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Woo to the kids

26-11-2010 20:25

posters to celebrate the kids
Feeling like the kids have given everyone a kick up the arse?
Then download all these posters and put them everywhere

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national health service - no help service - squatting + more

26-11-2010 20:25

who is responsible ?
nhs no helping squatters in winter health deterierate
the story goes like this , I've found myself in a position where I've been squatting since I moved to Bristol at the end of April to live on the st Werburghs eco village project and on monday I was evicted from my flat near stokes croft after having a good run of maybe 5 months in there, wich was nice. being made homeless I had to find a new home as the streets are damn cold at the moment , allthough I have plenty friends who offer a couch to crash on I'd rather avoid that and have a place I can relax abit in peace when I need to and I have no idea how to access the services provided for homeless people in Bristol and to be completely honest I wouldn't want to live in government sheltered accomadation as I like living with like minded politicised people in the activist squatting community and I don't think living alongside people wich may have serious substance missuse problems is for me + I am on no benifits or have no intention to be on any benifits so I am probably not elligable for help from government agencies. this brings me to the point where i moved into a NHS owned building on monday , it was in the past used as hospital staff accomadation and now isn't used as there are a few cracks in the building (scaffolding all around it some structural damage) and is probably deemed unsafe for human habitation. the building inside is clean and dry with running water , electric oven , lights and once I got an electric heater on it warmed up abit. this place is currently housing myself and upto 4 others and maybe another 8 friends who have been evicted from there place today.we where discovered in the building yesterday midday first but I wont go into the madness of that little saga now ,then in the evening as someone saw us entering through the front window as this is our easiest access, the person phoned the police and soon after hospital security and police turned up. I'll skip some details as it's not all that important to my overall point but I will say one very enraged security gaurd shouted at me saying "remember your taking the food out my childs mouth" this was so ridiculous that I had to laugh. anyway we have court on wednesday the case is for an IPO immediate possesion order wich means that we will have to be out within 24 hours if the judge awards the claiments (the NHS) the IPO they want. The point is that when the NHS legal department rep says this is for your safety it is a ridiculous statement as I'd much rather take my chances in a very slowly subsiding building than homeless on the streets of Bristol in the cold, wich will cause myself alot of stress and could potentially lead to me getting ill due to the cold. the question I ask is why does the NHS rep , the police or anyone else hand me no leaflet on how to get tempory housing as to not be homeless and possibly end up using their services costing money when my health deterierates or even I may have to and will squat another place wich inturn ends up using up police time and court time in the end, why is the government making cuts to homeless services and then not utilizing all the empty buildings they own to house people in winter ? why do the people who make these decisions not see the fuckery of not helping people when they can ? why do I get the feeling when I start tracking down who the desicion makers are they will try and shift the responserbility onto another department over and over again. I will find out who the people who let us down are and I wil name and shame them untill changes in policy are made so people can get help. squatters - I do hate that word due to all the negative preconceptions that are attached to it - yes squatters the catergory of people who take things into their own hands and support each other the best they can - why is it we have no liaison officer in the council like the travellers do ? we are a minority who are persecuted and disscriminated against by the ones up high who hold the power. basically NHS it is your duty as with all government agencies and people in general to help everyone the best you can however you can , so if you do not , you should be ashamed of yourself and don't even think about using the excuse that you're just doing your job, if the orders you are given are fucked up then it's a moral duty to question them and not let fear that you'll be treated as if you're rocking the boat , a trouble maker or any other bullying tactic that powerfull people use to keep people doing shit things to everyday people like yourselves. sorry this may be abit of a rant and that my grammer and spelling is crap but I think you can see what I'm getting at here . let us all stand together against the extremely small amount of people who are the ruling elite that manipulate society to keep themselves in a position of ridiculous wealth/power or atleast enough of us stand together to make a difference , stand together and share what we have everyday not just go on a march for a day. unite for change. SHAME ON THE NHS !!!!!!!!!!! p.s I will not shut up and I will not accept stupid ideas like that's just the way it is, we must purserveer untill we make change happen. brothers and sisters thank you for reading.. bless UP ^

