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UK Newswire Archive

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Stop the eviction of squatted social centre at 24 Grays Inn Road

06-09-2012 12:00

Everyone who can please get down to 24 Grays Inn Road, central London either tonight or very early tomorrow morning to stop the eviction! Blockade the road outside with hundreds and hundreds of people! We can do it, we can save this vital social centre from eviction.

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Statement of some of the defendants of the "Barchem 4" case

06-09-2012 11:52

Statement of some of the defendants of the "Barchem 4" case

These words are for every one of us who has ever felt helpless against
an enemy a thousand times larger than yourself.

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Lawfulness of Cuadrilla's fracking operation remains in doubt

06-09-2012 07:52

Yesterday, three people were on trial for a second day at Preston Magistrates Court following their action (1) which shut down Cuadrilla Resources' hydraulic fracturing (2) site beside the Ribble Estuary in Lancashire in December 2011.

Two of the activists went free when it became clear that the charges against them had been poorly framed. They had been charged with aggravated trespass.

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Eviction Alert 24 Greys inn rd 8.30 am thurs (today) resistance is fertile

06-09-2012 02:10

Support needed at Palestine Place Squat 24 Greys Inn rd Kings Cross eviction expected in the morning.Hold tight stand firm.We are all the resistance

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EDL Nazi salute, Nazi tattoos & Nazi shirt in Walthamstow

05-09-2012 22:26

EDL Walthamstow - Nazi salute!
EDL Nazi salute, Nazi tattoos & Nazi shirt in Walthamstow

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New squat law used in Bristol

05-09-2012 20:07

At least one squat closed down in Bristol today using Section 144, possibly a second.

Another Bristol squat evicted by High Court bailiffs with a warrant of restitution at 4am in the morning.

And a third large squat got court papers today.

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National Day Of Action Against Charities Involved In Workfare

05-09-2012 17:11

Saturday 8th September
You may want to contact some of these charities and tell them what you think of their participation in forced unpaid work:

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National Front announces Skegness demo

05-09-2012 16:55

Not to be outdone by fascist rivals, the BNP, the National Front have said that they will be demonstrating against the halal slaughterhouse in Skegness. The explicitly racist party announced that it will be holding a demonstration in Skegness town centre, “possibly just off Lumley Road”, on Sat 15th September.

Apparently “ALL THIS EVIL” that the slaughterhouse generates is “FOR THE BLOODY IMMIGRANTS”, “FOR THE SAKE OF A PERVERTED SICK RELIGEON AND A BACKWARD CULTURE”. Whichever caps lock-deficient Nazi typed this left us in no doubt that xenophobia rather than animal welfare is the dominant issue.

The move has split the existing campaign against the Heath Road slaughterhouse. Tess Turner, who is admin of a number of Facebook pages and groups against the slaughterhouse has said she will not support any “political” march on the issue. She told the East Coast Target that “The reason I started the campaign page was nothing to do with politics and race, it’s just an animal welfare point of view.” She’s obviously realised that standing alongside a bunch of unreconstructed Hitler worshippers will be a bad PR move.

The National Front represent the white supremacist politics that the BNP have spent the past few decades pretending they don’t support any more in an attempt to be more “credible”. The NF’s constitution supports the halt of non-white immigration into the UK, the forced repatriation of non-whites already here, bringing back the death penalty and birching, the outlawing of abortion and discrimination against homosexuals. A typical post on their Facebook page supports “WHITE PRIDE NATION WIDE” with a very Nazi-like NF logo and quotes white supremacist David Lane’s 14 word phrase. Asylum seekers are referred to as “THIRD WORLD FILTH” and they state that anyone who opposes them is “RED FILTH” and “UNCLEAN SCUM”.

These wannabe “master race” members are probably still smarting from their humiliation at the hands of anti-fascists in Derbyshire a couple of years ago. An East Midlands NF “Day of Action” was brought to an abrupt end by the “reds” who took the NF’s flag and leaflets while the handful of Aryan warriors meekly surrendered. This time it’s a national demo so they may get as many as 20 to turn up and hide behind police lines. We hope the people of Lincolnshire give these Nazi chancers the boot.

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Take action against bloodsports

05-09-2012 14:55

Animal Rights campaigners from the Derby and Notts area have been campaigning to raise awareness about bloodsports, as with the approach of autumn, hunting season is upon us again.

Following the recent court conviction of one of our local hunts, the Meynell and South Staffs, the Derby Huntsabs group has launched a petition to the National Trust asking them to withdraw permission for the hunt to cross their land in the Derbyshire area. On the 9th August 2012 at Derby Magistrates Court, members of this hunt were found guilty of illegal cub hunting after video footage taken by anti-hunt campaigners on the day showed the whole hunt to be 'cubbing'. This was the abhorent and ruthless method used to train the young fox hounds to kill foxes before the Hunting Act of 2004 was introduced. The hunting community refers to this as ‘Autumn Hunting’ to disguise the true nature of what it does, which is killing innocent and helpless young cubs.

The National Trust had allowed the hunt access to their land with the understanding that they were operating in a legal manner, but as the hunt have clearly shown to be flouting the law then now is the time for the National Trust to rethink. The petition is online here so please sign and share if you can, particularly considering that the hunt have launched their own counter petition.

