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UK Newswire Archive

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What provocateurs look like.

30-03-2009 13:51

This is just one example of provocateurs at work, it happens to beb in Canada but you know it's going to be exactly the same over here. There is no doubt that this is what will be happening in the City on Wednesday, the papers have pretty much made it obvious that it's the plan, so please be aware.

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Arrest in Plymouth - activists or terrorists?

30-03-2009 13:29

Several people arrested in Plymouth following a search which found 'weapons' and material relating to 'political ideology' but not religion. Worth watching in case it turns out to be activists/saboteurs smeared with terrorism whose situation subsequently gets D-noticed.

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Break the siege! No Borders national day of action for Gaza

30-03-2009 12:35

On the 5th February, Israel and Egypt shut all borders with Gaza. Egypt has said it will close the Rafah border indefinitely as Gaza is an 'occupied territory'. No Borders UK calls for an immediate opening of Israeli and Egyptian borders with Gaza.

No Borders calls for a day of action on 27th April. Target those profiting from the siege (BAE, G4S, Caterpillar, EDO, Raytheon etc.).

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Yarrr Matey! 2 - Palestine benefit gig for ISM next Saturday night!

30-03-2009 12:27

Pirating for Palestine! A benefit gig for International Solidarity Movement will take place next Saturday 4th April 2009 from 9pm at the Wagon and Horses, Adderley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham.

Live funk, ska, dubstep, reggae, jungle, and breaks across two dancefloors, and films about the occupation of Palestine.

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Direct action in solidarity with EDO 2 - Brighton

30-03-2009 11:40

In the night of 29 March 2009, the prison probation service building of Brighton was attacked with paintbombs and spraypaint signs "No War" & "EDO 2". The HSBC bank next door was also smashed windows.

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**Palestine Supermarket Action**

30-03-2009 10:46

baptism of the basket
Londoners lock up criminal Israeli goods in Tesco on Sunday 29 March!

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Keep Alpha Mbodi and his family safe in Sheffield

30-03-2009 06:24

Alpha Mbodi and his sons
Alpha Mbodi and his family are from eastern Congo. He fled DR Congo with his two sons in 2005, fearing the war there would claim the lives of his family. Unfortunately the family were unable to escape together and he was forced to leave his wife and young daughter behind. Alpha and his sons were accommodated in Sheffield by NASS shortly after their arrival in the UK.

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Support Lincoln & Nottingham Animal Rights

30-03-2009 04:29

Zoos and circuses are prisons
This includes a call out to support Lincoln Animal Rights, in particular with the 'great' British Circus that is dragging many animals, including 3 elephants, all around Lincolnshire.

Anyone closer to the Lincoln area, or with friends near there, PLEASE contact as the GBC demo in Skegness will be difficult for Nottm AR people to support due to other events in Nottingham on Saturday 4th April

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Freeman on the land

30-03-2009 04:05

The time has come to wake the faka up what more need I say

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Sequani Demonstration 18th April. Confirmed

29-03-2009 22:24

Demonstration at JRF and Sequani Labs

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Audio from Autonomous Speakers at G20 demo

29-03-2009 21:51

Audio from the autonomous speakers who spoke after the G20 demonstration in London.

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4th Oekonux Conference: Free Software and Beyond - The World of Peer Production

29-03-2009 21:26

Audio Marcin Jakubowski - Open Source Global Village
Attached are some recordings of some of the sessions from the 4th Oekonux Conference, Free Software and Beyond The World of Peer Production which was organised in in cooperation with the P2P Foundation, and which was held in Manchester on 27th to 29th March 2009.

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Short Report From from Put People First

29-03-2009 19:50

Attendance was disappointing, with the mass mobilisation of Trade Unions only pulling about 35,ooo people, although the Union Marching Bands and singing Italians were good value.

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Horse Racing / SPEAK Demo / ARC Meeting ... and more

29-03-2009 19:01

A round-up of forthcoming events from the UK Animal Rights Calendar.

For full event details bookmark the calendar at

To be kept informed subscribe to the weekly announcements list at

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G20: Animal Liberation Callout

29-03-2009 18:42

As the day of action for the G20 approaches it’s worth noting the interconnectedness of the corporate exploiters in the City of London.

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Pics: Militant Workers Bloc at G20 Demo

29-03-2009 18:42

Bloc forming at the Enbankment ...
Here there are a few pics from the Militant Workers Bloc at the G20 'Put People First' demonstration of Saturday 28th April:

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Capitalist Incarnate: My interview with a vampire

29-03-2009 18:06

As we sat down across the narrow table from one another, I scrutinized him with the cautious enthusiasm of a scientist observing a lethal strain of bacteria under a microscope. I was face to face with a parasitic capitalist overlord. “Is his disease contagious?” I mused to myself

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IDF Collonel .. Fight like in Gaza against Greece !!!

29-03-2009 18:05

The commander of the Givati Brigade will be giving pep talks to Israel's national soccer team before the game against Greece. In recent weeks, coaches have been looking for a senior commander who fought in the Gaza Strip. In the wake of recommendations they received from the Israel Defense Forces, national team coach Dror Kashtan and his assistant...

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Anti-fascist callout in Durham

29-03-2009 17:27

An urgent callout for action in and around Durham/Newcastle/Teesside, in response to recent BNP/NF activity.

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'World Day' @ Sequani

29-03-2009 10:39

Demo at JRF and Sequani labs in Ledbury.
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