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UK Newswire Archive

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The Model for Iraq was Ireland, 1692, Divide and Conquer as Imperial Rules

20-02-2007 16:33

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh's revelations that the Israeli government is encouraging Kurdish separatism in Iraq, Iran, and Syria should ring a bell for anyone who has followed the long history of English imperial ambitions.

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2nd G8 2007 UK Gathering! 25th March, Reading....

20-02-2007 16:30


>> 2nd G8 2007 UK-Mobilisation Meeting!


>> @ Rising Sun Arts Centre, 30 Silver Street, Reading, Berks, RG1 2ST

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Belgium: The dirty fingers of Laurette Onkelinx

20-02-2007 16:29

The dirty fingers of the Belgian Minister of Justice
Article published in "Journal du Mardi" week of 23 January 2007

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Antarctica: The Dilemmas of a Stricken Whaling Factory Ship

20-02-2007 16:27

Nisshin Maru in the Ross Sea
The Japanese Government faces tough dilemmas about the best way to move the stricken whale factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, and where best to move it to. The ship remains without engines in the Ross Sea area of Antarctica, damaged by a fire onboard. Strong concerns have been expressed by environmentalists and the New Zealand Prime Minister over the danger of an environmental disaster should the ship's substantial supply of oil leak.

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Life After Blair

20-02-2007 16:23

Is this the way the nation views its leader?
As three terms of New Labour Government under Tony Blair come to an end, it is a daunting task to weigh up the legacy of one of the most prominent UK Prime Ministers of the twentieth century.

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N. Ireland Police Recruit Poles to meet Catholic Quota

20-02-2007 15:38

PSNI at Hillsborough in 2002
an immigrant Pole asks 6 county Polish immigrants to think twice before joining the PSNI

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The Kuala Lumpur Initiative to Criminalise War

20-02-2007 15:21

The Kuala Lumpur Initiative to Criminalise War Petition to Citizens of the World - Petition

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Torture at Abu Ghraib: The full sworn testimony of Ali Shalal

20-02-2007 14:34

The following text is the testimony given by Professor Ali Shalal, who was tortured at Abu Ghraib Prison. This statement was presented to the War Crimes Commission set up under the helm of former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, as evidence in the procedure launched in Kuala Lumpur directed against US President George W. Bush, Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair and Australia's Prime Minister John Howard.

Ali Shalal, known to the World as the "man behind the hood", is a man of tremendous courage and determination. I heard his testimony, I had the opportunity of speaking to him on several occasions in the course of the war crimes Conference. We established bonds of friendship and solidarity. We shared our determination to bring the war criminals in high office to justice.

Ali Shalal is a professor of theology. He is a tremendous source of inspiration. It is important to understand that what Ali Shalal experienced is part of a routine process of torture, applied systematically to those arrested. Many of his companions in Abu Ghraib died as a result of torture or were executed upon their release so that they would not reveal the gruesome horrors and atrocities committed on the orders of the Bush administration. Also of significance, as confirmed by his testimony, was the fact that Israeli "civilians" were involved in assisting the US prison interrogators.

Ali Shalal survived and provided testimony in the name of all those who were tortured to death. Ali Salal's words will go down in history.

The war criminals in high office will be brought to justice. It is also our determination that they will be given a fair trial.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 19 February 2007

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Demo for the victims of the US bombing of Somalia at EDO MBM tomorrow

20-02-2007 14:11

21st Februray, 4-6 pm

meet at the bottom of Home Farm Road (where Home Farm Rd meets Lewes Road)

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Benefit for the Zapatista

20-02-2007 13:16

Reading Benefit Show

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Flashpoints: John Pilger - Iran, Iraq, Palestine and Journalism in a Time of War

20-02-2007 12:49

Filmmaker John Pilger talks with Flashpoints about the US' war planning against Iran, the war in Iraq, the genocide in Palestine, and the current state of journalism.

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iMobile - indymedia on the move

20-02-2007 12:47

This is an invite to anyone who might be interested in helping to shape and develop initiatives to make indymedia more mobile. (see for a general rant on what this might mean).

7PM @ the hacklab - 15-17 rampart street E1 2LA (off commercial road)

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London Seminar: America and the War on Terror

20-02-2007 12:26

Friday 23 February , 2007
6:00 -9:00pm

London Muslim Centre
Whitechapel Road, London E1

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Animal activists raided in the North

20-02-2007 11:40

A pre-planned operation was carried out today (Tuesday 20 February 2007) to investigate alleged offences committed under Section 145 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

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New Report -- Carbon offset companies using Enron style accounting

20-02-2007 10:55

The Carbon Neutral Myth – Offset Indulgences for your Climate Sins, launched today by Carbon Trade Watch, a project of the Amsterdam-based Transnational Institute.

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Whither did Codoleeza Go?

20-02-2007 10:20

Ms Rice
To the Sky Lobby in Merckel Land.

In case anyone wants to have a little Protest against US aggression.

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Palestine: Anarchists Resist the Wall

20-02-2007 10:11

Activists using razor wire from the wall to block Basel Street in downtown Tel A

Jonathan Pollak, an activist with Anarchists Against the Wall was sentenced to three months in prison, that will be activated if he is convicted of a similar charge again. Pollak was sentenced today after he was convicted together with 10 other activists for blocking a road in Tel Aviv in protest of the construction of the wall. He asked the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court to sentence him to jail time rather than community service or a suspended sentence, saying he has no intention to stop resisting the occupation. The ten other convicted activists were sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

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The Blue Nightmare: last indyoaxaca video with translations.

20-02-2007 08:30

Blue Nightmare:
Oaxaca. after the State's concerted repression against the people of oaxaca and against the APPO on the 25th of November, the police took more than 200 People to prisons all over the country. Blue Nightmare takes us to the testimonies of some of them.

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Demo in Edinburgh in the defence of Ropuda

20-02-2007 07:51

On Friday at 2 pm, in front of Polish consulate
there will be a dome in support of Polish protest site
against the
destruction of the largest in Europe wild wetlands
in Rospuda Valley (google the area to find more about the case)
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