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UK Newswire Archive

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Fairford Air Tatoo- Climate Catastrophy.

08-07-2008 08:55

Fairford Poster - after treatment
It is that time of year agin, when Fairford gets ready for a fossil fuel burning jamborie. The governement tells us to pump up our tyres and cut food waste, but none of this applies to the Fairford Air Tatoo. Get your paint brushes out and paint out their signs with warnings of global climate catastrophy. See if the Airshow management can stop us. They are crapping themselves about protesters turning up.

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Frocks and shots: on cocktail parties and builder blocking

08-07-2008 08:16

Yet another fantastic opportunity to mix business with pleasure! Aldermaston Women's peace camp(aign) host another fabulous women's cocktail party at the peace camp on Saturday 12 July, while Block the Builders meet in nearby Reading the following afternoon to plot the downfall of the nuclear-industrial complex ;)

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WMClimate Camp: Meeting and Screening

08-07-2008 03:51

The West Midlands Neighborhood of the Camp for Climate Action will be meeting this coming Thursday 10th July at the Spotted Dog, Alcester St, Digbeth, and screening a film about last years Camp.

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The Great Rwanda "Genocide Coverup"

08-07-2008 03:01

Just last week, a Spanish Judge issued 40 international warrants for current and former members of Kagame’s government, including senior staff at Rwanda ’s Washington Embassy. The warrants charge Kagame’s clique with war-crimes and crimes against humanity, that may even fit the definition of “genocide.” But, these are not the only international arrest warrants issued for Rwanda’s current leaders.

French Judge Bruguiere (famous for indicting “the Jackal”) has also issued international warrants against nearly a dozen members of Kagame’s inner circle, too. Bruguiere also met with Kofi Annan in late 2006 to personally urge the U.N. Rwanda Tribunal to prosecute Kagame for the assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana, the war-crime that re-ignited the four-year Rwanda War and the massive civilian killings in the war’s final 90-days.

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Cardiff landfill site workers walkout

08-07-2008 00:11

Rubbish lorries were unable to dump their waste at Cardiff’s biggest tip this morning, following a walkout by workers.

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Campaign continues against UC Berkeley

07-07-2008 23:47

In the hills above the University of California's Berkeley campus, nine protesters gathered in front of the home of a vivisectors home, their faces covered with scarves and hoods despite the warm spring weather.

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Two more months for Austrian animal rights prisoners

07-07-2008 21:55

Vienna, Monday 7th July - Outrage at two more months' detention for Austrian animal activists

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Welsh Demo for the Badgers, Colwyn Bay, 26th July

07-07-2008 19:14

Demonstration in Colwyn Bay outside the Welsh Assembly Office, 2pm Saturday 26th July

The delight with which the news that Hilary Benn had rejected a badger cull soon turned sour with the news that Elin Jones from the Welsh Assembly still proposes to go ahead with a cull in Wales. Hilary Benn's decision was based on the results of a ten year study costing the tax payer £50 million which concluded that a cull of badgers would in the long run make a bad situation worse.

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Does the US mirror its mother country England - why its good not to be English

07-07-2008 17:48

England probably explains why the US which was born out of genocide itself has expanded this role across the free world. England, which is the mother country, to which many refer has a history of colonial warmongering and genocide to gain economic advantage in the middle east, India, Africa and more recently under the illustrious leader Margaret Thatcher in Indonesia, Burma and Haiti. England has a despicable history matched only by the US, which is beginning to reveal the traits of its birth.

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Company that Led Torture Training for Mexican Police Is UK's Risks Inc.

07-07-2008 17:31

To fully lay out the evidence for this article, HTML formatting is necessary. So this article includes a teaser and link to the Narco News article.

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Hated Mafioso Ken Livingstone plots return by rubbishing Boris with media help -

07-07-2008 17:06

Ken Livingstone has been plotting his return with the help of his dodgy Labour friendly Newsnight friend Emily Maitlis. The Ray Lewis story was a plant and Mr Livingstone was brought on there and oddly enough to deal with the newly released story questioning him. The Conservatives under Cameron and New Labour under most of them are busily trying to retain the status quo and doing anything to keep the neo-Liberalist corporate London agenda going. Dodgy Ken's record speaks for itself...

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Badgers spared in England, but not Wales

07-07-2008 16:41

ALF target farming union offices over badger cull

The Secretary of State for DEFRA, Hilary Benn, announced today that he has decided against a cull of badgers in England to control TB in cattle. The decision came after protest actions last month with a rally attended by over 300 supporters and the sabotaging of five offices owned by the National Farmers Union (NFU) and the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW). Mr Benn also has resounding public support for sparing badgers. A DEFRA public consultation on the issue received submissions from 47,000 respondents, ninety-five per cent of whom opposed a cull. Despite this, The Welsh Assembly has voted to allow badger culling to go ahead in Wales.

The government-appointed Independent Scientific Group announced in June 2007 - following a decade of research - that killing badgers would not significantly reduce bovine TB and could make matters worse. It also declared that TB probably first spreads from cattle to badgers, where it remains stable, provided the badgers are undisturbed. Research has demonstrated that culling causes massive disturbance and has the effect of increasing the incidence and spread of the disease. Benn has come under unrelenting pressure from the farming industry to give permission for the destruction of around 170,000 badgers - half the population.

Newswire: Benn confirms Badgers saved in England | Badgers saved in England, but not in Wales | Badgers spared - Thank you ALF! | Anti-Badger Cull Demo Action Report | ALF target farming union offices over badger cull | Rally For Badgers - Stop The Cull!

Links: Viva | Animal Liberation Front (ALF) | Animal Aid | The Badger Trust

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Benn confirms Badgers saved in England

07-07-2008 16:16

The government will not issue licences to cull badgers to try and prevent cattle TB in England, Hilary Benn has confirmed. In a Commons statement, the environment secretary said that a large-scale cull could infact make the problem a lot worse.

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Topical Fish Freesheet- response to the Corporate Media

07-07-2008 16:00

Please find attached a PDF of the Topical Fish freesheet bursting with political comment, artwork, prose, vox pop and evening gardening tips!
E-mail for more information.

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Reflections on the Origins and Meaning of America's Independence Day

07-07-2008 15:29


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Pre-Trial Detention Extended for all 10 Austrian Prisoners

07-07-2008 15:17

Legal Support Press Release: 17th July 2008
Pre-Trial Detention Extended for all 10 Animal Rights Activists

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Tainted Minister of Maharashtra Resigned Today - OIPA India

07-07-2008 15:05

Adivasi welfare & Transport Minister in the cabinet of Maharashtra Sh. Dharmrao Baba Atram is involved in the hunting of a Indian Gazelle - chinkara which is the protected species in India. The International Organization of Animal Protection - India chapter demanded today for dismissal & arrest of the tainted Minister, at last he has resigned today evening & same has been accepted by the Governor of the State.

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Palestine Today 070708

07-07-2008 15:00

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday July 7th, 2008.

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Green councillor has local community activists arrested

07-07-2008 14:46

A 'green' councillor in Oxford encouraged police to arrest two people on false charges merely for insisting on their rights to access the local community centre, a space which both of them have worked hard as volunteers to support and develop. There is an ongoing story of Cllr Mary-Jane Sareva trying to extend her control over the centre.
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