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UK Newswire Archive

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Hunger Strike in Parliament Square - day 25

20-01-2013 00:32

Long term Parliament Square peace campaigner Barbara Tucker has lived round the clock opposite the Houses of Parliament for over 7 years. She has slept in the open for over a year now without a tent and has been treated for exposure. She is on a hunger strike in the hope of getting her confiscated tent back.

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Mali Algeria intervention, NATO's drive to control Africa

19-01-2013 20:24

Bristol Community FM’s weekly politics show. At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world. After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris. For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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"I'm not a fascist ..I'm a Nazi!"

19-01-2013 19:26

Golden shower as British far-right turn in another piss-poor performance at the Greek Embassy.

Full article with links -!/

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Portraits of Brit Nazis - approx 12 support Golden Dawn today - can you ID them?

19-01-2013 15:12

On the global day in support of Greek antifascism and against Greek fascist party Golden Dawn, a small group of British fascists showed their support of Nazism in a tiny police pen alongside.

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Aufhebengate -Fuck off Libcom

19-01-2013 14:43

I want to draw everyone's attention to this article by Sam FantoSamotnaf.

"From Millbank to Quebec, via Athens, Tunis, Suez, Oakland, Barcelona and countless other places, the crowd has confronted the forces of the state with varying degrees of success and failure, of non-violent and violent tactics, over the last couple of years. Ostensibly these outbreaks of class war have been supported and encouraged by the “libertarian communist” section of the supposed movement against capitalism, including those publishing extreme anti-state and anti-commodity theory. So when, in January 2011, the TPTG, a small Greek group, discovered that John Drury, a significant “theoretician” and long-standing member of the self-styled anti-state communist group Aufheben, had been helping the cops with a divide and rule strategy for the very same crowds that this group ostensibly wanted to contribute to radicalising, they were shocked and sent out, to their English speaking friends in London and elsewhere, requests for some strategy of how to deal with this information. After several months of a combination of mainly indifference and ideological obstacles from some and out and out resistance on the part of people closest to Aufheben as well as the rest of the members of Aufheben, the TPTG and myself publicised (on Libcom Blog and elsewhere) this information on the internet in October 2011 (see The strange case of Dr.Johnny and Mr.Drury on this site). As a result we encountered a deluge of denial, contorted evasions and the most stupid defences of a clear-cut case of collaboration. The resulting scandal became known as Aufhebengate."

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Greece Squatter Solidarity Graffiti in Brighton

19-01-2013 14:02

Brighton, UK: Solidarity with squatters and anarchists worldwide.

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Rise Up!!

19-01-2013 13:05

Rise Up Diggers one and all!

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Assange 7 months in embassy surrounded by British police, Hague in Australia

19-01-2013 11:48

Today marks 7 months since Julian Assange entered the Ecuadoran embassy in London seeking assylum from U.S. persecution. The embassy remains surrounded 24/7 by British police. Anti-war & human rights activists maintain a daily vigil 2pm-5pm. Yesterday photo

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Japanese Sasago Syndrome & Dutch Dam Marker as Evidences of Hot Expanding Earth

18-01-2013 21:41

Japanese Sasago Syndrome, Dutch Dam Marker and African Infernal Overflow as Evidences of Hot Expanding Earth Theory [Global Warming, Geophysics and Cosmology] // A good few hundreds unfailing bolts were find torn loose in almost one geophysical and technical moment of lithospheric stretching in Japanese tunnel “Sasago” in 2012. It means that long dams in Holland can one near day be toppled in the water!

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Outrage as High Court permits secrecy over undercover policing

18-01-2013 18:55

Readers of Bristol Indymedia, and activists in the area, will be well aware of the exposures of undercover cops in recent years. Two of these cops, Mark Jacobs (undercover in Cardiff) & Mark Kennedy/Stone (undercover in Notts, but everywhere), were well known to activists in the south west and Wales, until they were exposed. What is perhaps less well known is that they and other undercovers coerced female activists into close relationships with them. Well for a while now some of these women have got together and are trying to sue the Metropolitan Police in a public court and hold them to account for the misbehavious of their undercovers, and gain some sense of justice for the abuse they suffered. As is so often the case when cops break their own rules, and their laws, the last thing the Met wants to do is face a public court case - the statement below shows that, for now at least, they are being successful in avoiding any public accountability.

