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UK Newswire Archive

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Newcastle - massive walkouts and protests

24-11-2010 16:37

Direct action in newcastle against the cuts

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South West social enterprise celebrates win in national photography competition

24-11-2010 16:26

A local business in Bristol has won the South West regional heat of a national photography competition for social enterprise.
The ‘Social Vision: business at its best’ competition set out to find images that show the unique and transformative work of social enterprise. Social enterprises are businesses trading for social and environmental purposes. Simply put, they use the power of business to address some of society’s most pressing challenges.
Now in its third year, the photography competition is for the first time being jointly run by Triodos Bank and the Social Enterprise Coalition in association with Social Enterprise Magazine and the regional social enterprise networks of England.

Bristol Wood Recycling Project is a social enterprise offering collections of wood waste, and sales of timber and timber products. Their environmental mission is to save resources from waste, to provide affordable timber and resources to the local community, and to enable social inclusion through volunteering and work placement opportunities. Bristol Wood Recycling also hold the Social Enterprise Mark. The Mark is the brand for social enterprises and is awarded to businesses who meet specific criteria that demonstrate they are working primarily for social and/or environmental goals.

Bristol Wood Recycling Project’s winning snap, taken by Lisa Bailey, shows a collection at Taylor Wimpey Bristol. These collections encourage building contractors to recycle.

Ben Moss of Bristol Wood Recycling Project said:
“We are delighted to have our photo as the regional winner in the 'Social Vision: business at its best' competition. It's great to have our work recognised for its environmental and social achievements; now this photo literally gets people to recognise us!

Social Enterprises deserve recognition for the pioneering perspectives they put on business and commerce. We here at BWRP are very proud to be both part of that growing community of businesses, and that this image will help in the step-change of recognition of Social Enterprises.”

Peter Holbrook, CEO of the Social Enterprise Coalition said:

“There were a fantastic number of entries to the competition this year so being selected as a regional winner is a huge achievement and I’d like to congratulate Bristol Wood Recycling Project on their success.

We asked for photos showing business at its best because this is what social enterprises across the UK are doing every day – running innovative profitable businesses which also benefit the local community and environment.”

This year’s prize for the regional winner (a one day introduction to film making course) is provided by Suited and Booted Studios CIC, a highly successful award-winning production company that marries the quality of commercial filmmaking with the people-centred ethos of social enterprise.

Sara Strickland from Suited and Booted said:

“We are delighted to offer a 1 day introduction to film making at our studios in Bath to the winner of the South West heat of the social enterprise photography competition. The South West is renowned for its creative and cultural economy and we will be proud to celebrate Social Enterprise Day with the regional winners. As holders of the prestigious Social Enterprise Mark, Social Enterprise Day is an important date in our diary and gives us more opportunities to show how we are different to other businesses.”

Vote online for favourite photograph

Bristol Wood Recycling Project will now go on to the represent the South West in the UK national final. The winner will be decided by an online vote to be hosted on the Social Enterprise Live website – Voting opens on Friday 19 November and the public will have one week to vote for their favourite finalist. The result will be announced at an evening reception in London on Tuesday 30 November.
The regional winners have been announced today (18 November) to mark Social Enterprise Day, a national celebration of social enterprise. Today social enterprises across the country are opening their doors to local communities to show business at its best.

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today's student demo

24-11-2010 16:26

Over 2000 people (mainly under the age of 25!)gave the police a bit of a run around, biut were on the end just a bit too slow to take the initiave and take the protest into the city centre.

Its nice to go on a march with loads of people who haven't been on loads of marches before. No ones moaning that its boring, saying it pointless - just loads of exuberance about just being in a big crowd on the street - rememeber that? This even cheered a cynical old bastard like me up.

While the march from Bristol Uni may not go down in histoy, or even headline todays news reports (judging by what happened in london today) as the most significant ever, but there was several attempts to break through police lines - people who hadn't faced a riot cop police line were probably more intimidated by a "normal" police line had they been in that situation before, though saying that it was a group of school kids (not even 6th formers) who did actually burst through with us.

Basically, the police had contained most the crowd on park street, and after several escape attempts, they headed up to the student union, where it looked like they were going to ketteled (being kettled in a building with a bar is not so bad i guess) - at which point i left.

Police were stopping and searching the usual suspects (not the band) but as far as i saw no one had been arrested.

While they were a few people from the NUT and the IWW the mainstream unions were conspicuous by their absence. From what I heard from a UNISON (the biggest public sector union) member it seems as usual the tossers at the top are stopping any action.

For Christ Sake, f*****g wake up !

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Fit documenting students

24-11-2010 16:26

FIT are filming as usual.


