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02-05-2007 21:06

the newest edo mbm court case starts thursday 3/5/7 at brighton magistrates court...where poor marcus stands accused of calling slimy sean muckdonald of police uninteligence fame,,ie the protesters friendly informer..a coward well it seems poor marcus isnt allowed any legal aid/solicitors ect and has to defend himself against claims- by the aformentioned claimer and his" friends" that ..poor marcus is a coward....two...poor marcus is stalking poor sean...and 3...poor sean is scared of the cowardly stalker ..dont dial 999 for sean!!!!right....??? so the edo mbm saga now continues with the battle of the cowards case...seats are selling will be turn up thursday at 9.30 and lend your support...even to poor old know him..he likes the girls....he never gets any!! yet he still doesnt stalk any!!! apparantly though he,s been stalking sean.....!!

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2007 London Mayday, Space Hijackers dancing in the streets

02-05-2007 20:44

5pm at Canary Wharf the Space Hijackers began their Dancing in the Streets to have a bit of fun in the financial district and have a poke at the "9 to 5" working life.

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EMERGENCY FAX REQUEST: TCAR family due to be deported 11.25am Thursday 3rd May

02-05-2007 20:40

This week Zeynep Kayran and her two children were snatched from their home in Newcastle and are due to be deported to Turkey at 11.25am on Thursday 3rd May on Turkish Airways flight TK1980. Zeynep was an active member of the Kurdish liberation organisation Hadep in Turkey, and suffered abuse for this at the hands of the police. Her husband Ali was not present when they were snatched from Newcastle, but the Labour government intends to deport them anyway, splitting up the family.

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Time to plan for Mayday 2008 in Liverpool, UK.

02-05-2007 19:43

Help us wipe the smile off the faces of these grubby moneymakers
This is a call out to anarchists, and fellow travellers, nationwide and internationally.

2008 is the year Liverpool welcomes people worldwide to our city for The European City Of Culture 'celebrations'. That means you!

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Blair Rejects 7/7 Inquiry Calls

02-05-2007 19:27

Afraid the truth will come out?

Remember in the week following these still-unexplained attacks, while the Bliar Regime was caught in several blatant LIES about its version of events, Bliar called such an investigation "a ludicrous distraction".

Just like Bush and 911 ...

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MayDay 2007

02-05-2007 19:24

Dire. Depressing. Dreary. Discouraging. Dismal. Just a few of the words that can be used to describe the total and utter failure that was Mayday 2007.

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Fash' turn on each other

02-05-2007 18:27

Vericrap Vs BNP - the cutting edge of democracy

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"Worthy and Unworthy Victims"

02-05-2007 18:17

Bush administration police state actions targeting innocent victims

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McDemos launched. We'll do your SOCPA demos for you

02-05-2007 18:00

Trace Moberly, Tony Pletts and Mark Thomas launch McDemos, your one-stop demo shop.

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Chineye Ndibe and her children released from Yarls Wood

02-05-2007 17:53

Chineye Ndibe and her children were released from Yarls Wood IRC on Tuesday 1st May.

Thank you to everyone who phoned Yarls Wood and supported Chineye and her children.

There are still many people locked up in Yarlswood detention centre, including Anabelle and son who are due to be deportation today (Wednesday 2nd May 2007).

Oppose all immigration controls, No to deportation!

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The Symphony, 2007

02-05-2007 17:07

Trapped and going down on the PEQUOD with BUSH as AHAB (insult to Ahab).

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Building society says housing beyond reach of majority

02-05-2007 16:39

A report by the Halifax building society provides a glimpse of the desperate situation facing millions of workers and their families in Britain today in their search for affordable housing.

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Shell AGM Protest: Tell Shell - Hands Off Iraqi Oil

02-05-2007 16:29

Shell has been steering the agenda for de-facto oil privatization in Iraq. Shell has been active in shaping Iraqi oil policy throughout the occupation, including influencing the controversial oil law. Shell saw the draft law in July 2006 - more than 7 months before most Iraqi MPs. Most Iraqis want a say in how their oil is developed. Most are rejecting the occupation pushed agendas of de-facto oil privatisation which exploit the situation of every-day terror and violence in Iraq.

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Revealed: Abuses of the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa

02-05-2007 16:28

Cageprisoner's report, Inside Africa's War on Terror, released today reveals the extent of detentions that have been taking place in the Horn of Africa.

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May Day in Oaxaca

02-05-2007 15:59

The struggle continues in Oaxaca as Appo reterns to the zocalo.

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Mayday in London

02-05-2007 15:46

PCS members on strike at the Inland Revenue...
Mayday is international workers day. Or an excuse to dance around a phallus on a remote village green in the hope of getting laid. Depending on your point of view…

There were lots of events happening across the UK this year. Below are a few reports from London.

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'Liverpool Care Slaves' Face Pay Cut

02-05-2007 14:52

I am a care worker in Liverpool.
I work hard looking after the elderly people I care for. We all do.
The council are going to cut my wages by almost 30% in July for me to do the same job as I am doing now.

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London Catholic Priest Jailed for Anti-War protest

02-05-2007 13:20

Fr Martin Newell from the London Catholic Worker sentenced to 14 days for non-payment of fine for anti-war protest in December 04

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John Bowden - Paying The Price For Speaking Out

02-05-2007 13:19

Scottish prisoner John Bowden is being targetted and punished for daring to voice dissent.

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Glasgow Mayday Photos

02-05-2007 13:08

Photographs from the Glasgow Mayday protests/street takeover.
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