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The many disguises of Harry Matz

18-01-2013 13:10

Matz (white cap) on an EDL outing in London
The English Defence League and Jewish Defence League member

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Cooperative Revolution street exhib of photographs

18-01-2013 08:55


Smithy Row [off Market Square], Nottingham. Between 12 January – 10 February, 

A giant open air street gallery of photographs has arrived in Nottingham as part of a national tour to illustrate the history, scope and impact of co-operation world-wide.



The Co-operative Revolution Street Gallery consists of 24 images on three metre high installations.

The Rochdale Society of Pioneers was originally a group of 30 in Rochdale, Lancashire, that was formed in 1844. As the mechanisation of the Industrial Revolution was forcing more and more skilled workers into poverty, these tradesmen decided to band together to open their own store selling food items they could not otherwise afford.

The United Nations has recognised the powerful global contribution made by Co-operatives to economic and social development by designating 2012 The UN International Year of Co-operatives.

Now, although the exhibition has been compiled by The Co-operative Group, the UK’s largest member-owned organisation ..... This store group is just one example of the development of this idea.  There are many others in the UK and worldwide in the notion of how people can come together in a spirit of cooperation to fulful their needs, rather than the economic model of competition which is the more usual model these days.

"Co-operatives are a reminder to the international community tht it is possible to pursue both economic viability and social responsibility". Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General.

The Co-opererative Revolution Street Gallery will be touring towns and cities across the UK.  Recently having been to Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham and Leeds.

More Info:


Recent news:

In the face of protests both on and offline, The Co-operative Group have ditched poverty pimps Atos as their occupational health provider.

Nothing to do with such protest of course........ No, not at all!

Co-op Ditch Atos – Keep Up The Pressure, It Works!



Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"




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SOFEX - Mass Murder Is BIG Business

17-01-2013 18:01

The Dillon Aero M134D Gatling Gun

By Shane Smith

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Disney Owned Feld Entertainment And Ringling Brothers Continue Reign Of Terror

17-01-2013 17:57

The Pavement World Of Ringling Brothers Elephants

Disney owns Feld Entertainment which through Disney's hundreds of billions of dollars has
squeezed a 9.3 million dollar settlement from the ASPCA

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Another Hunger Strike at Morton Hall

17-01-2013 16:55

A number of detainees have been on hunger strike inside Morton Hall IRC for as many as 9 days. Abbas Ayub, a Pakistani national said 3 men were protesting because they want to be returned to their countries of birth but the UK Borders Agency continues to detain them. Abbas said he had been refusing food since last Monday because he has been detained since May, even though he has agreed to return to Pakistan voluntarily. He said that no one from UKBA had spoken to him about his protest. “I just want to go back” he told No Borders Nottingham.

Indefinite detention is a deeply controversial part of the UK’s immigration detention system. According to Nick Hardwick, the chief inspector of prisons, speaking last month, some immigration detainees have “simply been forgotten”. One Somali migrant has been held for 9 years after he completed his prison sentence.

The hunger strike is the most recent in a series of protests by Morton Hall prisoners regarding their treatment over the last twelve months. On Wednesday 9th Jan, a Sudanese detainee attempted suicide by slitting his wrists. Friends of the man said that he was frustrated and angry at his long period of detention. Prior to this, a peaceful protest involving between 30 and 40 detainees took place on Christmas Eve. Prisoners had been left without running water, working toilets or cooked food for a number of days.

This is not the first hunger strike inside Morton Hall. In July 2011 an estimated 100 detainees went on hunger strike due to their treatment by the authorities. Two detainees scaled the centre’s rooftops and threatened to jump within less than 24 hours of each other. The detainees, originally from Palestine and Malaysia, were protesting at the ‘disrespectful’ and ‘inhumane’ treatment they experienced, including being detained for prolonged periods.

No Borders Nottingham activist Geoff Bates said “This hunger strike is only the most recent manifestation of ongoing resistance to this country’s inhuman migration control system. The indefinite detention of migrant detainees is an act of violence by the state on vulnerable members of our community and it must end.”

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On the emergence of Property Guardianship company Ad Hoc in Cardiff

17-01-2013 16:33

Ad Hoc Property Guardians
Disclaimer: This statement is not on behalf of the whole of Cardiff
Squatters Network, just a handful of individuals who are part of it and
squat in Cardiff.

Full article

Solidarity action with the recent wave of attacks on squats in Greece.

17-01-2013 13:58

Anarchists graffiti bank in solidarity with greek squatters

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Mark Kennedy, James Bond, and the Secret State.

17-01-2013 13:18

"The High Court has today granted an application by the Metropolitan Police for a secret hearing over the claims brought against them under the Human Rights Act, arising from undercover officers engaging in intimate long term relationships with women whilst undercover."
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