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Hard Times - for Police Credibility

26-11-2010 19:24

Rounding off an extremely bad month, the past 12 hours been hard on police credibility as they try to address the fallout from the 24 November demos.  First, they denied that a serving officer discharged a BCF halon fire extinguisher point-blank into the faces of young demonstrators during the student demonstrations this past Wednesday.  However, with the help of one of our very own regular contributors, Indymedia had already exposed this as a falsehood. As of this morning, the corporate press has followed suit.

Next up: the police statement that their tactics "did not involve charging the crowd" of young people detained between lines of riot cops for nine hours. Video posted on Indymedia has again shown this to be untrue, and this time it's The Guardian that's picked up on the story. Although the police may have hoped for a PR bounceback, the whole framework of public order policing and its standard toolset (mass detention with no charges laid, internet censorship, and surveillance of people doing political organising work) appears to be increasingly provoking a reaction.


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posters to poster

26-11-2010 19:24

lots of cutz posters
Please feel free to download and copy and paster everywhere (they are not for flyposting :-) A PDF will be available in a bit

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Panorama – the Agenda behind ‘British Schools Islamic Rules’

26-11-2010 19:17

The airing by Panorama of John Ware’s latest documentary on Muslim Schools coincides with the release of the London based Think Tank Policy Exchange’s recommendations about faith schools and religious fundamentalism.

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Support for Belal Amleh

26-11-2010 18:46

Belal & Suzanne
On Wednesday Belal Amleh was arrested whilst signing in at the home office in Leeds and is facing deportion back to Jordan and ultimately Palestine on Tuesday. At 18 Belal was imprisoned and tortured by the israeli army and is likely to face the same or worse if he is sent back. We need your support to prevent Belal from being deported.

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Today we are the lions! Student protests in Italy

26-11-2010 18:32

Student protests literally exploded all over Italy to block the approval of the new infamous Gelmini reform, which aims at privatising the university and turning it into a profit-making machine. Thousands and thousands of students have held demonstrations all over the peninsula and occupied university buildings.

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Nottingham students protest cuts

26-11-2010 18:23

Nottingham students joined the nationwide protests against the proposed ConDem cuts to education on Wednesday. Around 60 students walked out of Toot Hill school in Bingham and had a rally in Nottingham Market Square. Meanwhile, students at the University of Nottingham marched from the Student Union to the Vice Chancellor's office, and later held a teach in.

Meanwhile the recently attacked Nottingham Conservative party offices closed for the day, in case student unrest spread to Nottingham.

Newswire: School pupils walk out | Day of Action 24/11/2010 Nottingham | Nottingham happenings over university fees hike | Tory Party HQ Nottingham Closed for Business Today

Around 60 students form Toot Hill school in Bingham walked out of classes as part of the Day of Action against Eduation Cuts. Students congregated on the steps of the Counicl House at around midday. The students, majority from sixth form, said that they had the backing of the headteacher.

Around a similar number of students from Nottingham University gathered on the steps of the portland Building at 2PM. They marched to the Trent Building where they demanded to see the Vice Chancellor. Coincidentally, the VC was on holiday and students regrouped outside one of the libraries. A teach in was planned for 4PM.

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TFL Please stop blaming women for rape...

26-11-2010 18:22

Am I the only person pissed off with the TFL advert showing a woman being raped: "Please, no, please, please stop taking unlicenced mini cabs...".  I have written to TFL who have not even acknowledged receipt of my email and now have also contacted Boris who's lovely logo appears on the advert.

