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UK Newswire Archive

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Triple Treason in the Caucasus

23-01-2014 16:49

If it was not standing behind Europe, such as the Himalaya stands behind India, it would be the highest place of it. But being only a pillar, not a ridge of the entire width of the landmass, it is looking at a much more undefined seam between the subcontinent and the bigger entity it is attached to. Where Europe ends and Asia begins most of the time has been a matter of rivalry of empires, various European ones on one side and Russia on the other, with the entire situation itself being a result of a sort of musical chairs arrangement among them in which the respective ideologies of these empires have been rotating. This constellation has not significantly changed over the recent centuries, and neither have the problems of the two sides, but the role of the Caucasus region in it definitely has.

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Full details of the Syrian regimes genocide of the Syrian people

23-01-2014 14:32

Here are the full details of the Syrian regimes genocide of the Syrian people:

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"Syria's holocaust": The British media totally lose the plot

23-01-2014 13:59

The Scotsman, 22 January 2014

At no time in history has the perversion of the truth been so extreme. Once the NATO-led genocide on the people of Syria comes to an end, The Guardian and the entire British media establishment must be tried for crimes against humanity.

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Ukrainian anarchist dispels myths surrounding Euromaidan protests

23-01-2014 11:01

Asheville Fm radio, based in western North Carolina, aired a fascinating interview with an anarcho-syndicalist named Denys, from the Autonomous Worker’s Union in Ukraine. In the interview, Denys debunks many of the myths surrounding the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine, and explains motives behind the stories and propaganda being circulated around the protests.

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where abouts of mark kennedy and his employers

23-01-2014 10:33

what Mark Kennedy Is doing now and where

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Syria's offical delegation at Geneva2

23-01-2014 09:17

Geneva2 begins with paticpation of Syria's offical delegation, headed by al-Moallem .... Montruex, (SANA) - The international conference on Syria, Geneva2, kicked off on Wednesday morning with the participation of Syria's official delegation, headed by Deputy Premier, Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem.

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10 Days till Slough!

22-01-2014 23:46

It’s now only 10 days till the AFN demo against the EDL in Slough on Saturday 1st Feb. Tell your friends and relatives. Organise yourself to get there and make sure that the EDL’s first demo of 2014 is also their last!

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Frack Free February

22-01-2014 20:48

Frack Free February is a Month of Action in Somerset with public meetings, talks, stalls, workshops, actions and more all raising awareness about the threats to our communities and the bigger picture of extreme energy.

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Who is behind the massacres in Syria? Avaaz spreads media propaganda

22-01-2014 15:16

Avaaz, which presents itself as an alternative media and an independent voice is part of a corporate public relations campaign. Avaaz will report on civilian casualties in Syria without mentioning the influx of US-Saudi sponsored terrorists.

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Mexico 'police' rape kill Anarchist

22-01-2014 14:56

Anarchist raped and murdered by the police in
Mexico. The body of Maria Paulina Inefavel Lorandi has been found dead
with signs of being raped in a forest close to a gas station informes
Bloque Anarko Oriente. According to the anarchist group
Paulina has been abducted by the police in order to force her into
admitting participation in attacks against banks in the capital of the
country. The young anarchist is a mother of a child who is only 7 months

Liveleak (en)

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Met Police stoop to using violence against women!

22-01-2014 02:13

Amy Jowett at anti-BNP counter-protest
On 1 June 2013, over 1,000 supporters of Unite Against Fascism, the Anti-Fascist Network, and much larger numbers of completely un-aligned members of the public, gathered in London's Whitehall and Parliament Square to oppose the closet Nazis of the BNP in their plan to desecrate the Cenotaph in Whitehall. Using what were in effect classic tactics of Gandhian non-violent resistance, Anti-Fascists linked arms to block one corner of Parliament Square, to successfully prevent the BNP taking the piss out of British war-dead at the Cenotaph in Whitehall. Wise to the fact that they probably couldn't bludgeon Anti-Fascists over the head with batons without their own faces being photographed, Met Police officers resorted to the much less conspicuous tactic of viciously booting Anti-Fascists in the shins instead, crippling teacher Amy Jowett in the process...

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Metropolitan Police lies "blown out of the water" + tips for #copsoffcampus

22-01-2014 00:46

After video footage emerged of a Metropolitan Police officer punching a student protestor on the 4th of Dec 2013, the "Our University Our Streets” demonstration takes place on Weds 22nd Jan 2014, at 1pm, outside the University of London Union, Malet Street, London... against the backdrop of malicious Metropolitan Police prosecutions being "blown out of the water" by photographic evidence, and of massive compensation pay-outs by the Met to victims of police violence.

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march for ingeland

22-01-2014 00:40

march for england 2014 change names

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Free Margaretta

21-01-2014 22:28

79 year old artist, peace activist, & feminist jailed by Irish State

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I told you so...

21-01-2014 21:43

What do these Chief Constables have in common?
In my role as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC), I've spent the year scrutinising Katy Bourne's (SPCC) every move, and in doing so, doubts soon started to surface that Freemasons were playing a part in the decisions she was making.

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save the meadsothe meads

21-01-2014 20:16

Bridgwater residents launch campaign to save otter and water vole habitat.

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Can Digital Currency Beat the Banksters?

21-01-2014 20:03

The banking industry brought the world economy to its knees through its excesses and irresponsible greed - and our governments responded by giving the banks massive amounts of cash. This was done through the fundamental mechanisms of fiat currency - printing money based on debt. But is there an alternative - can we wean ourselves of fiat money and take back control of our economy?

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Geneva II – Washington’s Plan B for regime change in Syria

21-01-2014 18:35

The fatal problem with the Geneva II negotiations on Syria, due to open next week in Switzerland, is that the process is furtively being treated by the US and its allies as a lever for regime change. It is their Plan B for regime change, where Plan A is the failed covert military tactic. That does not bode well for a successful, that is sustainable, settlement to a crisis that is nearly three years old with well over 100,000 deaths and nine million people – more than a third of the total population – displaced from their homes. It amounts to an illegal interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, and as such is doomed to fail.

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When Internet giants give the little people the run around

21-01-2014 17:42

The London ECONOMIST has a fairly representative account on four of the internet giants.

See in the linked page cited below

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Datganiad Stop NATO Cymru (Statment in Welsh)

21-01-2014 12:11

Ddoe de cafodd sawl banner ei ollwng mewn mannau gawhanol yn Casnewydd, de Cymru mewn gweithred o unoliaeth gyda'r NATO 3 ag i lawnsio y datganiad isod a cofodd ei ddosbarthu i pobl yn canol y dref.

Am ragor o wyboadaeth am y NATO 3 dilynnwch y ddolen yma:
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