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UK Newswire Archive

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Was Michael Collins assassinated?

20-12-2013 14:55

New book re-opens the case:
"The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened At Béal na mBláth?"  by SM Sigerson    (Kindle / Create Space 2013)

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MPS should move Scrap the 'Honours' replace them with peoples audit and approval

20-12-2013 08:10

This is the month when new names are added to the so-called honours list in Britain.
But it is deeply biased in favour of known crooks who get honours or buy those through donations to Parties

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Metropolitan Police Crowd Control Barriers....

20-12-2013 07:26

Metropolitan Police Crowd Control Barriers
.... can be surprisingly useful :)

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Socialist International honours the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela

20-12-2013 05:59

1993 Lisbon, Portugal
The Socialist International is deeply moved by the passing of Nelson Mandela, the man who, representing the struggle for freedom of an entire nation, became a symbol for justice, reconciliation and peace for the entire world.

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195 Mare St Summary

20-12-2013 03:21

195 Mare Street was a squatted social centre in the heart of Hackney. The building, a Grade II* listed Georgian villa remains the second oldest surviving building in Hackney.

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Say No UK government taking money from the Poorest UK Children

19-12-2013 21:29

Parents on State Benefits shouldn't have to pay a percentage to the government from money meant for children

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Council tenants told to not have a merry christmas

19-12-2013 18:54

Hammersmith and Fulham Council said 46% of its tenants were in rent arrears and the cards were part of a "hard-hitting" campaign. However, tenants branded it as a "disgusting" move disguised as a festive message.

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Alienation At Work

19-12-2013 13:35

‘An immediate consequence of the fact that man is estranged from the product of his labor, from his life activity, from his species-being, is the estrangement of man from man.’ Marx, Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844.

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Law: U.K. jury asks if U.K. soldiers are ... terrorists

19-12-2013 12:03

University of London law student Mohammed Gul
When a jury asked if it was the U.K soldiers who were the terrorists, instead of a young lawyer on trial, as a terrorist [for "glorifying terrorism" !!] the Judiciary refused to address the legality of the U.K wars of aggression.

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Anti workfare demonstrators blockade Salvation Army shop in Edinburgh

19-12-2013 08:55

Demonstrators opposing workfare and sanctions blockaded a large Salvation Army charity shop in central Edinburgh on 7th December.  The approximately 40 protestors included some unemployed people who had themselves been press-ganged to work for nothing in Salvation Army charity shops.

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A new left party in South Africa?

19-12-2013 06:16

It is increasingly looking as though the metal workers' union, with a history of militancy going back to the '80s, is going to spearhead a new left party rooted in trade unions and social movements. At the same time the pressure for Jacob Zuma to resign the presidency is gathering momentum in and out of the ANC. The Marikana chickens seem to be coming home to roost for the ANC.

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Why Is the Weather So Crazy?

18-12-2013 23:15

Climate scientist Paul Beckwith explains weather distortion & spurt of Arctic methane. NOAA's Dr. Richard Feely on threat of ocean acidification. Radio Ecoshock 131218

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Join Barcelona In Ending Bloody Barbarism Of Bullfighting

18-12-2013 19:14

Innocent Horses Are Victims
Please contact the Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian and other Hispanic population embassies to end the archaic savagery of bullfighting.

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Pranksters attack Deutsche Bank with fake press releases

18-12-2013 16:22

We are delighted to learn that today two fake press releases were diffused in the news wire, spreading the rumour about a large accounting scandal, negatively impacting the course of the Deutsche Bank's share.

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Prank the pranksters! Play around with information in the age of immaterial capi

18-12-2013 15:45

Obstacles for contemporary social struggles, how they connect with the “immaterial” dimension of capitalism, and the need to overcome them.
Communication and hacking techniques: experiments to overcome the repression and new tools for social struggles.
Why these tactics can be useful in our fight against contemporary capitalism.
Proposals for basic experiments.

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Arson against EDF

18-12-2013 10:10

EDF vehicle burnt out in Bristol.

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What a Whale! What a Waste!

17-12-2013 20:56

Earlier this year a sperm whale was found dead with 59 different bits of plastic inside its stomach, which amounted to 17kg of waste. It made the news when it was discovered that the majority of the plastic was sheeting used for greenhouses by supermarket suppliers to grow tomatoes. Instead of recycling the waste, the plastic was dumped into the ocean. Amongst the supermarkets using the supplier were UK retailers Tesco and ALDI.

Kristy Guest, concerned resident from Nottingham, said:

"This story left me sad and angry because the death was completely avoidable. I signed the online petition set up by Sum of Us to hold the supermarkets accountable but it wasn't enough; I needed to do more."

After talking to people who felt the same, Kristy has decided to arrange a protest march to raise awareness about what happened and to emphasise why these acts cannot happen again. To do this, the group have been making a whale out of plastic sheeting and filling it with plastic found on the streets. This Saturday 21st December, the whale will take to swim the streets of Nottingham before symbolically ‘taking its final breath' outside a Tesco store.

Kristy went on to say:

"We want to use the event as a way of raising awareness but also to get a conversation going with the public.

We want people to understand that things like this happen regularly; we believe that much more pressure should be put on companies to make sure their procedures are responsible. "

The plan for the day is to collect people's thoughts from the day and put together a letter to send to the CEO of Tesco to see where the company stands on this issue.

The group plan to meet at 11am at the Brian Clough Statue, this Saturday 21st December.


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A question of the full extent of complicity in Child exploitation BY THE MEDIA

17-12-2013 19:11

I have two recordings here made today early evening 17/12/2013 I ask for a public announcement from CELCIS here in Scotland to end the secrecy in Secret Courts and Tribunals and state and religious institutions

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Predatory Hedge Funds and Argentina Face Supreme Court Showdown

17-12-2013 18:56

Argentina is expected to appeal to the US Supreme Court by mid-February in response to a US 2nd Circuit Court ruling ordering the country to pay $1.33 billion to predatory hedge funds. The precedent the case sets will hurt poor countries in financial distress and could allow a small group of hedge funds to target assets that benefit vulnerable populations.
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