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UK Newswire Archive

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Antispe report from Veggie Pride march

18-05-2008 19:23

anonymous communique (rough translation):

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MI5, Mosley, the sting of the whip & Holy Terrors - a tale of Human Interest

18-05-2008 17:32

By now much of the middle browed formula 1 or espionage orientated English readership will have learnt of the latest twist in the Max Mosley sex scandal. "The Sunday Times" has revealed that one of the five sex workers contracted to put the former FIA chief through a five hour session of Nazi fetish BDSM "hankypanky" was in fact the wife of a MI5 agent at the time. We are assured that said MI5 agent has now retired but need only speculate as to whether or not his wife must now carry the onus of mortgage repayments. Yet, this all reminds me (very much) of a 1939 book by HG Wells. Which I'm going to tell you about. Because this tale of "human interest" provides an opportunity to brush up on our cultural history.

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"May we be forgiven for having participated in such a devastating conflict"

18-05-2008 16:57

The following is testimony presented to Congress by Kristofer Shawn Goldsmith on May 15, 2008. While there were several powerful testimonies by several Iraq veterans, all worth watching [1], this one in particular provides a taste of what is actually happening in Iraq, and what soldiers of conscience face upon their return home.


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Brighton EDO Demo

18-05-2008 15:31

Anyone from London going down to Brighton on June 4th to the Smash EDO demo...

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Abdul Alfeckhal Belongs to Middlesbrough

18-05-2008 10:51

Abdul Alfeckhal and Joan
Abdul Majeed Alfeckhal served for fifteen years as a high-ranking officer in the Libyan navy. After this length of service he asked to be released from the navy, as he was suffering from depression and felt unable to continue serving in the armed forces of a repressive regime.

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Claim back your bank charges

18-05-2008 10:45

penalty charges on bank accounts are being successfully challanged across the country, with people winning large cash settlements from banks who have often put people into a cycle of debt. Heres some info on how to claim back those charges.

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Church of Scotland move to urge UK and US against aggression towards Iran

18-05-2008 09:14

The delegates to the Church of Scotland's general assembly gathered on 15 May were urged to support a resolution that calls on Britain and the United States to take no further action that could lead to an invasion of Iran.

"We will strongly urge the British government to do everything in its power to discourage the American government from undertaking any form of military strike against Iran. And if the Americans ignore that advice, then Britain must make clear its strong opposition for such a move" said Morag Mylne, convenor of the Church and Society Council of the Scottish Presbyterian church.

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Anti Deportation Campaign: Keep Babi Safe in Cardiff

17-05-2008 21:46

Babi Badalov
A campaign has begun to stop the deportation of Cardiff based asylum seeker Babi Badalov

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On Independence Day, Israeli Arabs Reminded of Their Place

17-05-2008 20:26

The media may have captured this violent repression - if they had been covering the Palestinian side of the story.

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Public Meeting about the Carnival Against the Arms Trade this Wednesday

17-05-2008 20:25

shut down the Brighton Bomb Builders...

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BNP nazi paedophile worshippers

17-05-2008 19:08

Mark Collet, Griffins pet was apparently seen procuring 14 yrs old at a BNP conference a few years in Blackpool back by BNP members themselves. Sadie didnt resign over that& he is still Griffins favourite poodle.
Bet his security team are proud to be protecting such a worthwile party, though maybe they thought the 14yr olds were asking for it just like the kids of anyone else who opposes fascism.

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Italy's Romani Purge & Shengen 2's biometric database : a Q&A

17-05-2008 18:23

By now much of the English human rights' orientated readership are aware of the ongoing pogrom against Romani gypsies in Italy. A process which has seen camps burnt in Naples and Milan, a story of child snatching faked and prompted weak condemnation from the EU of mass expulsions. Whenever the swamp filth of hatred is agitated so effectively at so many levels of any society it is wise to look for other agenda. It's even wiser to suggest such other agenda in a silly and ironic way. Thus I offer a short Q&A to readers who might like to understand where all this is going... November 2009 implementation of biometric and other database requirements for all nonEU humans within our fortress.

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May 31st | Direct Action for Project 2012

17-05-2008 18:21

First Project 2012 Workshop & Direct Action Video Session
Saturday 31st May 2-5pm
Conservatory Café, Methodist Central Hall, Near Parliament Square, Westminster

Please do personally forward to others who you think might be interested in rights, resistance and self-determination discourse and strategy..

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Direct Action: UK, USA & Sweden

17-05-2008 18:00


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American Car-bombs Are Not Terrorism

17-05-2008 17:37

The US terror war is a plan of organized deception that is focused more upon the American people and our democratic allies than it is upon any enemy nation. The cycle of attacks and retribution is part of a psy-ops campaign of fear that is meant to frighten the people into complying with government demands. Everywhere, the American message is the same: “Join us in our crimes against humanity, or perish in our glorious shock and awe.”

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Freedom To Protest Demo - Edinburgh - Tomorrow

17-05-2008 16:32

A peaceful demonstration is planned to assert our right to freely protest without fear. It will be held at 12pm on the 18th of May at Parliament Square, as a response to the campaign of harassment and intimidation which Lothian and Borders Police is directing at peaceful protesters in Edinburgh. Such repression violates human rights and, if it continues, it will stifle popular participation in civil society. The demonstration is also in solidarity with the dozens of working class people who are oppressed by the Edinburgh 'justice' system every day.

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World Platform for Dale Farm

17-05-2008 15:11

President of the Gypsy Council Richard Sheridan is in Luxemburg
addressing a Russian-sponsored conference on the protection of minorities
in Europe.

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Irish Redress Board just like 'Russian Show Trials'

17-05-2008 15:00

Could The Irish Residential Institutions Redress Board be remembered in history as being one of the most draconian institutions ever put together by the Irish Government ? Will the truth ever be known about its credibility and its ability to encourage unscrupulous people to lie,give false information and combine their statement and its office to destroy innocent men women and children ? Despite many obvious fundamental flaws enshrined in its makeup.Honorable people continue to work in and operate under a wall of protection, collusion,suspicion and secrecy.

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Labour’s “re-launch” stymied by worsening economic forecast

17-05-2008 14:22

The Labour government brought forward a series of measures this week in a rearguard action to try to rescue its political fortunes in wake of the party’s collapse into third place in the May 1 local elections.
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