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UK Newswire Archive

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Anarchist federation (london) on N30

29-11-2011 12:49

Anarchist Federation (London) and its views of the N30 day of action

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Occupy London stock exchange camp facing eviction from St Pauls grounds

29-11-2011 12:43

The occupy the London stock exchange camp is facing eviction from the St Paul's Cathedral grounds after the corporation of London applied to the high court for an eviction order. The corporation claim they are acting after numerous complaints of trouble at the camp such as illegal drug use, drunkeness, fights, graffitee and vandalism to church property and general rowdiness.

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Birmingham City Council tries to sabotage N30 demo

29-11-2011 12:23

Unions have accused Birmingham City Council of trying to sabotage the N30 demonstration after asking for £8,000 to cover the cost.

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Masked Imperialism: US-Obama-Doctrine !

29-11-2011 12:22

US-Power Front in Global War ...
Obama Doctrine: Imperialism Masked as «Humanitarian Interventionism» ......... The Obama administration, in yet another display of the use of Orwellian language, has embarked on a military doctrine called “Mass Atrocity Prevention” (MAP), the Pentagon operational plan to implement the White House’s “R2P” or “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine. Essentially, the Pentagon doctrine is crafted to militarily support the intervention of regional and worldwide international forces operating under the umbrella of NATO, UN, the African Union, the Organization of American States (OAS), the Arab League, and other organizations in the name of “humanitarian” intervention to prevent widespread massacres. The doctrine’s first major test case was in Libya, where NATO forces, in support of Western- and Saudi/Gulf potentate-backed rebel forces, ousted the 42 year-old regime of Muammar Qaddafi.

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Wednesday’s Strike Is About More Than Pensions and Cuts

29-11-2011 11:38

On Wednesday, 3,000,000 public sector workers from 30 unions will be on strike, seeing the biggest walkout since the General Strike of 1926. The dispute in the strike is about pensions. But that is not all it is about. Unions cannot legally strike over cuts, it must be a specific dispute with their employer.

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A Message to Occupy Birmingham from Chomsky

29-11-2011 11:29

The Occupy Birmingham camp has received the following message of support from Noam Chomsky

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Smash EDO: This week's noise demo cancelled -support the N30 strikers

29-11-2011 11:27

This week's Wednesday noise demo will be cancelled. We hope that everyone will be out on the streets in support of the November 30th strikers instead.

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Bombed Earth Firsters sue, win $4.4 million from FBI (new film)

29-11-2011 10:59

This film just finished in USA, not yet released:

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New Timetable for Nottingham Freespace

29-11-2011 10:55

Despite being evicted from the Old Tory Club, we're going to carry on with some of our workshop plans.  Here's the revised timetable


3:30- Smash Edo A brief introduction on the origins of the campaign and past actions. -A legal workshop in the form of QnA.  A talk on direct action tactics. What we would like from the Summer of resistance.

5:30- Prisoner Solidarity- Those who participate in resistance against the state and capitalism run the risk of spending time imprisoned. This workshop aims to develop ideas and practices which mean that those who end up behind bars to not become isolated from the communities they were part of, as well as thinking through practical ideas to support imprisoned comrades.

7:00 Dinner and Prison World a documentry about the industrial prison complex and it's various manifestations.


13:00- Critical Mass, which starts from the N30 rally at Market Square in town and will end at the Sumac Centre.

15:00- A hot meal for the strikers and those who have participated in the pickets and actions througout the day. Along with a facilitated discussion about the anti-cuts movement. What's going on? How are we doing? How can we win?

17:30- "The Take"

In suburban Buenos Aires, thirty unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act - The Take - has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head.

Armed only with slingshots and an abiding faith in shop-floor democracy, the workers face off against the bosses, bankers and a whole system that sees their beloved factories as nothing more than scrap metal for sale.

19:00- Dinner and discussion about the day's strikes, the wider workers' struggle and how we can extend it.


3:30- Self defence foundation course pt.2 - Covering defences utilising use of opponents energy.

5:00 Yoga-  Please bring a mat or blanket.

6:30 Dinner and a film

The Taqwacores
Yusef, a first-generation Pakistani engineering student, moves off-campus with a group of Muslim punks in Buffalo, New York. His new "un-orthodox" house mates soon introduce him to Taqwacore- a hardcore, Muslim punk rock scene that only exists out west. As the seasons change, Taqwacore influences the house more and more. The living room becomes a mosque during the day, while it continues to host punk parties at night. Ultimately, Yusef is influenced by Taqwacore too, as he begins to challenge his own faith and ideologies. The Taqwacores deals with the complexities of being young and Muslim in modern-day America.


4:00- Permaculture- "What is permaculture and can it help fix the mess were in?"

5:00v Off-grid electrics - Theoretical and practical workshop on off-grid, solar panels and battery power.

6:00 Dinner and a film

END:CIV examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Based in part on Endgame, the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen, END:CIV asks: “If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?”

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Not Stupid, Not Wrong, Just Angry. All Out On Strike.

29-11-2011 10:55

Plans to have a twenty-four walkout by public sector workers have led to Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude branding the protests as stupid and wrong. He also threatened tough new laws to make it harder to strike
featured image

Plans to have a twenty-four walkout by public sector workers have led to Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude branding the protests as “stupid and wrong”. He also threatened tough new laws to make it harder to strike.