My problem with the ad is:

  • It portrays women as 'victims', encouraging the idea that we are helpless little things incapable of going out alone without a (presumably male) escort.
  • It gives dodgy men the idea that if a woman puts herself at risk she is asking for it.
  • The idea that unlicenced mini cabs are inherently unsafe and black cabs are is completely untrue as over 100 women have been raped recently by one black cab driver.  Also women will presumably be taking the unlicenced cab as a cheaper option to the black cab and safer option than the bus and walk home. I wonder this is more about their loss of revenue from illegal cab drivers who are not paying their taxes.
  • Women that have rape may find this advert traumatic.
  • Women in general will feel unsafe going about London late at night after seeing this advert.

Please right to TFL (email them from their website) and Boris Johnson to express you disgust.  For more info there is also a facebook (yuk) group campaigning to get the ad banned:!/group.php?gid=108831192505078

This shows some cool posters as well and ideas for subvertising.

These adverts are an affront to all liberated and free minded women who like to go out alone at night.  Most rapes are committed not by strangers but people known to the victim.  It seems like the powers that be are trying to use fear to keep us in our place and we should not have it.  These ads need to come down.

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This Week in Palestine week 47 2010

26-11-2010 18:04

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for November 14th to 26, 2010

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No Day Off for Ratcliffe Emissions

26-11-2010 17:25

Ratcliffe Trial suspended for three days and The Power Station continues to contribute emissions.

I was in court on Wednesday, and visited Nottingham Castle today where I took this picture of The Power Station. The weather and atmospheric conditions are ideal to observe the steam and other emissions which continue to pollute the air. The judge and jury have three days off whilst Ratcliffe is 'full steam ahead!'

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Avon & Somerset Police on Facebook

26-11-2010 17:23

Recent posts on Facebook regarding the Second Day of Action planned for Tuesday 30th November has shown that Avon and Somerset Police have a Facebook account and are openly monitoring the run-up to the protest.
Comments by Avonandsomerset Police have revealed to everyone that the Police are monitoring Facebook and using it as a evidence gathering tool. While this tactic has been widely known about, and the security risks involving social networking sites have been explained, the recent activity by the Police have stepped towards a more public appearance; letting people know that they are being watched and even going as far as to RSVP to the event.

Hopefully people will notice the posts by A&SP and be discouraged from using Facebook to organize political actions in the future. Facebook is easily accessible by everyone (part of its appeal) but that also means there is no control as to who can see the information you are posting. Posting sensitive information or anything relating to the organization of a protest or action will no doubt draw attention from the Police. They will right now be taking names of organizers, attendees and anybody else who they deem "trouble makers".

If you have already RSVPed to the event please be careful about what sort of information you post. The Police will be monitoring your page right now and gathering whatever information they can on you, looking to seek future prosecutions. Don't post any sensitive information on Facebook.

Be safe, be smart, don't organize on Facebook!

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Addition to Climate of Hope Film and Where!

26-11-2010 17:23

Climate of Hope is at Kebele 14 Robertson Rd easton!
Cairon O'reilly will speak about nuclear links with the military and some
of his activist daring doo's.
The following is a resume of Cairon's activist life, he even has a Wikipedia page!
A man of great integrity and determination.
"Nuclear power was my entry point in to rad lefty political scene in
Australia as a high school student in the late '70's. First action was
blockading a uranium shipment in our town to the Shah of Iran. Go
figure? I guess they should have listen to our advice uh? Nukes last
forever, American stooges have a limited shelf life (from memory they
left the Rev Govt. of Iran with one of the most modern air forces at the
time as the Shah, elite pilots and buddies skiddaddled oout of
Tehran....I digress.

In '84 we blockaded the world's largest uranium deposite at Roxby Downs South

Over the last 3 decades I've travelled along the nuclear war/ power
assembly line from the Australian desert to the Nevada Desert nuke test
site...did the Diabola Canyon nuke reactor free tour, been to corporate
offices in L.A. and the D.O.E. in D.C. etc etc.

