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UK Newswire Archive

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Anti-war co-ordinator arrested at anti-xenophobia vigil in Cape Town

31-05-2008 19:22

It is very strange that activists connected to the anti-xenophobia or refugee rights issues, face regular arrest. Braam Hanekom from PASSOP has been arrested about 4 times in the last few months and has also been the only person targetted each time. It seems that the state has a very low tolerance level for any critique that links xenopobia with capitalist oppression, and that blames the state for the problems refugees find themselves in.

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Newsletter Number Two from East Oxford Community Centre Action Group

31-05-2008 18:56

East Oxford Community Centre Action Group
21st May 2008
Newsletter Number Two
Threats Documented…
Property development on the site of East Oxford Community Centre,
Property development on the site of East Oxford Games Hall,
Demolition of most of East East Oxford Community Centre site including the Social Club bar

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D.U. Has Destroyed The Genetic Future Of Iraq

31-05-2008 18:37

When we send to international Tribunal the authors of this ?

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Mask up for the carnival against the arms trade

31-05-2008 18:31

National demo against the arms trade and EDO MBM
mask up and come in RED or your preferd dress

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Amdani Juma: Press Release

31-05-2008 17:47

Amdani Juma
Press release distributed by the Friends of Amdani Juma following his detention at Loughborough reporting centre and news that he is to be deported on Wednesday 4th June on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 (Terminal 4, Heathrow).

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Hicham Refuses To Be Transported To Fifth Detention Centre

31-05-2008 17:41

Following the cancellation order on his deportation and despite being unjustly incarcerated for over two weeks, Hicham Yezza has received news that he is to be transported to a fifth detention centre. He released this statement today from Colnbrook immigration removal centre:

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Amdani Juma: Letter to Home Office

31-05-2008 17:01

A template letter to be sent to Liam Byrne, Minister of State (Borders and Immigration) calling on him to stop the deportation of Nottingham resident Amdani Juma on Wednesday 4 June.

Fax: 0870 336 9034
Phone: 0121 789 7287

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NHS strike looms as GMB reject pay deal

31-05-2008 14:17

A threat of industrial action across the NHS intensified yesterday when health workers in the GMB union voted by an overwhelming majority to reject the three-year pay deal offered by the government.

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Neo Nazi groups gather for Troodos summer camp

31-05-2008 12:38

CYPRUS has been named as a summer camping destination by two European far right political organisations.

The National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), led by Udo Voigt, is considered to be a de facto neo-Nazi organization.

The NPD has had a turbulent history marked by a federal government bid to ban it in 2003, while a year later it won 9.2 per cent of the overall vote in the Saxony state election.

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Mohamed Amin: stop removal tomorrow on Virgin airlines

31-05-2008 11:51

Mohamed Amin Akbar Khan has been in Britain for more than 14 years. He and his British partner have a 17-month-old baby daughter and another baby who was born three days ago, whom he hasn't seen because he has been in locked up in Colnbrook detention centre. After being assaulted at the airport on a previous removal attempt, last week a few days before the birth of his baby, Mohammed has problems breathing, talking, eating or walking. He was taken to the hospital and examined in handcuffs. A police 'investigation' is still underway.
Further, Kenyan authorities have just withdrawn Mohammed's passport, as they are saying his parents were not from there and therefore he is not a Kenyan national.

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Action Days for Autonomous Spaces; Berlin

31-05-2008 11:39

A short report on Action Days for Autonomous Spaces in Berlin

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London Critical Mass ride 30-5-08.

31-05-2008 09:15

Video Police blocking the ride.
Quick report on the ride.

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Provocations as Pretexts for Imperial War: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11

31-05-2008 07:06

The long, unending, costly and losing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan undermined international and national support for the Zionist-promoted New American Century project. US militarists and their advisers and ideologues needed to create a new pretext for the US plans to subdue the Middle East and especially to attack Iran . They turned their propaganda campaign on Iran ’s legal non-military nuclear energy program and fabricated evidence of Iran ’s direct military involvement in supporting the Iraqi resistance to US occupation. But is Iran ’s existence a sufficient pretext or will a ‘catastrophic’ incident be necessary?

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Solidarity week against repression in France at June, 9-16

31-05-2008 06:17

Ivan, Bruno and Damien got arrested on January 19, 2008 on the way to the demonstration against the detention centre of Vincennes (near Paris). They were carrying home made smoke powder and bent nails (to slash tyres). At the police station, they refused the finger print identification and DNA taking. Ivan and Bruno are jailed, Damien is under judiciary control.

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New Prisoner Support Group Formed - Ceartais

31-05-2008 01:14

I'm pleased to announce the formation of a new prisoner support group called, Ceartais........

The aim of Ceartais is to support former Long Kesh Prisoners and their families.

Our objective is to reveal the truth behind a CR Gas attack on hundreds of Political Prisoners by British Crown Forces on October 15, 1974.

We will also highligh the fact that scores of former prisoners have battled various forms of terminal cancer. Dozens of whom have tragically died.

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Hicham Yezza: Removal Directions Cancelled

31-05-2008 00:14

Supporters were pleased to hear today that Hicham Yezza won't be deported on Sunday. This doesn't mean the struggle is over, far from it, but he is no longer at risk of imminent removal.

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24-hour Stop Deporting Iraqis "tent city" in Parliament Square

30-05-2008 23:06

Bring a tent and join us on 21/22 June to demand an immediate end to all forcible returns to Iraq, and the restoration of benefits, housing and the right to work for all rejected Iraqi asylum seekers.

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Northern Conference Against Racism 21st June 2008 Newcastle

30-05-2008 23:01

On Saturday 21st June TCAR will be hosting a Northern Conference Against Racism in Newcastle. All anti-racists are urged to attend. See attached flier for details. Entry is free to asylum seekers and unwaged. For those on a wage tickets are £3, and can be purchased in advance from Please buy your tickets in advance if you can, as this will help to meet the costs of childcare, which can be booked for free.

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SHAC Watch - Do we care? Do we f**k!

30-05-2008 22:50

Picture from NETCU Watch
Your first question is probably - what the hell is SHAC Watch? That's of course if you already know about the international movement know as SHAC? Well don't worry if you don't, because SHAC Watch are here to give you so little information that you're going to end up searching for animal rights websites to find out more.
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