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UK Newswire Archive

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Five battles for the environment in Greece

06-11-2007 14:15

Five separate cases brought by citizens were examined by the Greek Higher Court of Justice on November 2nd. All try to prevent environmental destruction caused by lucrative deals between Corporations, the State and the Church.

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Solidarity day with Rafa, Barcelona 5 anarchist prisoner

06-11-2007 13:50

Solidarity action this Thursday 8th November with Rafa, one of five anarchists arrested in September 2003 in Barcelona.

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RBS, Barclays and Natwest - Investors in Depleted Uranium

06-11-2007 13:30

The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium has launched a disinvestment campaign against RBS, Barclays and Natwest, all of whom invest in the manufacturers of depleted uranium weapons.

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South West - A New Option On Bristol Indymedia - Please Read

06-11-2007 12:18

Bristol Indymedia have now added South West as a new option when uploading articles.

This is an ongoing part of the remodelling of Bristol Indymedia.

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Stop racism in Italy against Roma people (the murder of Giovanna Reggiani)

06-11-2007 12:02

Everyone Group asks for an end of the racist campaign against the Roma people
Hatred and tragedies taking place throughout Italy. Last night in rome, four roma were beaten up, one of them was seriously injured. In Genoa, Turin, Milan and other cities patrols of people are hunting down gypsies. The murder of Giovanna Reggiani: one man guilty, not a whole people.

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Defend Democratic Rights! Join the protest on 13th November!

06-11-2007 11:21

No police harassment!
Following a recent lull in police harassment of political activity in Newcastle, four activists were served summonses on 2nd November to appear in court on 13th November, charged with participating in an 'illegal collection' at Grey's Monument on 7th May. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!/ The Revolutionary Communist Group will be organising a protest outside the courts against these attacks on our democratic rights, and welcomes all groups and individuals who want grassroots political activity to continue to join us.

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Protest Against The Military Dictatorship In Pakistan

06-11-2007 11:04

THURSDAY 8 NOVEMBER 2007, 12.30 – 1.30 pm
Pakistani Consulate
2/26 Constitution Hill, Birmingham B19 3LH

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ICBUW Launches Global Disinvestment Campaign

06-11-2007 10:28

Too Risky Logo
On November 6th 2007 ICBUW member organisations launched a global disinvestment campaign against investments by high street banks and investment companies around the world in the manufacturers of uranium weapons. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

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Falode Family Belong to Belfast

06-11-2007 06:22

Aderonke Adenike Falode
Aderonke Adenike Falode from Nigeria is a widow with three children, Dappo, 14, Deery, 12 and Boyeh 8. They lived happily as a family until, her husband died from a heart attack in 2003. After his death, her in-laws said that she must marry her husband's brother and that he would take control of her husband's property. Ronke refused (the brother-in-law is married) and at some stage violence was threatened against her property and those living in it.

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25,000 blockade worlds longest dam in India

06-11-2007 04:29

Sorry but Its late and im too tired to write this up fresh for indymedia, this is still a corporate media press release. I'll post updates from this blockade later on today.

Solidarity would be hugely appreciated as India's Supreme Court looks like it is going to rule in favour of mining corporation Vedanta to be able to mine the Niyamigiri Hills in Orissa, which will mean the death of thousands of people and will set a precedent for the mining of all of India's forests.

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testimony of Nicéforo Urbieta

06-11-2007 02:42

I’m sending out the testimony of our comrade Nicéforo Urbieta, arrested and subsequently released on November 2 in Oaxaca.

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Protest against the military dictatorship in Pakistan

06-11-2007 01:38

A protest against the military dictator of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Musharraf's decision to impose martial law (in the name of emergency) has been organised by the South Asian Alliance. Following is the press release issued by the Alliance. Please do try to come to the protest and register our support for Pakistani people's struggle against the "pro-west" tyrant.

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Clan Ebor demonstration Saturday November 3rd

06-11-2007 00:18

A bright Saturday morning saw around a hundred people turn out in support of
the 60 families targeted by the Home Office, as part of the Clan Ebor Pilot
project for fast track deportation.

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Preston Public Meeting To Debate Ribble Barrage and Floodplain Housing Threat

05-11-2007 22:30

Come to voice your opinion about the Riverworks Ribble Barrage and Floodplain housing plans.

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Second meeting for the summit against everything, Sat 10th, 4pm at the LSE

05-11-2007 21:55

Following the first and succesful meeting to organise a summit of anarchists, anti-authoritarian and autonomists in London, we are meeting again this Saturday, 10th of November, 4pm at room S50, St Clements building, London School of Economics. See how to get to the LSE:
Campus map: (The original callout follows)

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Abortion rights under attack in Britain

05-11-2007 21:43

A coordinated offensive against the right to abortion has been under way in Britain, on the 40th anniversary of its legalisation.

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In January 2008, Global Day of Mobilization and Action

05-11-2007 21:31

Unilateral Day of Action planned, to make the statement that 'It Does'nt Have To Be This Way Anymore", global actions planned by the largest and most cohesive aspect of the Anti-globalisation movement.

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Reel News Launch Party Friday November 9th

05-11-2007 19:56

Reel News is starting a monthly activist video night on the second Friday of every month at the Red Lion in Streatham High Rd.

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Class War: Bash The Rich Video Rush

05-11-2007 19:33

Rapid cut of footage from Saturday 3 November 2007.

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Mapuche child from the Temucuicui community gunned down by Chilean police

05-11-2007 18:54

Prior to the violent raid that was carried, Tuesday 30th October, in the Mapuche community of Temucuicui, by the institution of Armed Police of Chile, where the minor of 10 years old, Patricio Queipul Millanao, was arterially wounded by the bullets that they cowardly and indiscriminately fired straight at the boy's body.
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