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Radcliff Camera Occupied by Students in Oxford - Statement

24-11-2010 16:15

Statement from Students Occupying Radcliff Camera in Oxford

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Virtual occupation of Lib Dem headquarters

24-11-2010 15:50

Demonstrators are not being allowed to get near the Lib Dem headquarters to demostrate there, so let's occupy it virtually with e-mail, fax and phone calls...

Write and call them to say that you've had enough of Lib Dem lies on student fees. When Clegg signed the pledge on student fees, that should have been a real promise, not something to renege on later!

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Rough guide to student occupation so far

24-11-2010 15:50

While waiting for those in the Oxford occupation and those involved to compose their thoughts and come out with a more complete summary of events, this is a rough collation of various sources for those such as myself trying to stay up to date with student protests round the country.

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Statement of Occupation at Warwick University

24-11-2010 15:41

Following on from a march ealier today 80 students from the University of Warwick occupied the University's Arts Centre Conference Centre.

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Who is penned?

24-11-2010 15:22

Some people just don't know how to have fun...


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abandoning cop vans is not a good idea

24-11-2010 15:22

The police van that was left in the middle of the crowd has now been broken into and the equipment is being re-distributed.


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Occupation of Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

24-11-2010 15:13

The Radcliffe Camera of the Bodleian library, oxford, has been occupied

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Student Occupiers Open Class Struggle Classrooms

24-11-2010 14:56

The occupation at Warwick
Students across the UK are taking direct action against the double whammy of 300% tuition fee rises and huge cuts in higher education funding.

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ESSEX Students Occupy Lecture Theatre

24-11-2010 14:48

ESSEX Students Occupy LBT6 in protest to government cuts to education and rises in fees and in solidarity with occupation around the country

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Michael Sadler building at Leeds University occupied

24-11-2010 14:32

Students enter building
students have occupied Michael Sadler building at Leeds Uni. 400 planning to stay night

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Sheffield Students Protest Against the Cuts

24-11-2010 14:29

Thousands of school children, college and university students brought Sheffield city centre to a stand still on 24th November 2010 in protest against the Tory/Lib Dem educations cuts.

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Tally... NO! What we've been up to (hunt sabs)

24-11-2010 14:22

Updates – West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs (Wednesday the 24th of November 2010)


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Occupation Of Grove House @ Roehampton Uni

24-11-2010 14:22

Roehampton Students Occupy Roof & Inside of Grove House in Roehampton Uni



twitter: @Roeoccupy



In conjunction with the day of national student direct action, at 2:30 pm on Wednesday 24th November students at Roehampton University have occupied Grove House, one of the university's administrative buildings.

This action is in protest against the proposed scrapping of the university's popular and unique Human Rights BA, as well as the wider cuts being faced by higher education.

It is also in solidarity with the other student actions taking place on the same day across the country. Grove House was targeted because of it's administrative status and its high-visibility value on the campus. The students taking part in other actions had no prior knowledge of this occupation, and are not responsible for it happening.

This action has been planned and carried out by a small group of students acting independently, but has been designed to coincide with the larger student walk-out taking place at 11am and other actions organised on the same day.

We demand the following of roehampton university:


* no victimisation or punishment of any students participating in occupation & no victimisation or punishment of any students involved in possible future non-violent direct action against fees &

cuts - any such victimisation or punishment will be countered with further action


* a pledge from the university to fight education cuts - including a press release from vice-chancellor condemning cuts to higher education and the raising of tuition fees

* no scrapping of university programmes without meaningful prior consultation and agreement with students and affected staff
* no compulsory redundancies
* the opening of all financial records to public scrutiny on request in order to facilitate a transparent debate

We also sincerely request of roehampton lecturers:

open lectures with a discussion of the impact of cuts on the university in order to raise awareness


Further action will be taken until these demands are met.



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This is what Whitehall looks like

24-11-2010 14:22

another crack in the wall


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1pm police block march in whitehall

24-11-2010 14:22

1pm Police have blocked the march from entering Parliament square. There are lines of police blocking the whole width of whitehall, backed  up by at least 7 police vans. Behind are at least 15 mounted officers outside Parliament. At the back of the march more police are following. Blocking the march with riot police in Whitehall is only going to lead to trouble...

13.10 attempt to break police line at bottom of whitehall. police pushing march back. police van in middle of crowd graffed and windows cracked.

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In the kettle

24-11-2010 14:22

All sorts of people in the kettle including tourists and random people having tea. It was pretty tightly packed, but after a mesh fence on a building site was pushed down there was a bit more space. Cop van is stuck in the middle of the crowd.


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