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UK Newswire Archive

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Home office steals Unity centre volunteer

08-10-2008 12:00

Our friend Kenny
Kenny Olwole Ogunbowale, a regular volunteer and a good friend of everyone at the Unity Centre in Glasgow, was detained on Monday 6th October. He has now been moved to Tinsley House where he awaits forced removal to Nigeria tomorrow 9th October. In Nigeria he believes the men who killed his father will be looking for him. There is not a lot of time to help Kenny, please see below what you can do immediately to help him.

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Reading the Names of the Dead, Afghanistan, London - Pictures

08-10-2008 11:08

Reading the names of the Dead - timing.
Peace camapaigners gather in Whitehall opposite Downing Street on the seventh of the month for a seven hour vigil seven years after Afghanistan is invaded by a US/UK led coalition in the opening salvo of the now disgraced so-called War on Terror.

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About some investigations for “terrorist association” in Germany...

08-10-2008 11:01

About some investigations for “terrorist association” in Germany...

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Six Deaths by Eviction in Chiapas Ejido

08-10-2008 10:49

Although not Zapatistas the 6 peasants murdered by the Mexican police were exercising their right to control over their territory in an area which has seen over 500 years of repression. Indigenous and peasant groups in Chiapas have faced a counterinsurgency war since the Zapatista uprising in 1994 resulting in massacres like that of 'Las Abejas' in Acteal in 1997 when 49 peasants were murdered.

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Third world Victory armed resistance to bankruptsUS Empire

08-10-2008 10:30

The Paulson plan is desperate second bailout attempt by the US imperialists to get their economy functioning again as"normal" .It is a brilliant victory for the Third world peoples fighting protracted guerilla type wars to assert their rights to national independence .US militarism,its wars financed by deficit spending,has bought the imperialist economic system already running on credit to the point of economic meltdown.The UK partner in crime has a bank bailout too.But US imperialism plans to use this Crisis as oportunity to plunder the worlds weakend finance institution.

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The imperialist “bailout bill” and its communist roots

08-10-2008 09:33

Regarding the current trillion-dollar “bailout bill” that has stricken the US and is threatening the EU countries - especially the UK - at present, there is an important fact to remember:
The main reason why the former communist system in Europe could exist while it existed: because the communist regimes and their banks were continuously rescued by a long series of “bailout bills”. They survived because they were kept alive by the global financial-political oligarchy; by the very same oligarchy that is at present regulating the global economy and which is ultimately responsible for the current crisis.

Ironically, the very same oligarchy that has been driving the world-economy toward a final collapse is at present blackmailing and threatening the world-economy with a final collapse, if it is not allowed to continue its course to drive world-economy into collapse.

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Please help Kenny Olwole Ogunbowale

08-10-2008 08:14

Kenny Olwole Ogunbowale
Kenny from Nigeria is currently detained in Colnbrook IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK tomorrow Thursday 9th October on Virgin Atlantic Airways flight VS651 @ 22:30hrs from London Heathrow to Lagos, Nigeria.

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Britain has no more money to borrow - CITY PARASITES SET FOR TRILLION CRASH

08-10-2008 08:09

The UK has no more money to borrow and even its existence is based on what it is worth in the financial industry, a made up thing where ordinary people fund the City on its potential. The City has been a parasite feeding off Londoners and the poor in the UK and the time has come for the fat bankers, lawyers and accountants to start paying for what they have done. RBS worked on leveraging but what was it actually worth, hardly anything but it bought off rail companies charging high prices for nothing, all the banks deserve nothing .... money is worthless

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Sussex Uni Students Strike Again At Royal Navy

08-10-2008 07:13

For the second time in as many weeks Sussex university students have demonstrated their determination to drive the University Royal Navy Unit (royal navy recruitment organisation on uni campuses) into the sea.

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No Borders Network-wide Gathering, 8 & 9 November

08-10-2008 01:27

Just over a month till the next network-wide No Borders Gathering, to be held in Newcastle on 8 & 9 November. The Gathering will be a chance to discuss, network and plan, and to build on the discussions held at the last network-wide Gathering, held in Manchester earlier this year.

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Mass Direct Action: Dismantle the Sandholm Refugee Camp Oct 25th

08-10-2008 00:58

The Shut Down the Camp Initiative calls for a day of action against the Sandholm refugee camp in North Zealand, Denmark. To do this we need all the help we can get. On the 25. of October we are planning a massive civil disobedience action. Our aim is to dismantle the Sandholm camp, and thereby physically challenge the racism of the Danish refugee policy.

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Screening for Black History Month: DAYS OF GLORY (Indigènes)

07-10-2008 22:31

London Socialist Film Co-op screening and discussion at the Renoir on Sunday 12 October 2008 at 10.30am.

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Dollar is over

07-10-2008 20:07

Carlos Lessa
To Lessa, "dollar is over" and it’s necessary that a new "Bretton Woods" establishes new parameters to global economy

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Demonstrate for Amdani Juma's right to stay

07-10-2008 18:45

Amdani Juma is in immediate danger of deportation. Please come to the demonstration at 12.30pm in Market Square this Saturday (11th Oct) to show your support. The demonstration will insist that the Home Office remove the threat of deportation for Amdani.

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Armed Racist BNP Copper Bent Police Cover Up

07-10-2008 18:33

Armed racist Ellis Hammond's police links 'kept from court'

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Palestine Today 100708

07-10-2008 16:28


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Tuesday October 07, 2008

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East Midlands NO2ID regional meeting.

07-10-2008 16:25

A public meeting with Phil Booth, National Coordinator, and Matty Mitford, Local Groups Coordinator from NO2ID.

Everyone is welcome, newcomer or not, curious or committed. Help stop the rise of the database state.

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Welfare Reforms - Govt found to have misquoted research findings

07-10-2008 15:24

The Government has been exposed as completely misquoting a couple of researchers whose report they have used to justify the new workfare proposals in the Green Paper — “No one written off: reforming welfare to reward responsibility”, where the report based on a study of the effect on the labour market in Australia of the introduction of a workfare scheme there actually found that as a result, the very long term unemployed in fact grew by 68%!

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ugly old tax thief new zealander judith mayhew wants Crossrail at any cost

07-10-2008 14:59

The no news commuter paper the Evening Standard gives New Zealander Judith Mayhew centre stage. Mayhew was effectively knighted for her City Corporation dirty work which destroyed the rights of the poor, took masses of corporate welfare and began a programme of displacing ordinary people in London to realise the dreams of property developers. According to Evading Standards, Mayhew is against the sex shops. She might be but I have never heard this woman talk about the lap top clubs sited in poorer parts of London which sit there to feed the worse types of the City. Mayhew like her disgusting City friends wants Crossrail scheme to provide transport needs for bankers and property profits for developers is supported by both Mayor Livingstone and Mayor Johnson. Thankfully Mayhew who is an insult to women has no children as she continues to drive her "any cost" policies in London.

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'The Kyoto II Suffragettes' - climaterush

07-10-2008 13:51

A 1908 arrest
The Uk is fast approaching the 100th Suffragettes anniversary on the great parliament protest. Suitably, a demo is being organised to remember the date of October 13th when Emily Pankhurst and 23 other Suffragettes were arrested and thirteen men. What is different is the subject of the protest.

Instead of obtaining the vote one hundred years ago, it is now the environment and Kyoto II.
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