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UK Newswire Archive

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Tsunami/earthquake bomb planned in 1945

10-04-2005 23:34

A recently revealed 1945 report from the Office of Strategic Services, the U.S.'s major intelligence agency before the advent of the CIA, reveals that office's research into using nuclear bombs to trigger Tsunamis as a weapon of mass destruction.

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Lancaster Land Rover targerted by climate protestors

10-04-2005 22:38

The was a sale on here...
Activists from Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and London converged on Lancaster Land Rover in Bennett Road, Reading on Saturday, 09 April 2005 to draw attention to the damage done by gas guzzling SUV’s at Land Rovers “Too Big To Miss” sale event.

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Global Week of Action events

10-04-2005 20:42

Two events are on in Oxford this week as part of the Global Week of Action (

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Caterpillar workforce surprised by Israeli arms trade protest

10-04-2005 20:21

Workers arriving at the Caterpillar - Perkins site in Irlam, Greater Manchester this morning were surprised, first by a 30 foot yellow banner with an acrylic image of a Palestinian, head in hands, whose house is being demolished by a Cat bulldozer while an Israeli soldier stands guard.

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10-04-2005 19:27

The United States, in an attempt to undermine the rapidly growing influence of the Venezualan government throughout south america, has said that it cannot contain the growing popularity of the revolutionary movement unless neighbouring countries with client US governments exempt US citizens from war crimes prosecutions by the International Criminal Court.

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Robert Newman to play free comedy gig at Trade Justice demo this friday

10-04-2005 19:16

The Trade Justice Movement has announced activist and author Robert Newman will head the Comedy line up at this friday's Wake Up to Trade Justice all night protest.

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10-04-2005 17:02

'Insitutionally Abused' Tenant asks the Indymedia Community for help.

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Ring around the clock - Making Poverty History

10-04-2005 15:58

Make poverty history / Drop the debt
As the millenium clock in the centre of Swindon struck noon on Saturday, people dressed in white surrounded it to form a white ring, like one of those wristbands in aid of the Make Poverty History campaign. They were silent for a minute, with the exception of some percussion instrument which marked an avoidable death due to poverty every three seconds. At the end of the minute, a whistle blew and they all shouted "Make Poverty History". A long banner was unrolled around the outside of the group, reading "Poverty kills 30,000 people every day. 'Click' there's another one. 1.3 billion people live on less than 53p a day. MAKE POVERTY HISTORY".

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It Takes a Bush to catch a Bush...

10-04-2005 15:53

And the Bank(s) of England too: US access to possibly hundreds of millions of international banking accounts: the neocons 'Dagobert Duck Dream' comes true...

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Police against police state!?

10-04-2005 15:08

"I AM a Police Officer and I can tell you straight I don’t want a police state as I have to live in it as well".

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Give us back our freedom

10-04-2005 15:06

IMAGINE a country where ordinary citizens could be be detained for as long as the authorities fancied without the right to a trial or even to hear the evidence against them.

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Swindonians are still Together On Planning

10-04-2005 14:53

Wait for the results of the public inquiry
Bright sun and a chilly wind greeted the people of Swindon as they assembled in Faringdon Road Park on Saturday 9th April 2005 for the second STOP (Swindonians Together On Planning) march. Placards spoke out against various unpopular planning decisions in and around the borough of Swindon, and many different signs were in evidence which made use of a subverted version of the orange Swindon Borough Council logo. The protestors marched through the Railway Village, past the Mechanics Institute, through the town centre to a rally outside the Civic Offices.

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Trade Justice Club Night London 15 April Nitin Sawhney + Tickets Now On Sale

10-04-2005 14:07

The night that starts in London's Marquee Club and takes you to Tony Blair's doorstep. Join thousands on the 15th April for a night long protest for trade justice.

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Roma Day march against racism

10-04-2005 13:57

Coming out of the Church
Around 300 people, predominantly Roma and Sinti people from across Europe, marched through London to show their opposition anti-traveller racism.

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Vampire Howard's Constituency info

10-04-2005 13:48

Info on the Election situ in M.Howard's lair for anyone interested and for anyone/groupos who may like to pay a visit to 'advise' him of their views...
(He will definately be here April 30th at a Churches Together Hustings- Untd Reform Church 7.30pm- see below for Church locale)

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Springing into action for 2005

10-04-2005 10:54

Yes, it's that time of year and after ten months or so of use the
building could do with a lick of paint and a general tidy. We also plan
to sort out the lack of lighting on the first floor, fit a shower,
finish the darkroom, install a door phone entry system and much more. So
put on some old clothes, grab anything you think might be useful (paint,
brushes, tools, etc.) and get down to the rampART for some social
cleaning fun to prepare the rampart for the coming months. We'll be
having a sunday supper and an evening meal (bring food to share) then
chilling out with some films and relaxed socialising.

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Anniversary of the 'Battle of the Beanfield': an exhibition 'Operation Solstice'

09-04-2005 23:55

Anniversary of the 'Battle of the Beanfield' 1st June 1985
It's 20 years, since the major trashing of my community, travelling on the way the make the "Peoples Free Festival of Albion" at Stonehenge. It was a regular event on the calender.

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Zionists Attack "Massacre of Dier Yassin Anniversary" Picket, 4 arrested!

09-04-2005 22:04

On April 9th 2005, 30+ people from Manchester and other parts of the country converged on the Marks and Spencers in Manchester, to highlight M&S and British support of the Zionist State of Israel.

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support human rights activists in Colombia

09-04-2005 20:52

Below is a letter to the powers that be in Colombia. Please send it. I know writing letters is not the most empowering thing to do, but in this case its probably the only thing we can do

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Bush and Blair, if the moon could talk, what would it say?

09-04-2005 20:40

Investigative article that sheds new light on the confessions (plural) of Osama Bin Laden on video to 9/11 and supports the possibility that it was produced by western intelligence. It also vindicates those who coined the term "Synthetic Terrorism".

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