In '91

Went to jail in Amerikkka...even got charged with "being guilty of a
crime of moral turpitude" in Lousissiana (where the standards ain't that

Kasey Casemvoice of Shaggy on Scooby Doo put up 290 grand tobail me out after the 13
months while I faced deportation.

In '98 I was half of the Jabiluka Ploughshare that disabled uranium
mining equipment at the Jabiluka mine site in Kakadu National Park,
Northern Territory of Australia. Did around 5 months jail in Darwin and
managed to piss off a bunch of movement bureaucrats, moderates etc.

Here's a link to that...

Went to jail in Amerikkka...even got charged with "being guilty of a
crime of moral turpitude" in Lousissiana (where the standards ain't that

These daze I'm living and working at Giuseppe Conlon House in London - a
Catholic Worker house for of hospitality for destittute refugees and
nonviolent anti-war resistance

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Strengths and Limitations of the Portuguese General Strike

26-11-2010 16:20

On Wednesday, a 24-hour general strike against austerity measures paralysed the Portuguese economy. This afternoon, the Portuguese parliament forced the package through anyway. While Wednesday's action demonstrates the potential social weight of the working class, Friday's vote shows that - as in Greece and Ireland - one day strikes and marches are not going to stop governments submitting to the financial aristocracy.

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Result of Poll: Over a quarter of riot cops don't know what they are doing

26-11-2010 16:19

A online poll of readers of Jane's Police Review

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New article from Shift Mag: Immigration Rights and No Border Struggles in Europe

26-11-2010 15:47

New article from Shift Mag: Immigration Rights and No Border Struggles in Europe.
Read it here

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Occupation at the University of Cambridge

26-11-2010 15:47

This morning Old Schools, the nerve centre of the University of Cambridge, has been occupied in protest against fees and cuts.

We have claimed this space to give students a voice in their University; everyone is welcome to join in or support the occupation in any way they can.

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The Game Has Changed - Kepping Up Momentum Against Government Oppression

26-11-2010 15:46

Some thoughts on whats been happening since the con dems declared a class war against the people of the UK....

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New info on MOPG and UK Coal

26-11-2010 15:26

Our latest Press Release contains more good news for the Minorca Opencast Protest Group (MOPG)and more bad news for UK Coal plc as the fight to stop a new opencast application continues is now published as Pr 85 'Campaigners resistance to opencast mine proposals hears encouraging news from MP'. It also contains the results of MOPG's  2010 AGM.

PR 85, 26/11/1O


Andrew Bridgen MP, in his role as Guest Speaker at the 2nd Annual General Meeting of the Minorca Opencast Protest Group (MOPG) held last night in Measham, praised the Group for its efforts in maintaining its campaign to oppose the Application to operate an Opencast Mine on the Minorca site. He also confirmed the news that the Coalition Government was to pass legislation that devolved future planning decisions away from Central Government down to Counties and Districts. In addition he said the opinion of Parish Councils would become more significant in such decision making processes. This would all become clearer when the Government’s new ‘Localism’ Bill began its progress through Parliament. However, as the Bill progressed through Parliament, he advised MOPG that should the decision on Minorca still be outstanding, we should argue that since local representative bodies, North West Leicester District Council and the Parish Councils of Measham, Swepstone and Snarestone were all opposed to this Application, then increasing importance should be attached to their opinions by Leicestershire County Council when it came to determining the outcome of this proposal.

Andrew also reported on the progress that his own Private Member’s Bill to introduce a 500 Metre Buffer zone was making. A significant number of MP’s from all parties had already indicated support for the Bill. The Surface Mining Coal Industry, led by UK Coal plc, was sufficiently alarmed to have already have lobbied the Minister concerned on this issue. This Bill is due to get its Second Reading on February 11th next year. If it passes this stage in the legislative process, then this too would become another issue that Leicestershire County Council would have to take account of when making a decision on the Minorca Application if a decision was still outstanding by that date.

