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UK Newswire Archive

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When Chavez died, Washington celebrated

15-03-2014 10:20

Venezuela Also Is Being Overthrown By The Criminal Regime In Washington — Dear Readers, now that US Secretary of State John Kerry has issued an ultimatum to Russia, telling Putin that he has until Monday to follow Washington’s orders or else, hopefully everyone can see the repeat of the March of Folly that produced World War 1. In my last column, “Merkel Whores For Washington,” I mistakenly attributed to Khrushchev all transfers of Russian territory to Ukraine.

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Chester & Wrexham Frack Off News: Today at Dart Energy's Drilling Rig in Farndon

14-03-2014 20:10

Dart Energy's drilling site near Farndon, Cheshire

I thought I'd take a trip to Rowley Hill, Kingsmarsh, Farndon today, to check out and take a few photos of the site where Dart Energy is now drilling with a view to exploiting coal bed methane reserves, one of three sites in the immediate local area. Dart is experiencing fierce resistance to its extreme energy operations across the globe and is not doing well, reporting a loss of $32.7 million in the six months to December 2013, compared with a loss of $11.4 million for 2012.

This Sunday, 16 March from 1-5pm, there's a national demonstration at the site so I thought it might be useful to get an idea of how the land lies beforehand.

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Ashton Must Go !

14-03-2014 19:44

Dame Ashcan
Never mind the missing plane thats not up in the sky. The real drama is down here on earth with the historic re-nazification of europe under IG Farben's Angel (of Death) Merkel and the unmasked USSA.

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Rising Tide blockaded Shell garage last night in memory of fellow activist

14-03-2014 17:45

London Rising Tide blockaded and shut down the Old Street Shell garage last night in memory of oil activist and sambaista Val Dazzle who lost her battle with Motor Neurone Disease in early 2010.
They were joined by Rhythms of Resistance samba band, with whom Val played for many years, even in a wheelchair just a few months before she passed away.

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56 Oil Billionaires

13-03-2014 22:39

victim of oil
Oil belongs to a country, not to privateers. Petroplutocrats have destroyed the environment, have pricegouged the poor and all, have caused coups in socialist countries like Iran in 1953, have assassinated people, have caused runaway inflation, have conspired since the early 1900's to destroy train systems and electric car industries.

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The US and Britain’s Paedophile Colony

13-03-2014 21:01

Less than a month before the 11th anniversary of the illegal US-led invasion of Iraq, the near destruction of much of the country, heritage, culture, secularism, education, health services and all State institutions, the country is poised to revert “two thousand years” say campaigners.

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CURO Housing issues 10% of its tenants with notices seeking repossession.

13-03-2014 13:54

A recent report from landlord The Curo Group to B&NES Council reveals “…there are no fewer than 800 families which have been issued with notices seeking repossession. Some 124 of these are in breach of a court order to pay money they owe.”

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The Battle For Britain's Children And Their Justice

13-03-2014 08:59

Children are being stolen in the uk google child stealing by the state listen to videos of serving mp john hemmings and daily telegraph reporter christopher booker.

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video - chemical weapons mediterranean

12-03-2014 17:32

video - chemical weapons mediterranean

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Fight the Frack: Protest this Sunday at Farndon, near Wrexham & Chester

12-03-2014 17:10

Dart Energy are right now drilling a well in Farndon, near Chester. Communities in the area are mobilising and they need YOUR help!

FIGHT THE FRACK! is an opportunity to head Dart Energy of at the pass. They are drilling in Farndon (Mill House Lane - CH3 6NF) and have 3 additional sites ready to be drilled in the Cheshire/Wrexham area and one in Nottinghamshire. This is a chance to make it clear to Dart that they are unwanted here or anywhere. The time to act is now.

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New Unionism 2014: a conference for activists, 29 March, London

12-03-2014 16:40

How do we defend ourselves against the bosses' attacks, rebuild working-class power and transform the labour movement to change the world?

A one day activist conference, sponsored by organisations including Workers' Liberty, IWGB University of London, Lambeth Activists, PCS Independent Left and Ruskin College UCU

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Remember Fukushima London demo, Saturday 15 March 2014

12-03-2014 14:31

Remember Fukushima Demo, London, Sat. 15 March 2014

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Gordon Brown to the rescue

12-03-2014 13:13

more waffle from the former great leader

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Injustice against the women of Iraq

12-03-2014 12:54

The Iraqi women protesting in Baghdad over the Jaafari personal status draft law, which the cabinet approved, are linked to our situation as individuals in general and women in particular.

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Half-Crimean single mum in Bristol discusses Ukraine crisis

12-03-2014 00:26

Audio production resource & archive: Founded in 2002 Dialect was Bristol UK's first podcast. Public service

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Glow In The Dark: Consume Fish Or Radioactive Fish Oil

11-03-2014 17:36

Diseased Fish
It is not just Fukushima that continues to pour radiation into the ocean. Many countries are illegally dumping their nuclear waste.

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RIP Bob Crow - who told it like it is - RMT General Secretary

11-03-2014 13:31

At 10:25am, 15 mins or so after Bob's death was announced, BBC Radio 5 Live's political correspondent Chris Mason reported that Bob Crow 'was always winding up politicians'.
How disrespectful. Trades unions have 15 times more members and are far more democratic than political parties in the UK Mr Mason.

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Londoners tell Boris 'Our City is Not for Sale'

11-03-2014 09:49

Report & Photographs from 'London Not for Sale' demonstration against Boris, councillors and the GLA going to the MIPIM conference to carve up London with developers.

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Week of Action : Police Spies Out of Lives

10-03-2014 19:56


Women resist police attempt to strike out undercover police abuse cases

Court Hearing has been confirmed as taking place on 18th – 19th March 2014

This is the hearing which was postponed from last November, and involves a fresh fight against secrecy.

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Fascist knife attack in Malmö, Sweden on the night of International Women's Day

10-03-2014 18:58

The incident occurred just after a nighttime demonstration against violence against women finished up at around midnight on Möllenvångstorget (a square in the heart of a multicultural and left wing district of Malmö). One person is now in intensive care with serious head injuries and a further three have suffered knife wounds to the arms and lung, amongst which was a member of Allt åt Alla Malmö. The nazis had been searching for potential victims the entire evening in the vicinity of the March 8th Festival at Moriska pavilion in Folketspark. The attack was, in other words, no coincidence.
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