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UK Newswire Archive

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Saturday May 1st Parliament Square - Mayday festival

20-03-2010 09:35

On Saturday the first of May 2010 there will be a massive Mayday festival right in the middle of Parliament Square. This is to mark ten years since the first Mayday anti-capitalist day of action which also took place in Parliament Square. Only this time we will be there in even greater numbers! This years Mayday event also coincides with the forthcoming general election which takes place just a few days later.

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Defend council housing

20-03-2010 08:43

do not let your guard down

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Support new animal rights prisoner (Netherlands)

20-03-2010 08:29

A 23 year old male Dutch activist has been remanded in prison following suspicion of releasing 5,000 mink from a fur farm in the Netherlands.

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Vestas support action - court update

20-03-2010 01:17

March 16th - Court update from WCA / Vestas crane action that took place last September

This was a 'Workers Climate Action' Blade Blockade action in support of and in solidarity with the Vestas workers who occupied their offices last year after losing their jobs.

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International Support For Sacked UBS Cleaner

20-03-2010 00:29

Alberto Durango
Around a hundred protesters came to the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in London on Friday evening, to call for the re-instatement of Alberto Durango, sacked in February for his union activities when he approached the contract company Lancaster over their cuts in hours for workers at UBS. London 19/03/2010
Pictures copyright (C) 2010 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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Bloody Sunday Vigil in Birmingham Today

19-03-2010 23:57

Birmingham Protest - Vigil and petitioning
Saturday 20th March12-2pm
Victoria Square, Birmingham City Centre

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Council failing to deliver affordable housing

19-03-2010 23:10

Manchester City Council is delivering just 13 per cent of affordable housing required in the area, according to homeless charity Shelter’s new ‘Housing League Table’ website.

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Preventing the State’s infiltration of social movements

19-03-2010 21:32

*This article was originally published in El Libertario #58, March-April 2010. Although originally based on the actual experiences of Venezuela’s social struggles, it deals with situations and facts of interest to activists anywhere.

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Dissident Island Radio tonight - DIY booze and more!

19-03-2010 18:04

Make your own alcohol // CAAT on the election trail // Belgrade 6 // Hackers vs Scientology

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4.30am police raid that shook a father’s faith in land of free

19-03-2010 17:42

Badi Tebani
THEY came for his son in the dead of night. Masked men dressed in black, pushing, shoving, barking orders.

Badi Tebani was sleeping in his bed with his wife at about 4.30am when his door was smashed in and 20 men piled into his home in Finsbury Park.

Speaking to the Tribune yesterday (Thursday), he said: “I heard lots of voices – and the voice of my son. Cries for help. Shouting. I thought it was burglars come to steal from my house. But it was the police.”

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Griffin blames the labour party for blocking his meeting!

19-03-2010 17:12

After Nick Griffin's BNP meeting in Sutton last weekend was met with protests, he's blamed the labour party for attacking the venue!

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Israeli army chief visits Turkey to hold talks on Iran’s nuclear program

19-03-2010 14:24

Gabi Ashkenazi and Ilker Basbug had a meeting in Ankara on March 15th, 2010
Already during the Clinton Administration of 1993-2001, a triangular military alliance between the US, Israel and Turkey had unfolded. This ‘triple alliance’ is coupled with a strong bilateral military relationship between Tel Aviv and Ankara.

Amply documented, Israel and Turkey are partners in the planned US aerial attacks on Iran, which have been in an advanced state of readiness since mid-2005.

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Take Action – Save The Black Cat Community Social Centre

19-03-2010 13:50

For 5 months the Black Cat Community Centre has been providing a free, inclusive space for community events. It has hosted open mic nights, poetry sessions, yoga and dance classes, debt advice centres, meetings and many more events based upon demand and all free of charge – all have been keenly taken up by the people of Bath. This project is run by full-time volunteers using abandoned buildings otherwise going to waste. The council, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that this kind of blatant altruism and community solidarity must come to an end before the people start expecting the council to provide a decent service, and as such are sending bailiffs in to evict us so that the Riverside Studios may once again stand empty gathering dust.

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Europe´s elites fear social unrest

19-03-2010 13:27

Europe´s elites fear unrest in Greece this summer. Rumours about use of EU-special force DENGFOR. This Saturday, 20th March in Essen, city in Germany: protest march against cuts in health care and social benefits, at 12 noon. Athens, same day, same time rally in memory of Lambros Foundas

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EDL in Bolton tomorrow

19-03-2010 13:24

We failed to stop them marching in London, lets take the lessons learnt from Edinburgh and lets make this happen.

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CaCC 3rd TU Conference – Pix-&-Vidz, Sat 13 Mar 10

19-03-2010 11:16

A1. Florence Takes The Floor
Dateline: South Camden Community School, London, UK, 10:30-16:30, Sat 13 Mar 10 – Scores of trade unionists and climate change activists converged in Camden to explore the consequences of The Great COP-15 Cop-Out, taking the destiny of our civilisation and ecosphere into our own hands, and just how we go about putting solving the capitalist-created catastrophic climate chaos crisis at the heart of every workplace's day-to-day functioning. Welcome to the Campaign against Climate Change's third Trade Union Conference.

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Eco/Veggie Fayre

19-03-2010 11:14

Eco/veggie Fayre,Hove Town hall 20/03/10 featuring Guerrila Gardening Talk and call to troops!!

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Failure to protect bluefin tuna has huge consequences

19-03-2010 10:24

Bluefin Tuna at Tsujiki fish market, Tokyo. Photo:
It is a huge disappointment. The United Nations wildlife conference in Qatar this week, where delegates from 175 countries gathered to make decisions on the protection of recently endangered species, has pulled grey clouds over the world of conservation. The CITES meeting failed to add the threatened Atlantic bluefin tuna to the Appendix I listing of the CITES legislation, which would have resulted in a ban on the international trade of the fish.

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Iran’s natural gas riches: US knife to the heart of world future energy

18-03-2010 23:35

A major realignment in the world’s energy economy – one where there will be a continuing diminished role for the US – Washington’s blustering rhetoric about democracy and peace and war on terror or alleged Iranian nuclear weapons can be seen as a desperate attempt to conceal its fear that it stands to be a big loser.

Encircling Iran with wars and threatening gas supplies to possibly the world’s top future gas customer – China – is the real deal. US actions are more accurately seen as putting a knife to the energy arteries of a world economy that it will no longer be able to dominate.
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