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UK Newswire Archive

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End war on freedom of media in Bangladesh

21-09-2011 08:09

Basil Fernando: Director for Policy and Programme Development of Asian Human Rights Commission commenting on the present situations of Bangladeshi media freedom said “For a democratic government it is essential to facilitate a free platform of discussion and one of the important instruments of that platform is a free media, which is free from censorship. A free media signifies the right of free speech and promoting respect for differences of opinions in public discussion. Without a free media a democracy is blind, deaf and dumb which are lead towards violence not justice and peace. The Bangladesh government has totally lost the characteristic of democratic government.

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Urgent: Fracking Demo Imperial Hotel Blackpool Wed

20-09-2011 22:55

URGENT: Fracking company Cuadrilla Resources will announce the findings from some of its Lancashire test sites tomorrow (Weds 21 September) at 11am at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool. Local people are organising a demonstration outside the hotel at 11am – get there if you can.

Callout at


PRESS RELEASE: National Anti-Fracking Network tells Cuadrilla Resources to “Frack Off”

On Wednesday, as  Cuadrilla Resources call a press conference to announce the results of their drilling for shale gas in Lancashire, the national anti-fracking network, Frack Off, demands an end to hydraulic fracturing for shale gas or “fracking” in the UK.

In the United States fracking has caused a huge catalogue of problems including poisoning of water supplies, serious air pollution and even earthquakes [1]. Academics in the UK have called for a ban on fracking [2] and local people in areas of the UK where it is proposed are extremely concerned [3].

Due to the impermeable nature of the shale rock the process is very different from conventional gas drilling, requiring that a huge number of wells are drilled across a wide area. It will result in a massive industrialisation of the countryside, with huge numbers of drilling pads, wells and pipelines[4].

Cuadrilla Resources are driving the push for the exploitation of shale gas in the UK, and their PR strategy is to concentrate debate on the small number of test wells they are drilling now, and divert attention away from the hundreds that would follow if they were to go into full scale production [5].

Despite claims to the contrary, fracking is completely unregulated. The Environment Agency does not consider fracking to be an activity that requires a permit and therefore there is no monitoring or oversight of it of any kind [6].

A perfect example of this is the controversy over the two earthquakes that occurred during the fracking of their first well at Preese Hall near Blackpool [7]. Cuadrilla announced that they would suspend fracking while a report was written involving the British Geological Survey, but in fact Cuadrilla are writing that report not an independent body [8].

Aiden Attewill from Frack Off said “Fracking is just scraping the bottom of the fossil fuel barrel. From the tar sands in Canada to Coal Bed Methane in Australia we are seeing more and more destructive forms of fossil fuel extraction all over the world, we need to stop putting off these problems and really address issues of resource depletion and climate change.”

Last weekend there was a protest camp and march to Cuadrilla’s drilling site in Hesketh Banks, Preston [9] [Pictures attached]. The local anti-fracking group, Ribble Estuary Against Fracking, said “It’s not farming, it’s not sustainable, it’s an unregulated fossil fuel industry, we were not consulted and we don’t want it”.


Notes for editors:









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Petition In defense of Belarus imprisoned anarchists

20-09-2011 21:23

The last European dictator is now trading people's freedom for loans from the west. He has now set 24 political prisoners free. Please find below links to the petition to liberate Belorussian anarchists.

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Moving Planet Edinburgh -- A Day to Move Beyond Fossil Fuel

20-09-2011 20:55

At noon on Saturday September 24th, hundreds of people will be on the move from City Chambers down the Royal Mile to Holyrood - marching, cycling and skating to call for a move beyond fossil fuels and unsustainable biomass.

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We have a dream: towards a Euro-Mediterranean social strike

20-09-2011 20:00

This text was written by Madrilonia, a Madrid-based blog that writes about and participates in social movements. Madrilonia has been involved in the 15-M movement, which began with the mass protest organized by Real Democracy Now on the 15th of May 2011 and inspired Europe with the occupation of plazas across Spain. This text imagines a new form of strike across Europe and the Euro-Mediterranean region, a strike which is up to the task of confronting contemporary forms of exploitation and control.

Translated by Mick O’Broin, the Provisional University

The original Spanish language version is available here:

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Zambians riot against pro-business regime

20-09-2011 18:46

RIOTING has broken out in Zambia against suspected vote rigging by the corrupt regime.