At the meeting the outgoing Acting Chair, Phil Owen, in his Chairman’s Report highlighted the successes of the Campaign during the last year from submitting a new robust set of objections to UK Coal’s 2nd set of application documents, a set of Recommended Conditions if permission was granted. In addition, he drew attention to the numerous Reports, Briefing Notes, continuous media interest including exposure for the Campaign on BBC’s Countryfile programme as a consequence of producing our Press Releases and having our own web sites that the Campaign had achieved. He thanked Joanna Crane, Margaret Hanson, Lina Guyan, Denise Mulka, Sue Morrell, Terry Morrell and Mark Tromans for all the work that they had put in during the year as Co ordinating Committee members. Special thanks were given to Steve Leary for his activities as Researcher and Spokesperson during the past year.

Elections were held to form a new Coordinating Committee. The results were:

        Chairperson                                     Terry Morrell

        Secretary                                          Sue Morrell

        Treasure                                          Margaret Hanson

        Membership Secretary                     Maz Priestland

Other Members of the Coordinating Committee were elected as follows:

Joanna Crane, Penny Wakefield, Alan Gamble and Steve Leary

It was also agreed to extend an invitation to any Parish Council opposed to the application to send a representative to future meetings of the Coordinating Committee.

The meeting also agreed to send a donation to the Residents Against Greenbelt Exploitation in recognition of the costs involved in them achieving their tremendous result in defeating the Newton Lane Opencast Mine Application at the recent Public Inquiry in Leeds.

The Meeting also heard that UK Coal may face new financial problems as they have had to close the Kellingley Colliery on Tuesday because of a Methane Gas scare. Given that this pit alone produces 25% of the Company’s coal, its closure would not help UK Coal’s plans to pay off its debts of over£260m. Steve Leary advised the members that this incident reinforced the need for Leicestershire County Council to insist on a Bankers Guarantee to underwrite UK Coal’s promises to restore the Ashby Canal and provide Community Grants should they gain Planning Permission. It was agreed that MOPG should write to the Ashby Canal Trust, the Ashby Canal Association and to the Measham and Ashby Canal Trust Enthusiasts to join with MOPG to insist on such a Condition should the closure of Kellingley Pit be prolonged.

 END                     END                      END                END                             END




 tel 05601 767981,                                                                            email


Full article

End of Week Ratcliffe Trial Update

26-11-2010 15:26

Update following the first week of the month long trial at Nottingham Crown Court.

Hello All!

Well, we've got to the end of the first week of the month long trial. The Prosecution wrapped up their case yesterday afternoon, and on Monday Morning the defence begins.

Firstly a massive thank you to everyone! Whether you've been out there spreading these blogs around the internet, or chopping vegetables for the defendants at the Sumac Centre, your help is greatly appreciated by all.

If you are wanting to help in other ways, pleae do check out the page on our website with some ideas as to what you can do.  Donations are gratefully appreciated at this time.

While the Prosecution's case this week was rather dull and tedious at times as she read through every single digit of every single phone number found in the evidence, it did make clear just how sophisticated the plans to shut down Ratlciffe on Soar coal-fired power station were. Not only were they designed to be effective in stopping emissions, but they also placed the safety of participants and workers as a top priority. The jury have the seen the detailed safety briefings all partipants were equipped with, and witnessed the comprehensive set of safety equipment given out to participants with everything from gas detectors to ear defenders.

So what's coming next?

Having admitted that they did indeed plan to shut down Ratcliffe on Soar power station, the defendants will now explain that they were acting out of necessity to prevent carbon dioxide emissions that would cause catastrophic climate change.

Monday will see the first defendant give evidence, followed by expert witness and NASA scientist Jim Hansen.

Ed Rees QC, defending, set the tone the defence will take when he said:

"You're not going to hear about forlorn looking polar bears floating on dwindling ice sheets. This case, if anything, is about getting real."

Court begins 10am Monday. Supporters very welcome.


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