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UK Newswire Archive

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***Urgent Callout to save Trees and 300yr old walled garden in Salisbury!!***

22-02-2007 15:47

Salisbury District Council's controversial new Council Office extension is about to see the felling of about 15 very large treesany day now, (some of which are actually in a Public Park, which means they're not really allowed to cut them down, but do they listen?!!) and the destruction of a 300+ year old walled garden- a small but precious piece of Salisburys history. The garden has been fondly known to the children of Salisbury as !The Secret Garden" for generations untold.
Things appeared to be on hold but now they are pushing ahead to fell the trees.
Please please help!!
the tree’s JUST IN CASE the development project goes ahead.

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New DVD by La Plataforma: Video-Chronicles 2006

22-02-2007 14:32

We include in this release the video-chronicles we have produced during the last year, trying to give voice in an audiovisual format to different moments of the anti-capitalist struggle.

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Manufacturing Islamophobia

22-02-2007 14:32

In India Islamophobia, and fear of Muslims has come on the top of ongoing RSS project of spreading Hate against Muslims which has been in operation since last more than seven decades. The interesting point is that a numerical majority has been indoctrinated to believe that this minority is a threat to them.

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Iraq violence could end "within weeks" of foreign troop withdrawal - Al-Kewther

22-02-2007 13:57

Dr Munthir Al-Kewther was born in Najaf in 1965. He has studied Islamic and Western Philosophy at various Western and Iraqi universities. Dr Al-Kewther completed his PhD in Islamic Philosophy at Iraq’s Kufa University in 1995.

Dr Al-Kewther is currently Dean of the Faculty of Media and Journalism at Al-Huraa University in the Netherlands. He has an extensive background as a television presenter and broadcaster. From 2001-2006 he was a news reader and programme presenter at Al-Mustaqillah TV in London.

Dr Al-Kewther spoke with Mahan Abedin

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Report on funeral procession for Somalian victims outside Edo.

22-02-2007 13:51

Yesterday 20 people gathered at the bottom of Home Farm Road, Brighton to march to the EDO/MBM factory to remember the civilians massacred in Somalia last month.

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Italy: 100 000 protest against the expansion of a US-military base

22-02-2007 13:43

More than 100 000 Protestors demonstrate against the expansion of a U.S. military base in Vicenza, northern Italy, February 17,2007.

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Glasgow: 100+ Protest at Removal to DR Congo

22-02-2007 13:37

Protesting in Brand Street
Over a hundred Glaswegian asylum seekers and supporters, most of African origin, held a lively protest outside the Home Office Reporting Centre at Brand Street yesterday (Wednesday). They were protesting against the detention and attempted removal of Eddie Ngienga, Angelique Lukombo and their children, here since 1999.

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Emergency demo Monday re deportations to DRCongo

22-02-2007 12:21

At yesterday's meeting of the LSE Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! society at which a representative of the Congo Support Project spoke, it was agreed that we would organise an emergency demo on Monday to protest against the deportations planned for Monday evening. Police permission under SOCPA has now been granted. Please distribute information widely and come to event.

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Feminist Fightback update: stop the war, abortion rights, Iraq and Iran

22-02-2007 12:20

An update on things happening in the coming period: feminist leafleting on Stop the War demo and banner-making at LARC; marching for abortion rights; supporting Iraqi and Iranian women.

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A bunch of raving Facists!

22-02-2007 12:05

Criminal Mikhail Cherney presents Lord Pearson of Rannoch with the award
Have you heard of the Jerusalem Summit? Have you heard of the Russian oligarch Mikhail Cherney?

The Jerusalem Summit is quite simply a bunch of fascists! Who... Not only held this summit meeting in London, but were allowed to hold it at the House of Lords.

Their main aim is to rid the West of Islam and unite all Christians to resist Islamic values. In their own words, 'the West must unite and resist Islam.'

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Vote now to keep Radley Lakes

22-02-2007 11:48

Local newspapers are asking public opinion on whether npower should halt work until the Town Green application has been decided!

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UK To Ban Non-English Speaking Immigrants?

22-02-2007 10:00

An official British Government agency chose to mark UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day and its theme of ‘harmonious environment for all languages’ by questioning whether non-English speaking immigrants should be admitted to the country.

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Preparing for Cheney

22-02-2007 04:26

See how Australian conservatives run! “No Australian should be surprised. In fact I would like to think they would support it ... The people who murdered 100 Australians in Bali trained in this place with these people and that's why we're there." The statement by the Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson is his latest despicable attempt to garner support and justify increased Australian military involvement in Afghanistan – the truth is the Howard government is at the beck and call of the Americans, that is why ‘we’ are in Afghanistan, Mr. Nelson. Defence Minister Nelson, in preparation for Dick Cheney’s arrival in Sydney tonight, has resorted to flagrant LIES and K-Mart political strategies to demonstrate to Cheney that Australian conservatives are able emulators of their master’s cheap tricks and lying political methods.

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Exclusive: The Official Draft of the Oil and Gas Law of The Iraq Republic

22-02-2007 02:49

Al-Ghad is publishing the full text of the draft Law of Oil & Gas which has been kept away from Iraqi and international public opinion. This will make possible an objective evaluation of this major project and its possible far reaching consequences for the Iraqi people and the world oil industry. We have already published an extensive analysis of the previous draft, by a prominent oil expert, and we are in the process of publishing an update by the same writer, we see no need to introduce this important document.

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The Howard government, RAMSI, and the April 2006 Solomon Islands’ riots Part 1

22-02-2007 00:38

Solomon's Riots
Taken together, what is known about the events of April 18-19, 2006 leaves little doubt that Australian forces were deliberately stood down in order to allow for an extended eruption of violence. Certainly the least plausible explanation is that offered by Castles and other Australian officials.

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No Trident projection on HoC tonight

21-02-2007 23:59

This rather large projection appeared on the House of Commons tonight

Full article

Bradford Climate Criminals Reproached

21-02-2007 23:17

Public spirited citizens point out climate crimes in Bradford city centre. You can do the same in your area!

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"Theater Iran Near Term" (TIRANNT)

21-02-2007 23:14

DUBAI, UAE, 21 February 2007. Code named by US military planners as TIRANNT, "Theater Iran Near Term" has identified several thousand targets inside Iran as part of a "Shock and Awe" Blitzkrieg, which is now in the final planning stages.

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Whose Carbon Is It, Anyway?

21-02-2007 22:32

This article is about the carbon emissions that many of us don’t know about, or perhaps choose to ignore. It is about the carbon emissions that are only indirectly related to what we do, but are most certainly caused by what we do. It is also about the way we behave, and how that can have a huge impact on those hidden carbon emissions.
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