has the potential to be the most constitutionally significant Bill that has been brought before Parliament for some years. It needs to be scrutinised with particular care."

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Biosafety Meeting in Curitiba: Towards a strict GMO labelling?

14-03-2006 12:01

On Monday, 13 March the Third Conference on the Biosafety Protocol (MOP3) started in Curitiba, Brazil. The Biosafety Protocol is the only international treaty that sets obligatory rules for the trade with GMOs. Main issue of this meeting is the question how GMOs have to be labelled (Article 18). GMO producers favour the very vague label that something "may contain" GMOs, while most countries want a clear description of which GMO is contained in a shipment. (background of COP8/MOP3 meeting ).

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March for Freedom of Expression

14-03-2006 11:25

On Saturday, March 25th, there will be a demo for freedom of expression in Trafalgar Square. Please come to show your support.

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contractors bidding for M1 widening contract

14-03-2006 11:05

here is a list of the contractors bidding for the M1 widening contract 1 junction 25 - 28.

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Save Parliament!

14-03-2006 10:22

The UK government are trying to pass legislation that will let ministers make any law they feel like without proper Parliamentary scrutiny. This is the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, and it must be stopped!

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M1 widening public consultations Nottingham

14-03-2006 10:19

dates for the highways agency public consultations, a good place for you to voice your opposition to these schemes.

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Experiences and perspectives of the students' movement in France

14-03-2006 09:50

The text that follows introduced the ICC public meeting of 11th March in Paris, at which students and militants involved in the recent events debated their experience and the best means for spreading the movement.

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14-03-2006 09:41

The week of films nights at the Basement Social Centre, Manchester on life in a world without oil continues this Wednesday...

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Call for Weekend of Resistance Against the "Green Scare" June 9 - 11, 2006

14-03-2006 03:13

For the past few years the weekend of June 11 was typically a time when we reflected on Jeff Free Luers' 22.5 year sentence and held events to recognize the anniversary of his incarceration. This year Jeff writes below that he wishes this year to focus on the Green Scare co-defendants. Please plan an event now! It's only 3 months away. And keep reading...

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Dalston Theatre court case- freedom of expression? hmmm

14-03-2006 02:06

The occupants of the buildings alongside Dalston Theatre, 4-14 Dalston Lane E9, went to Shoreditch Court this Monday morning. With very little hope for a decision which would allow them to bide more time before the plans go ahead for the demolition of the theatre, the occupants decided the best approach was to make their own voices, along with the people of Hackney that have been supporting the occupation continuously, heard in the most honest and direct way possible.
Unfortunately, much time was taken up by the statement of the other defendent, and the judge did not allow time for the statement below to be read.

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Bird flu and Factory farms, finally gets a mention in the media

14-03-2006 01:20

Finally, the LA Times has written a good piece on Bird Flu and Factory farms. So why hasnt thr british media repored on this?

For those interested i recommend Fowl Play at
as the best report.

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UK/ Posthumously defaming victims of police killings

13-03-2006 23:29

Charles de Menezes
Has anyone ever seen this tactic before?

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Protest to be held at Air Weapons Integration Conference in London

13-03-2006 23:15

On the 30th and 31st March EDO MBM, along with their buddies Raytheon RSL, are holding a conference on death and destruction at the Selfridge Hotel, Oxford St. Top of the agenda will be Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAVS). UAVs are unmanned bombing machines, the US army recently killed scores of civilians with one in Pakistan—another victory in the War on Terror!

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13-03-2006 23:12

Pigs Might Lie
Sussex police have shot themselves in the foot with unerring aim again after charges against eight activists accused of public order offences were dropped. The charges related to a mass demo outside the Brighton HQ of bomb-builders EDO MBM on May 31st last year, with three of the defendants up for the “Go directly to jail” offence of ‘assault police’, and others for Section 5 and obstruction of the Highway.

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Former top judge says US risks edging near to dictatorship

13-03-2006 23:04

Guardian propaganda machine
· Sandra Day O'Connor warns of rightwing attacks
· Lawyers 'must speak up' to protect judiciary

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Round up on recent anti-Shell Resistance in Mayo

13-03-2006 23:03

Details of various events which have taken place in the struggle against Shell in the West of Ireland in January, February and early March of this year.

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Iran under the Islamic Republic is not a safe country. No Iranian asylum seekers

13-03-2006 22:35

Iran under the Islamic Republic is not a safe country. No Iranian asylum seekers

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Shepton Mallet 2nd eviction coming!!!!

13-03-2006 21:05

The second Shepton Mallet, anti tescos, anti corperations, pro trees protest site is still going strong! But the word about town is the eviction will take place if not Tuesday 14th then definatly Wednesday 15th. We need people!!!!!!!
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