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UK Newswire Archive

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Hang Lord Home

07-07-2009 09:06

Support Mainshill Solidarity Camp

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Manchester FreeGaza deportee 'raring to return'

07-07-2009 08:33

Interviewed on his way home from Heathrow Airport after being deported by Israel, FreeGaza boat passenger Adie Mormech talks about why he's already looking at ways of defying the Israeli siege on Gaza...

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Israeli ambassador to US: Iranian nuke could wipe off Israel in seconds

07-07-2009 08:22

Echoing Tony Blair’s notorious September 2002 speech on “Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction which could be activated within 45 minutes”, Israel's ambassador to US asserted on July 4th that an Iranian nuclear bomb “could literally wipe Israel off the map in a matter of seconds”.

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Bulgarian Migrant Union organiser attcked with Acid

07-07-2009 06:42

I have recently returned from Greece and I'm not sure if people are aware of the story of the the Bulgarian women a migrant in athens who was organising a syndicalist union for cleaners. and is still in hospital after months. she was attacked by a group of men, who poured acid on her and forced her to swollow some. They reckoned it was linked to her union activity. see links below

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Report on an unannounced short follow up inspection of Dover IRC

07-07-2009 06:30

“Like many IRCs, Dover is dealing with a more challenging and varied population, including a high proportion of ex-prisoners. It was nevertheless disappointing that there had been slippage in a number of areas and that the regime and approach was tending to revert to that of a prison, rather than an IRC.

“We had some concerns about the robustness of the procedures to support safety and there had been a significant deterioration in welfare support for detainees about to leave the centre. These are matters that managers need to address if the centre is to retain its positive ethos and ensure a safe environment.”  Anne Owers

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Campaign Against Deportations To Cameroon

07-07-2009 06:26

Ethnic Charter Flight on Thursday 9th July 2009 - flight number PVT 007 to Cameroon.

Don't deport : Charles Takem, Djantou Gilbert - Mbakop Charlotte and their two kids (8 years & 6 years) , Patrick Youmbi, Flobert Simplice Sindjui, Alice Ebot Ojong, Pascal Landry Kegne, Amougou Atangana Benoit, Eric Tcheujoue, Roger Anyong and all the other names who are being herded onto this flight as if they are not human beings.

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For action to happen, our ideas must first be circulated

07-07-2009 03:04

There are many ways from theory or our everyday life through which we can be conclude that our social life can be better organized through libertarian principles. We can't recount all the theory in this short essay, but we can give the reader an introduction.

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Call out! Anne keen squat court date!

06-07-2009 23:40

On the 26th june squatters occupied the 'main house' of MP's anne and alan keen. On Friday 10th June the court date for the repossesion will be heard at brentford magistrates court, brentford, west london - nearest tube station gunnersbury or overground to brentford

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Anti-Gatwick airport bomb hoaxer jailed

06-07-2009 23:40

Anti-airport protester Gary Collins from Crawley has been jailed for three and a half years for a sending a series of bomb hoaxes and suspicious packages to Gatwick airport.

He had suffered from noise disturbance from the airport as a child and was reported as being unrepentant.

BBC report is here:

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Strike for Climate Justice! December 11th 2009

06-07-2009 23:19

Environmental activist & political prisoner Jeff ‘Free’ Luers wrote a prison dispatch in which he made a call out for an International General Strike on December 11 2009 in solidarity with the International Demonstrations on Climate Change during the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

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A long time in politics - online

06-07-2009 21:49

More than 175 years worth of Parliamentary election results are now available online following the launch of a free-to-view historical website that paints a picture of change in Britain by numbers, surveys and images.

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Iran- released prisoner was told: Be grateful you have not been killed !!

06-07-2009 21:15

According to an eye witness at yesterday’s gathering at Evin, one of the imprisoned who was released whilst people were gathered, said that he had been arrested around Afsariyeh in Tehran and taken to an undisclosed location. He was denied food for 48 hours. There were 500 people detained on the floor where he was and they had no access to showers or sanitation. After 48 hours, they were given bread, potato and cheese.

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A Day In July - Remembering Ruth Ellis

06-07-2009 19:49

We had heard grownups talking and seen pictures of the large crowds holding vigil outside Holloway Prison

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The Death Of Robert McNamara

06-07-2009 18:33

Perhaps the greatest modern example of the banality of evil...

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Copenhagen Solutions: The Double Duty

06-07-2009 17:57

We explore Oxfam International’s proposal for a fair global deal on climate change.

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ADHD - Petition to increase NHS provisions and funding for Adults with ADHD

06-07-2009 17:53

We are asking the Prime Minister to ensure that NHS service provisions and funding arrangements for services for adults with ADHD are reviewed and revised urgently.

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English Defence League is BNP front group

06-07-2009 16:41

The recent demonstrations by so-called concerned patriots under the banner English Defence League (EDL) is a front group set-up by BNP activists in a move to occupy the growing anti-muslim extremism in certain cities in the UK.

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Italy G8. 21 arrested in police raids ahead of summit

06-07-2009 15:25

At least 21 italian activists were arrested by political police "Digos" (political police) this morning.
16 were taken to prison, five have to stay under house arrest. Universities occupied for protest in response.

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Rossport Solidarity activists board supply ship to Solitaire in Killybegs

06-07-2009 15:16

Today Shell to sea protestors broke through a weak spot in the armada deployed to defend the Solitaire - the supply port in Killybegs. One S2S activist occupied a tyre at side of Shell ship in Killybegs. The Solitaire whilst being an enormous ship is dependent on a constant flow of ships bringing supplies from Killybegs in Donegal.

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Palestine Today 070609

06-07-2009 15:15


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