Local animal rights campaigners have been raising awareness of this issue with street stalls in the centre of town, asking the public to sign the petition and spread the word to other compassionate people.

Anyone interested in finding out more should visit the Hunt Saboteurs Association Website, or get in touch with their local hunt sab group.

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Protest for Palestinian hunger strikers as Israel withholds medicine

05-09-2012 11:50

Londoners protested outside the Israeli Embassy on Saturday 1st September 2012 demanding freedom for all Palestinian political prisoners as the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that the clinic at Ramla Prison is withholding needed medication from Palestinian prisoner Ayman Sharawna, on hunger strike for 63 days, until he agrees to end his hunger strike.

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The Westcountry Mutineer #1 Out Now!

05-09-2012 10:52

The Westcountry Mutineer is a new monthly black n white radical newssheet for the Southwest, 8 pages of bile and hearsay, all wrapped up in a veneer of class struggle anarchism - for your free copy, e-mail us at mutineerpress[at]

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EDL Scum sentenced in Leeds

04-09-2012 20:49

Crap EDL gang sentenced for attack on Anti fascist Gig

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Bristol Indymedia Film Night: The Missing Billions, A Film by UKUncut

04-09-2012 16:55

this is a bristol indymedia story
featured image
Where did they go?

Monday September 3rd, 8pm. Entry £3/£4 (But nobody turned away due to lack of funds)

While the cuts mean slashes in benefits, the rise in childhood poverty, job losses and the removal of vital services for most of us, it seems the bankers are doing very well out of austerity. The banking sector, bailed out by UK taxpayers to the tune of a trillion dollars is still awarding huge bonuses and raking in mountains of profit. Kerching!

However there are billions of revenue that could be used to fund vital services and help to poor. It's just that the UK government has decided that welfare is for the rich and powerful - and so let them off paying billions in taxes. Examples include Vodafone who had negotiated a deal with the UK government, whereby its tax bill of £7 billion was conveniently reduced to £1.25 billion. Goldman Sachs was let off a £10m interest bill, while it recorded profits of $2.1bn in the first quarter of 2012.

This film by UKUncut expores the issues and how people are fighting back!

The event includes supporting features and local speakers.

[ | movie review 1 | movie review 2 ]


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The Sparrows' Nest - "Ron's Collection" now online

04-09-2012 14:55

"Ron's Collection", containing marvellous source materials mostly regarding Syndicalism in Britain (and around the world) can now be accessed online.

Ron's Collection is an amazing treasure trove of leaflets, newspaper cuttings and (most numerous and interesting) letters, providing fascinating insights into the history of syndicalist groups and individuals, active in Britain and around the world.

The documents primarily record activities of the Anarchist Federation of Britain (AFB), which subsequently became the Syndicalist Workers Federation (SWF), between the 1940s and the early 1960s. The collection therefore provides researchers with unique source material on a period often overlooked in the history of radical politics, the years between the end of the Spanish Civil War and the iconic events of the late 1960s.

Part of the collection's importance is that it not only contains information on British syndicalists, but on groups and people from all over the world and with very different politics.

For instance, the processed documents were sent to and from 25 different countries, feature six languages and refer to a total of 195 groups, parties, trade unions, committees etc. as well as 71 different publications.

Ron's Collection is complemented by the archive of the Solidarity Federation (SolFed Collection), also held at the Nest. Whereas Ron's Collection contains many internal documents, the SolFed Collection includes many of the AFB/SWF's publications, such as papers and pamphlets.

Be it out of curiosity or academic interest, the documents provide researchers with fascinating information regarding historical struggles (e.g. numerous strikes, the Civil Rights Movement or anti-nuclear protests), the personal lives and motivations of people involved in the AFB/SWF (or in correspondence with them), records of internal debates and splits, confrontations with opponents (be it police, fascist groups or landlords trying to evict the printing press) and current affairs of the day (e.g. the Cuba Crisis or the Hungarian Uprising).

Visit us and browse and research in our other archival collections and our library. Aside from books, pamphlets and papers on anarchist theory and action we hold numerous archival collection recording struggles in Nottingham, Britain and around the world.

Regular opening times are every Monday 11.15am - 2.30pm (or get in touch for alternative arrangements).

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Calais: support comrades in Court again!

04-09-2012 12:51

People charged with outrage and organised rebellion against police in Calais face court this week...

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Walthamstow Post-Mortem!

04-09-2012 10:54

The fur is still flying as the EDL sober up and realise that they looked a right bunch of Charlies on Saturday!

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Fracking on trial - again!

04-09-2012 10:16

The safety of fracking will be challenged at Preston Magistrates Court today, as 3 people go on trial following a protest at Cuadrilla’s Hesketh Bank site, Lancashire, in December last year. (1) The trial is expected to last until Thursday.

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Council to evict homeless activists

04-09-2012 09:55

On Monday 3rd September two days after the law changed for squatting residential buildings, members of Birmingham Tenants and Homeless Action Group received a notice from the council informing them that if they have not vacated the building by 4:00pm Tuesday 4th September proceedings will commence for possession and eviction by a Court Order.

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Roof occupation at Brighton squat over new law + 3 arrests

03-09-2012 17:32

The first known arrests over new squatting law happened about an hour ago by squatters occupying a comercial property, who were using the upstairs residential area as an un-lived in social centre.
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