Bristol Solidarity Federation members will be joining and supporting the “Day of Action” from start to finish. We call on workers from all industries to also join the strike. Stop work, refuse to cross picket lines, support the striking workers anyway you can and join the rally from College Green. Join the picket lines that will be going on right up to midnight.

To accuse two million workers as stupid is an arrogant act, by an out-of touch millionaire Minister. Each and every day these workers provide essential services. Caring for the sick, educating our children, delivering goods, administering the benefits system, or some other important work. Meanwhile parasitic politicians plan to rob us. Also continuingly undermining services they can afford not to use. We have no such luxury. Are workers wrong to stand up and defend their terms and conditions? No, of course not. The alternative is to face a future of even more and more cuts to pay and other benefits. What is wrong is the ruling classes belief that we should suffer under austerity while they get richer and richer. Look at how the population working on low pay has almost doubled from 12% in 1977 to over 22% today. How profits have steadily risen, while the share of national output taken by wages has steadily declined, shrinking from around 60% in 1980 to 53% in 2007. Or how between 2000 and 2007, productivity increased at almost twice the rate of real wages.

No wonder we are angry.

Solidarity forever.


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N30 Banker Of The Year Awards

29-11-2011 10:46

Stuck for an idea what to do after the march and picketing. Why not mosey on down to the Banker of The Year Awards.

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Call to action on 3rd and 4th December

29-11-2011 07:45




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Glasgow Anarchist Fair Dec 10th Latest Details

29-11-2011 06:55

Ground Floor Hall 10.30 – 18.00


Stalls from the Anarchist Federation, Coal Action Scotland, Glasgow Social Centre, Glasgow University Vegan Society, the Radical Independent Bookfair, the Solidarity Federation and Unity (Asylum Seeker Solidarity) plus more to come.

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Out for St Andrew's Day

29-11-2011 06:55

The Tories are in power in London and that can only mean one thing.

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You Can Shove Your Rubber Bullets...

28-11-2011 23:57

Take cameras to EVERY protest. Photograph the cops. Video the cops. Focus on their faces and ID numbers. Close up.

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Two Nazi EDL Thugs in Portsmouth Courts in One Week!

28-11-2011 23:48

Two members of the far-right English Defence League have found themselves up in Portsmouth Courts in the same week for racially-aggravated harrassment and breach of bail conditions for violent assault

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Nottingham Freespace

28-11-2011 22:55

This is a statement by those who opened up the Nottingham Freespace at the old Tory party social club in Lenton this week. We opened up the space in order to provide a radical social centre in Lenton that could connect to and support the strike on November 30th. We entered the building last Tuesday night and have spent the last 6 days cleaning, clearing and making a what was an unusable building ready for workshops, discussions and film showings.


At 4 o'clock this afternoon, the front door of the space was kicked in and a number of us were physically assaulted. This was done with very little warning, it took less then five minutes from the owner appearing at the window, to the door being broken through and all of us being removed.

Those of us who were inside at the time are all fine now, we've been well fed and are now sheltered in other accommodation, which is more than can be said for many people who are evicted from their homes every day by the state, the bailiffs and the capitalists of this society.

We didn't lose our belongings in the eviction, neither did we lose our determination to continue with this week's activities, or our desire to reclaim other unused and abandoned buildings in the future. Instead, we'll be moving all our workshops, discussions, films, and meals to the Sumac Centre at 245 Gladstone Street in Forest Fields, Nottingham, NG7 6HX. The Sumac Centre is a volunteer run, a non-hierarchically organised space which is owned co-operatively, and supports all endeavours which challenge the domination and oppression of the state and capital.

We hope you will come along.

Tomorrow we'll be starting at 4pm with a workshop from the SmashEdo crew, followed by a dission on prisoner solidarity. And we'll end the evening with food and show the film Prison World

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Strike starts midnight

28-11-2011 22:55

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Italy: Austerity is violence on the bodies of women

28-11-2011 21:21

In Rome, activist women responded to the #occupypatriarchy call out initiated by the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The group, composed of students, precarious workers and migrants, marched through the city centre’s high streets on November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

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All out for N30 in Notts!

28-11-2011 20:55

On November 30th, an array of public sector unions will strike together against government attacks on their pensions. In Nottingham there will be pickets across the city, a march and rally, a critical mass bike ride and, in the evening, a meeting opposing cuts at the BBC.

On the newswire: What is a Scab? | All out on N30! A striker’s guide | Nottm Journalists campaign to save local broadcast | Campaign against BBC cuts in Notts | EDL splinter groups may target public sector strike

Previous features: Bigger Society Free Space in Nottingham | STRIKE on 30th November!

Timetable for the day:

Early morning onwards - Pickets outside all public buildings, schools, universities, etc. affected by the strike. Notts Uncut with the help of Occupy Nottingham are planning to do a roaming soup kitchen feeding the pickets.

10.30 - Start assembling on the Forest

11.30 - March leaves the Forest for the Market Square

12.30 - Trade Union rally at the Albert Hall

13.00 - Critical Mass solidarity bike ride will leave from Market Square

15.00 - Soup & Discussion of N30 and the future of workers' struggle - venue TBC

19.00 - Nottingham journalists campaign to save public broadcasting meeting at New Mechanics

19.30 - Dinner and film showing of The Take - venue TBC

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