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UK Newswire Archive

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New Ten Commandments

31-01-2007 20:09

New Commandments
Get them while they're hot.

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Sparkhill Terror Raids: Another Terror Farce

31-01-2007 19:14

helicopter hovering over Sparkhill
Between 4 am and 5:30 am this morning, the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit carried out a series of raids across Birmingham. Intelligence sources claim to have foiled an alleged terror plot to kidnap a serving Muslim soldier and film his 'summary execution'.

At a press conference this afternoon, Gold Commander David Shaw stated there were 8 arrests from 8 residences plus 4 commercial addresses and one more 9th arrest happened on the M6 in Birmingham. Those arrested are being detained in Coventry. Shaw claimed this morning's operation was the result of a months long operation involving a combination of different agencies.

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Lesson of american democracy,Warsaw

31-01-2007 19:02

On the Friday, 26 in Warsaw University, the liberal broadsheet 'The Journal' organized meeting with polish military ministry Radosław Sikorski (husband of angry anticommunist Anne Appelblaum, ideologist of american imperialism Norman Podhoretz and conservative marshall of lower part of polish parlament. The topic of the 'debate' was 'Fight for the world domminance', I'm writing 'debate' because all of them are angry american-issrael imperialist conservatist.

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Saddam Hussein’s Last Words: "To the Hell that is Iraq!?"

31-01-2007 17:29

The execution was carried out, as a psychological weapon, to usher in sectarian violence and division throughout the Middle East. The timing also coincided with several announcements and news reports of war plans by the United States and Israel in regards to Syria and Iran. It is no coincidence that shortly after the execution, the U.S. President identified Syria and Iran as the enemies of Iraq and raided an Iranian Consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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Parliamentary Public Meeting - Ban Uranium Weapons

31-01-2007 16:46

CADU Parliamentary Lobby anbd Public Meeting 7th February

The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium is pleased to announce a lobby of the UK Parliament and public meeting, please come along and show your support. Free CADU Lobby Packs are available from the office - please email us for a copy.

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Cambridge Uni threatens to close Portugese Language Dept.

31-01-2007 16:00

Banner as Petition!
It's been announced just this week that Cambridge University is planning to shut down the Portugese Language Department.

The University used particularly underhand methods to announce this, as no prior notice was given to students this was going to take place, unlike last year's announcement of the possible closure of the Architechture Dept (thwarted!), where it was announced as a POSSIBILITY, rather than a CERTAINTY several months in advance.

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Alleged Kidnapping Plot

31-01-2007 15:56

Door of the Internet cafe that was used by police to gain entry.
Large Police precence are deployed to Stratford Road, Birmingham.

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EDO Corp Forbes Listed As One Of The Biggest Losers of 2006

31-01-2007 15:25

Again EDO Corp get a bad report from Forbes.

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IWW Union in York

31-01-2007 14:57

Calling for new York union activists

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Berlusconi's Mousetrap Screening Cardiff 4th feb

31-01-2007 14:55

Cardiff anarchist screenig Berlusconi's mousetrap. Sunday 4th Feb 3-6pm

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Doomed to Failure

31-01-2007 14:54

Bush has ignored the Baker plan in nearly all points-except for sending troops to train Iraqi security forces. He rejects a diplomatic involvement of Syria and Iran.. Shiites will fight Sunnis in the whole Arab world.

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31-01-2007 13:13

V for Vienetta

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Royal Society for the Protection of Bitchin'

31-01-2007 11:53

Most people who contribute to the RSPB think of them as a 'conservation charity'. They are the least green charity around and from personal experience I'd say they care little for anything but their own wealth. The RSPB are in the news again opposing wind farms in the Western Isles, which has been the focus of their work there for the past few years. I should say, previous to that they did some good work, including reintroducing the sea eagle.

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How do they find the time to oppress the Palestinians?

31-01-2007 11:21

Haim Ramon4
Another Israeli minister on sex charges.

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31-01-2007 11:13

A nice way to divert attention from a government scumbags.

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Lider maximo - Havana Tuesday Jan. 30, 2007

31-01-2007 11:07

Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez in Havana January 29, 2007
Cuba's President Fidel Castro talks with his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez in Havana January 29, 2007. State television showed Castro for the first time in three months on Tuesday and the ailing Cuban leader said he was still in the fight to recover from surgery that forced him to relinquish power last July. Picture taken January 29, 2007

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The Problem With...Being Normal

31-01-2007 09:59

Here is a small confession : I don't consider myself to be normal. I wish I was. I strive to save energy, reduce the damage I do to the planet and work hard to think of solutions to our environmental crisis. That is not normal. If it was, then I could probably carry on living with few cares in the world - except maybe what will happen to my children when they become teenagers!

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Mark Wallinger: anti-war art and the state of Britain today

31-01-2007 09:46

State Britain is on at the Tate Britain until 27 August. Entrance is free. Go to

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Shut Down Guantanamo - weekly protests outside US Embassy

31-01-2007 09:37

The London Guantanamo Campaign is starting up a weekly protest outside the US Embassy calling on the American government to close down the facility. Building up on the impetus and the success of the demonstrations held in London, elsewhere in the UK and abroad earlier this month, the LGC is going to be holding a sustained action, on a weekly basis, outside the US Embassy.

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East End of London points the way to Blair to save any remaining 'honour'

31-01-2007 05:18

Just as the London Metropolitan Police were fielding [on Tuesday 30 January 2007] of the huge media questions over the latest arrest Blair-peer Levy in connection with the cash for sleaze system that keeps some in the UK Parliament’s upper chamber the so-called House of Pee-ers, a deputation of people from probably the poorest, the most deprived part of inner city England, arrived at No 10 Downing Street. The deputation delivered a hand written letter giving Blair probably the most valuable and crucial advice anyone had ever given him whilst he was still in occupation of the post that is identified with that address, to save his fast disappearing legacy.

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