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UK Newswire Archive

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Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance info night, today in Brighton

26-03-2012 10:17

There will be an open Summer of Resistance info night tonight, Monday the 26th, at the Cowley Club in Brighton, 7.30pm. Come and learn more and to find out how to get involved.

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Insurrectionary ecological struggle continues (Papua)

26-03-2012 02:46

news from the struggle against the Indonesian state, mining and logging companies by Papuan people.
a drilling rig is set afire in kampung Tablasupa
five logging camps burned by Arso villagers

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Mass deportation by charter flight to Afghanistan, 28th March

25-03-2012 21:33

Was 26th March, postponed to 28th March, 00.10 hrs

Many people know that the UK has embarked in a disastrous war in Afghanistan, alongside the US and NATO.
What most people do not know, or are not aware of, is that the people who arrive in UK fleeing the war in Afghanistan are routinely detained, denied protection and sent back to Afghanistan, on regular charter flights London - Kabul: there is a deportation charter flight to Afghanistan about every two weeks– charters to Afghanistan are the most regular of the mass deportation flights from the UK.

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NHS RIP demo Bristol March 24

25-03-2012 20:55

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Fire station beats IPO

25-03-2012 20:55

The Fire Station Social Centre near Lambeth Bridge will start running activities this week after a judge ruled the issuing of its IPO was illegal.

The judge threw out the London Fire Service's Interim Possession Order (IPO) on Friday after it arose that papers for the 48-hour fasttrack eviction process were received FOUR days after it was squatted.

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A Year of Screenings from OARC & OxIMC

25-03-2012 19:42

I realised that we're coming up to a year since we started regular film screenings at OARC on a Sunday evening and I thought I'd pen a review of it so far...

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Noise bomb against the Center for Social Reinsertion in Puerto Montt (Chile)

25-03-2012 17:20

claim of responsibility for action against gendarmia offices, 21 March in Puerto Montt (chile) by anonymous anarchists in solidarity with imprisoned combatant Luciano Tortuga

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Portsmouth Thugs Sought Over Racist Attack

25-03-2012 14:41

A student who says he was racially abused by three men managed to drive past them in his car and take their photographs, police have said.

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SMASH HLS – Email AstraZeneca!

25-03-2012 12:31

AstraZeneca March Madness
:::Week of Action:::
Monday 26th – Saturday 31st March

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The Syrian People’s Revolution, One Year On: Torture, Disappearances and Exile

25-03-2012 11:27

A year ago, when the Arab Spring began — or, as the events were then called, the revolutionary movements in the Middle East (which had already toppled two western-backed dictators in Tunisia and Egypt) — I remember being surprised, and also worried, when Syrian activists held a “Day of Rage” in Damascus on March 15, and, the day after, other protestors in Damascus — mostly well-established human rights activists — called for the release from prison of other human rights activists, many of whom had been held for many years.

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Bradley Manning Solidarity in Wales: 11 - 29 April

25-03-2012 10:13

There are going to be events happening in solidarity with Bradley Manning across Wales during April. As well as organised meetings, talks, discussions and so on, we hope to be out on the streets during the day bringing Bradley Manning's situation and the global issues his case raises to the attention of the public. Please join us!

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Anti Fascism: Bolton Blunderers

25-03-2012 09:45

From SchNEWS Anti-fascists counter piss-poor Infidel turn out in the North West

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Oranges and Warfare - Greece

25-03-2012 08:54

Oranges or arms - economic and other violence

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West Midlands against G4S

25-03-2012 08:40

March 27 2012

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Love It Local

25-03-2012 07:58

Spring Fair in Brighton

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Go with Green Media

25-03-2012 05:46

How can we be optimistic, facing global challenges? Publisher of The Mother Earth News & Utne Reader, Bryan Welch explains. Ecoshock's Gerri Williams takes us to the D.C. Environmental Film Festival. Harry Lynch, Director of "Switch" on the search for energy replacements. Alexandra Cousteau on National Geographic film "Blue Planet North America Expedition".

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(M31+X) International call for action - Break on through! Overcoming capitalism!

25-03-2012 02:18

This call is no deep theoretical analysis, nor just a wish for another ruthless riot. In this call, we want to concentrate on the existential crisis of late capitalism, characterized by neoliberalism doctrine and the “no alternative” ideology – and what this can mean for the whole system, that we want to get rid of. We want to take a look at the reactions of this crisis-capitalism: how its supporters want to save it, how the fascists want (again) to benefit of it. Finally, we want to think about our past and present experiences, in order to formulate a radical answer for the liberated society we aim for.

This call can be usefull for the future anticapitalist mobilizations but also for our everyday struggles.

Whole text as pdf.

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FCUKBA: a month of immigration repression and resistance

24-03-2012 23:02

Random UKBA raid on a workplace
Feb 25th-March 24th: A months' work for those lovely people of the UK Border Agency, safeguarding our nation from the invading hordes of furriners

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MoD procurement privatisation - the EP article that didn't appear online

24-03-2012 18:55

03/21/2012 04:51:14 PM EDT -- Bristol Evening Post (England) Talks on Abbey Wood privatisation ; Ministry of Defence 'in discussion with various companies' THE Ministry of Defence has revealed it is talking to various companies about the possible privatisation of its massive Abbey Wood centre.

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Protest circus mondeo in Worcestershire 28th March - 1st April 2012

24-03-2012 17:51

The cruel animal circus is coming to town at the Three counties showground in Great malvern, Worcestershire.
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