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UK Newswire Archive

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Cracks in terror solidarity

27-10-2005 23:16

Struck down by the High Court as unconstitutional
But Mr Howard's push is in trouble as a growing number of solicitors-general, senior members of the bar and legal bodies are swaying premiers to take more time to examine the bill, its judicial safeguards and the possibility it will be struck down by the High Court as unconstitutional.

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Save Angela Maria Patterson

27-10-2005 22:33

Angela was born on 13th July 1966 in Jamaica. A number of years ago she was attacked in Kingston when some acid was thrown in her face. This blinded her left eye. She reported the attack to the police, and the police told a gang that she was an informer. She was forced to leave her children and go into hiding because of the threats to her life being made by the gang. Even whilst in hiding the gang found her and shot her, fortunately only wounding her in her leg, however her nephew was killed.

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Housing Association outrages locals in Bow

27-10-2005 20:38

RESPECT held a meeting in St Paul’s in Bow on Thursday (27 Oct) to discuss the sell-off of the freehold on local estates, the closure of a supermarket on Roman Road, and Anti-social behaviour (the latter didn’t get a look in).

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Twinning with Palestine

27-10-2005 20:22

The Twinning With Palestine Conference brought together people from all over Britain interested in making links with Palestinian people. This is a growing movement and out of the conference has come a network which will be linked together via a new website.

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Another 77 on 5 November 2005 !

27-10-2005 20:06

Through one of my contacts I was informed last Saturday that last Friday the US army, after initial skirmishes along the border with Syria, have actually invaded Syria.

This was confirmed later by 2 further contacts - one from Germany and another from the USA.

Remember when the US invaded Iraq, it came to light that they were already bombing strategic targets for quite a while before the official invasion, so it’s highly likely that a similar thing could be happening again.

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27-10-2005 17:09

Hppier times
Thousands of low paid workers are being made homeless by the implementation of John Prescott's Decent Homes Standards.

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Psy-Ops organisation

27-10-2005 17:07

An interesting website

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Fasting in London as I visualise the hurricane of awareness.....

27-10-2005 16:56

"... I fast in urgency
overhearing cries of skint mothers homeless people groaning
I fast in London in the knowledge these people are not moaning
They are the makers of the manifesto for the next big event
I fast as I visualise the hurricane of awareness near each tent
of the neglected abandoned victims of the floods the quake

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Met spins 'shoot-to-kill' policy

27-10-2005 16:37

Top Met policemen Ian Blair and Assistant Commissioner Stephen House have been spinning the Operation Kratos 'shoot-to-kill' policy to their police authority.

Analysis and commentary.

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27-10-2005 15:26

EMPIRE IN THE ANDES: The War Against the Poor
Date: 09/11/2005
Time: 19.30
Guest Speaker: Colombian journalist & filmmaker Hollman Morris.
Venue: The Ritzy Cinema, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW2

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PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Iraqi trade unionists denied entry to Germany

27-10-2005 14:44

A major tour of Germany, supported by hundreds of peace groups, is under threat, as the German authorities have refused visas for the speakers from the General Union of Oil Employees, Basra, an anti-occupation, anti-privatisation union. Please fax, email or otherwise contact your local German embassy in order to protest. Info about local embassies is at the bottom of this article.

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The Garden of Eden: Gus Speth

27-10-2005 14:17

Gus Speth describes a "world full of wounds," the final loss of the "garden of Eden," environmental pollution and the waste of resources in an ever-more densely populated world.. He outlines an "eightfold path" to sustainability.

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Talk/ Discussion in Brighton about F.I.E.S Struggle and more.

27-10-2005 13:44

Tuesday 1st Nov. 7pm
The Cowley Club
12 London Road

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11 people die in fire in airport holding centre in the Netherlands

27-10-2005 12:38

11 people have died whilst waiting to be expelled from Fortress Europe.

Of course the key issue is not only that people seeking refuge from wars both military and economic are provided with protection but that the welathy nations bleeding their countries dry of resources and skilled people are made to change the policies and practices that are creating the conditions forcing people to flee in such great numbers.

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Gianfranco Fini to become Italian prime minister

27-10-2005 12:38

i know this is corporate media but...

ANSA) - Rome, October 26 - Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini said on Wednesday that Silvio Berlusconi could be replaced as leader of the centre right if other coalition parties fare better than the premier's Forza Italia in next year's elections .

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Action against ALCAN in Scotland in support of Saving Iceland

27-10-2005 12:21

Protesters against Icelandic dams bring fight to Scotland

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Help End Bear Bile Farming in China

27-10-2005 10:54

The Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) urgently needs your help to get the European Parliament to pass a resolution to end Moon bear bile farming in China- forever.

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UKWatch interview with Milan Rai

27-10-2005 10:45

The following is an exclusive interview with long-time activist and writer Milan Rai. Milan is the author of ‘War Plan Iraq’ and ‘Regime Unchanged’ and a leading member of Justice Not Vengeance ( He is an advisor to UKWatch and a contributor to the UKWatch blog.

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Support the International week of action against the Apartheid Wall

27-10-2005 10:22

Announcement of Birmingham action as part of the International week of action against the Apartheid Wall

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National Social Forum Gathering 5/11/2005

27-10-2005 09:46

time to kickstart the social forum movement back in gear!

a national gathering of local social forums and people

Secular Hall, Humberstone Gate, Leicester, UK

Saturday 5th November 12 – 6.

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