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UK Newswire Archive

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Fire Brigade union members launch grassroots group to 'reclaim' union

12-02-2004 14:14

Fire Brigade union members launch grassroots group to challenge union hierarchy and their failed strategies and reclaim their union

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Chemical pellets could replace baton rounds in Northern Ireland, report shows

12-02-2004 13:19

hmmm. yet more testing of draconian measures in the emerald colony?
when are they going to admit they are
dousing protestors with Electro Magnetic Frequencies?

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Minutes from ESF - organising committee (5 feb) and program group (8 feb)

12-02-2004 13:17

Minutes that have been sent to various ESF lists.

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“There has been a school at Lowick beyond the memory of man”

12-02-2004 12:25

Lowick Pioneers - "Shared reading is a firm favourite amongst the whole school, where the Infants chose a Junior to read with them."

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12-02-2004 11:14

The Newswire at has been upgraded increasing accessibility and functionality, come check it out :)

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the packet gang

12-02-2004 09:32

Interesting article discussing some of the hype around "open source"

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(Bio) Diversity vs. (Bio) Technology!

12-02-2004 09:31

Biotech IMC
Tune into Friends of the Earth ( and the Biotechnology Independent Media Centre ( for video, audio and written updates, interviews and other news in and around the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Cartegena Protocol on Biosafety.

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"The Redcoats are....The Corporations Are Coming!!"

12-02-2004 07:17

Audio "The corporations are coming! The corporations are coming!"
integrity is evidenced from his remarks in an interview about sitting in on democratic meetings and seeing what goes on, he said they make all their decisions based on polls ?? "It's Sick", he said. I have a message for these wayward writers who are taking turns, in a deliberate, orchestrated smear campaign to impugn a modern-day prophet and refuse to recognize, and hence INSULT, the burdgeoning grassroots movement arising from the awakened masses. HERE is The Message---this beautiful movement can only be delayed ,Never stopped because it has Founding Father energy and LightWorkers and healers who Love this Land and the principles of Liberty, Equality and Unity and are working very hard to co-create a New Covenant to give to posterity ! We are alive, real and in tune with the higher cause of our existence.

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Eco Warriors send profits warning to Marshalls Plc

12-02-2004 04:20

Environmental activists who have taken possession of Endcliffe and Lees Cross quarry sites adjacent to Nine Ladies Stone Circle in Derbyshire have warned Marshalls Plc, and their subsidiary Stancliffe Stone Ltd, that they will face unprecedented and damaging costs if they attempt an eviction.

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Article seeks to assault stupidity in our activist culture

12-02-2004 03:50

do you wait for your "leaders" to "help" you, or do you arm your desires?
here is a run-down (in mode of quick notes) to this interesting article, with a link provided. "...we challenge left activist culture to live up to its anti-hierarchical claims: activists should themselves become intellectuals. Why reproduce the larger society's division between mental and physical labor?"

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Why I turned my back on

12-02-2004 03:26

Even though I'm giving up Raimondo's 25 bucks a week (small potatoes compared to the $10,000 per month required to keep Antiwar.Com going) ... I feel I've gotten my credibility and my country back

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Blackwood Legal update

12-02-2004 03:04

First the good news.

Due to the discovery of dormice en route we have won a battle if not the war (yet!). Today, on the advice of CCW, the Welsh Assembly made Costain stop all work on site pending an (obviously, inevitably successful) application for the granting of a license to move the dormice. Whether the Assembly grant this license, or not, will obviously be a political, not an environmental, decision.

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Whitewash Labour Confrence - Protest @ Gt Yarmouth

12-02-2004 02:56

Labour Party Confrence in Gt Yarmouth this weekend.
Come 'meet' the Head of Whitewash reports, Blair and his many cronies.
Gt Yarmouth Marina Centre - 9am -> 4pm Sat 14th and Sun 15th.

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Petition against Nobel Peace prize to Bush and Blair

12-02-2004 02:07

Read and sign the petition against this absurd nomination

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Solidarity with Munich Prisoner - For immediate release!

12-02-2004 01:48

After the protests against the NATO Security Conference in Munich 6-7 Feb 2004, one person is still in investigation prison. Some solidarity protests took already place. Next Demonstration: Friday, 13 Feb 2004, Munich, Meeting 5pm Stachus/Karlsplatz: March for immidiate release.

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"Legal Workshop" Saturday 14.02, 1pm

12-02-2004 01:13

We are having a workshop to educate activists on the laws that are applying to civil disobedience as well as "normal" demonstrations.

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Independents Quit Globalise Resistance Steering Committee

12-02-2004 01:05

According to a mysteriously leaked resignation letter, four leading members of Globalise Resistance's Steering Committee have resigned with immediate effect, citing the undemocratic takeover of the organisation by the SWP to further its own interests in the organising the European Social Forum in London in late 2004. It is not clear who leaked the letter, but as a journalist, I felt duty-bound to put this information in the public interest. The text follows below.

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LAB 3 Supplying the vivisection industry out of Bristol

11-02-2004 23:57

The company Lab3 based in Bristol have been seen exiting Sequani vivisection labs in Ledbury, Herefordshire. We've tried to upload html to Bristol-IMC but it all gets fucked up ... so, here's the address and email addresses for lab 3 in Bristol for anyone who cares enough to demo them, constantly email them or phone them in the hope they will stop supplying Sequani animal testing labs due to constant pressure. Lab3 are paca - west mids 4th target, paca are still on the 3rd target but it all helps to start early on the next one!

Sequani ltd murder puppies in their mothers wombs in reproductive toxicology tests before dissecting them, they also torture and murder dogs, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats for profit gain under the bogus banner of 'scientific research'.

More info on PACA - West Midlands or Sequani labs please visit: or email

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Bush gets Canada's PM to crush free speech for him, website alleges

11-02-2004 23:12

Bush Crushes free speech in Canada as Toronto radio host hits too close to home.

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resistance anarchist bulletin - issue 58

11-02-2004 22:42

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