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Welsh Miners: Four More Victims of the Profit System

20-09-2011 15:48

Gleision colliery in 2008 - notice wooden tunnel props
Responding to the four deaths at Gleision drift mine at Cilybebyll, South Wales last week, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have launched a joint investigation with the police. Their report is expected to be months away, however it is already clear that the deaths - like so many in the UK and around the world - can be attributed to the supremacy of the profit motive over the needs of working class people.

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Admin of Anti PC Johnson Facebook Group Prosecuted

20-09-2011 14:55

Peter Haywood, one of the admins for the Facebook group criticising PC Simon Johnson ends up in court.

In a demonstration of the double standards in the courts and the current hysteria around social media, Peter Haywood has been sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for 18 months and 150 hours of community service. He also has an electronic tag.


In comparison, PC Johnson received a 6 month conditional discharge and kept his job. He was responsible for two police dogs being cooked alive when he left them in his car in the sun. He blamed his mental health problems for forgetting about them.


The comments to the Post article are quite interesting in places, including a few 'they're only dogs' ones. One person claims to be the other group administrator and highlights some of the antics of the support Facebook group.

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Police Reform And Social Responsibility Act 2011

20-09-2011 14:55


New legislation that will prohibit the right to 24hr on-going protest at Parliament Square.

On September 15th the 'Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill' passed through Parliament and was granted ROYAL ASSENT. This means that it has now become law.

Clause 3 of this new law relates specifically to demonstrations in and around Parliament Square.It states that protest will not now be allowed to cover a 24hour period and be on-going. You will not be allowed any articles associated with being able to maintain an on-going presence. Articles to include tents, sleeping bags, and structures. It could presumably include umbrellas and stools if they think you intend to stay.  These artiicles can be confiscated if you do not move on.

What the Act does not make clear is the harm it is trying to address. What is the justification for such severe and harsh restrictions?

Originally it was proposed that if a person defied this new restriction then an 'On the Spot' injunction could be imposed with no court hearing. Also just as alarming, non- police staff, not in unifirm could could confiscate articles associated with a persons protest. The Bill was ammended and at the moment the final Act has not been printed, as I am aware. Things might have improved, though this would seem unlikely.

This Act will be open to legal challenge and it is important that people are aware of this legislation. It is not mentioned in the mainstream press and the public at large will be unaware that our great country has slid further down the slippery slope towards more oppression and control.


The legislation was rushed through during the Summer reccess.

The immediate threat to the present on-going Parliament Square Protests, is the up and comong High Court Injunction being brought by Westminster City Council for 'Obstruction of the Highway' This should start sometime in October. Keep alert to further postings,

With thanks,

Peace Strike

Parliament Square

07907 233 861

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Media Lens: The Golden Rule Of State Violence

20-09-2011 14:15

"Terrorism Is What They Do; Counterterrorism Is What We Do"

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[Amsterdam, NL] Days of action against the squatting ban, 29th Sep - 2nd Oct

20-09-2011 13:05

We're still here! Wij zijn er nog steeds!

Days of action against the squatting ban / Actiedagen tegen het kraakverbod

29 September - 2 October

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Fight The Power - London + Manchester Demos!!!

20-09-2011 12:18

2nd Oct, 12 noon, Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4JR

Defend Education, Fight Privatisation - NATIONAL DEMO

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Solidarity with Michael & Lillian Lyons in their Resistance to the War on Afghan

20-09-2011 11:49

British Navy Medic Michael Lyons refused to deploy to Afghanistan and is serving 7 months detention at Colchester Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC)

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Dale Farm: keep stinging them in the pocket

20-09-2011 10:51

Money money money, it's always the most effective resource upon which to mount a campaign. Basildon Council has £18m with which to evict its travellers from Dale Farm, land which they bought, developed and then applied for retrospective planning permission for (a tactic pioneered and made commonplace by tesco). Ongoing legal battles, physical confrontation, blockading and any other tactics available are coming together to make this as financially crippling a mission for the Basildon Council as possible.

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Expenses cheat serves just a quarter of sentence

20-09-2011 10:29

Former environment minister Elliot Morley has been released from jail. He was sent down for 16 months in May for swallowing £32,000 of expenses he had claimed he needed to pay a mortgage in Scunthorpe. But today he is a free man, having served just 4 months of his sentence.

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Occupation of Wall Street

20-09-2011 08:35

The dawn of a new American uprising, or a formulaic reaction bound to fizzle out?

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Solidarity Call!!! From The Companeros From Chiapas

20-09-2011 01:16


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Squatters action group collar Alistair Darling MP

19-09-2011 22:08

Squatters action group collar Alistair Darling MP

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Stop The Fascist SDL

19-09-2011 20:55

10 September · 11:00 - 14:00

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