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UK Newswire Archive

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**Re-Scheduled** Reclaim Love Pre-Party in Camden

11-02-2008 13:23

Its Valentine week, 1 week to Reclaim love Pavement Party In Picadilly Circus, come and get a taster at the Reclaim Love Pre-Party Tonight in Camden!

RE_SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY NIGHT, due to unforeseen events in Camden Market

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SHAC: Leafleting of Staples in Hull

11-02-2008 13:00

Staples are Huntingdon's latest supplier, please help us to inform the public of what goes on inside HLS.

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Sulu Massacre (Mindanao, Philippines)

11-02-2008 11:36

“Despicable, loathsome, ruthless…” These were the words of Anak Mindanao Representative Mujiv S. Hataman on the latest tragedy in the province of Sulu , particularly in the coastal town of Maimbung , which claimed the lives of a 4-year old child, Marisa Payian, 9 year old Wedme Lahim, teenagers Alnalyn Lahim, 15 and Sulayman Hakob, 17. Three other civilians were also killed, Kirah Lahim, 45; Eldisim Lahim, 43 and Narcia Abon, 24. A certain Pfc. Ibnul Wahid of the Army's 6th Infantry Division who was said to be on vacation was also killed.

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Saoirse Reaches Eastbourne!

11-02-2008 11:24

Saoirse..Vegan tea /cake and all that gack!

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Pine Gap 4 Heading to Darwin, Heading to Jail!

11-02-2008 10:30

In December 05, four Australian activists ("Christians Against ALL
Terrorism") were arrested while carrying out a citizen's inspection of
the U.S. NSA warfighting base, near isolated Alice Springs, in the
Northern Territory of Australia.

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Germany, Munic - Mass Protests against NATO

11-02-2008 09:59

Germany, Munic. Thousands protested against the the 44th NATO Security Conference in Munic last weekend.

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Global Peace Conference - Cardiff

11-02-2008 09:51

HASSAN JUMAA, Leader of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (Iraq)
ROSE GENTLE, Military Families against the War (Scotland)
IBRAHIM MOUSAWI, Editor of Al-Intiqad, Hezbollah Newspaper (Lebanon)
ANNE GREAGSBY, Co-ordinator, No2MilitaryAcademy Campaign (Wales)

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Labour government minister bugged by police

11-02-2008 07:40

It was revealed this week that Labour Member of Parliament Sadiq Khan was bugged by the police during two meetings he held with one of his constituents. Khan, a government minister in the Whip’s Office, was meeting with Babar Ahmad, who is presently being held on remand pending an extradition request from the United States.

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Iraqi parliament in turmoil as sectarian rivalries flare

11-02-2008 07:38

A bitter conflict is developing within the Iraqi parliament over the attempts of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to push through laws that are opposed by the Kurdish and Shiite parties that make up the core of his governing coalition.

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Helen & Alistair Itanje have been 'Snatched'

11-02-2008 07:34

Helen & Alistair Itanje
Mum & baby were woken up at 6.00am on Friday 8th February by a immigration 'snatch' squad banging on their door They were quickly removed from their home and taken to Yarl's Wood IRC, where they are now and due to be forcibly removed on Thursday 14th February 2008 on Brussels Airlines flight SN2050 at 06:30 from Birmingham Airport to Brussels and onward to Douala Cameroon.

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Friends of of Vera & Kenny

11-02-2008 07:30

Vera & Kenny
Vera Manda Kumde and her daughter Kenny Musada Famba Ada nationals of Cameroon, currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC are due to be forcibly removed tomorrow Tuesday 12th February at 19:00hrs on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 from London Heathrow terminal 4 to Nairobi, and onward to Douala Cameroon.

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Animal Rights Coalition

11-02-2008 01:09

The next Animal Rights Coalition National Networking Meeting will be on Sunday 17th Feb at the East Oxford Community Centre, 44b Princes Street (corner of Cowley Rd), Oxford OX4 1DD. Please keep the date free and make every effort to attend this important meeting. Doors open from 10am for vegan breakfast and snacks by Veggies, info stalls, films etc. Meeting starts at 12noon til about 5pm, with a break between for food and discussion.

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DC Radio Station asks Staples to drop HLS

11-02-2008 00:02

Boycott Staples!
Radio broadcasts about Staples involvement (from US Indymedia)...

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SHAC Demo in Fareham, Hampshire: Staples

10-02-2008 23:58

Staples are the most recently found out HLS supplier.

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Camden goes up in flames....

10-02-2008 23:36

Camden Canal Market AND Camden Lock Market ahve gone up in flames.

With developers wanting to move in one can how the fires started and spread......

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Report/Pics-Guantánamo Anniversary Vigil Outside US Embassy

10-02-2008 23:10

Just to make it quite clear...
The London Guantánamo Campaign held the first anniversary of its weekly vigil outside the American Embassy in Mayfair, London at 6-8pm on Friday 8 February 2008. We are there usually every Friday from 6-7pm calling on the US to Shut Guantánamo Down!

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Ireland: Workers Occupation Pays Off

10-02-2008 22:25

The boss is shown the door and the workers take over. That's what happened for a month at Reilly Bookbinders on the Murrough Industrial Estate in Wicklow town. The company had been in Wicklow for 30 years. Then four years ago it was taken over by Dunne and Wilson (Ireland) Ltd. Two years later the building from which the company operated was sold to the Wicklow Enterprise Centre for over 900,000.

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Direct Action; USA, Mexico, Spain, Germany, UK & Netherlands

10-02-2008 21:57

Another arson claimed in Mexico against a poutry shop, 28 pharmacy locks glued in Mexico/Spain, four spainish Novartis reps visited at home, Pzfizer billboards painted in the UK, 47 rats rescued in the USA + more ALF actions...

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ElBaradei Reports Good Progress on Settling Iranian "Nuclear Dispute"

10-02-2008 21:53

Of course, the "dispute" was only about creating a justification for a US/Israeli attack on this oil-rich country.

Think of all the time and resources that have been wasted playing this game ...

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Bali & Beyond: the international climate change negotiations, and local action

10-02-2008 21:12

Bali and beyond- what to DO in 2008
Manchester Climate Forum
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
7:15pm - 9:15pm
Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester

First half will be info about the climate negotiations in Bali. Deepak Rughani of Biofuelwatch, who attended the Bali talks, will tell us about what went right, what went wrong...
Second half will be dynamic and participatory: what's coming in Manchester. What's needed? How do we get it?
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