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UK Newswire Archive

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"From Guy Fawkes to 911" UK tour - 400 Years of State Sponsored Terror

22-10-2007 15:45

U.S. 'Terrorologist' author Webster Tarpley tours Britain starting this tour in London on Guy Fawkes night. History is full of examples of elements within the state using fake 'terrorism' to drive the political classes and people into the hands of despots and as an excuse for the loss of civil liberties. Since 9/11, evidence has come to light that contradicts that day's infamous terrorist attacks. American historian Webster Tarpley argues that this is nothing new, serious inconsistencies have been associated with terror attacks for hundreds of years throughout the Western world.

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No more farmers markets in Farnborough

22-10-2007 15:33

Thanks to the lack of support and bloody-minded obstruction by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, there will be no more farmers markets in Farnborough.

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MAYDAY Magazine launch weekend: Fri 26 & Sat 27

22-10-2007 14:58

MAYDAY Magazine is a newly published anarchist journal.

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14-year old Meltem and her mother must be released from Yarl's Wood!

22-10-2007 12:54

Meltem, the 14-year old girl that wrote a letter from yarlswood 2 weeks ago has just been refused bail again. She and her mother have now been in detention for 2 months and allthough they had two sureties and are currently waiting for the outcome of their judicial review their bail application got refused again.
Cennet doesn't speak much English so 14-year old Meltem has to handle everything herself- speaking to the guards in Yarlswood, their solicitor etc.. If she stays in detention for much longer she might not be able to do her GCSEs next year.

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Freedoms getting less every day? TV Links shut down for linking :

22-10-2007 12:14

And if linking is illegal, how many of us are guilty?
October 20, 2007 1:42 PM

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Whipround for fined Cambridge GM campaigner

22-10-2007 08:01

Friends of an anti-GM crops campaigner who scaled a fence to get at the last crop in Britain are organising a whip-round to help him out after he was asked to pay a hefty fine imposed by local courts.

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Opposing the BNP in Sutton in Ashfield

22-10-2007 07:59

Leafleting against the BNP in the run up to the Sutton-in- Ashfield West by election.

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Brighton Residents Visit Palestine

22-10-2007 07:39



Brighton Residents Visit Palestine

For more details contact Brett Cohen or Sarah Cobham on 07846506710 or
07986 764432


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Sussex students pass motion in support of posties

22-10-2007 07:14

The University of Sussex Students' Union just passed a motion of support for the strike, with reference to scab student labour in Liverpool, and with the intention of increasing student awareness about union organising. A letter is also being written to be sent to the Liverpool students' unions informing them about this and asking them to take some sort of action.

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Dalai Lama pawn in Bush's oil wars?

21-10-2007 22:33

We've already had to warn the heroic Buddhist dissidents of Burma and colonized Uighur people of China's far west against allowing themselves to be exploited as propaganda fodder by the Bush White House. Now it seems we have to warn the Dalai Lama—whose official website boasts the text of his Oct. 17 Capitol Hill acceptance speech upon being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Veg*n Climate March in London

21-10-2007 20:27

Be part of history in London! Be part of the biggest ever mobilisation of vegetarians and vegans on environmental grounds!! Veg*nism is the solution to many of the catastrophies facing the planet - it`s time to tell the world!!

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Midsummer House = Midsummer McDonalds

21-10-2007 19:04

Demo report, Midsummer House, 20th October.....

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New Calf Food Campaign

21-10-2007 18:45

On October, 1st 2007 (World Vegetarian Day) Maqi - für Tierrechte, gegen Speziesismus started a new anti milk campaign:

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Urgent help needed to Stop Germany Deporting People to Iraq

21-10-2007 18:36

Stop deportations imminent by the German state to Iraq - Protest against ZAGROS AIR - call for urgent fax
campaign - please read, fax and forward this message!

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Fur & Foie Gras Demos In Leeds

21-10-2007 18:35


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Israel Shaken By Report on IDF Brutality

21-10-2007 16:58

When you dehumanize a group of people in order to consider them the enemy and take away everything they have (including their lives), it gives you ever more license to treat these people with monstrous, unthinking brutality.

The Israeli people really shouldn't be quite so shocked: they are simply reaping what they have sown, now manifesting as the behavior of the IDF, from the very inception of the Israeli state.

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Ben Atar Squat under Threat of Eviction

21-10-2007 16:26

The three years old squat in Florentin, a southern neiboughrhood of Tel Aviv, recieved an eviction order for this coming Teusday. Protests are planned.

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No choice for the oppressed of Myanmar/Burma

21-10-2007 15:53

The anti-junta uprising in Myanmar/Burma, and its violent suppression by the military force, has placed the concerns of this county on the international stage. In New Zealand, political oganisations ranging from the National Party through to the Greens and ‘far-left’ Socialist Worker have issued statements of uncritical support for the pro-democracy movement. The military regime is clearly despised by a vast majority of the population in Myanmar/Burma. However, leftists who want to support the people of Myanmar/Burma should cast a critical eye on those leading the ‘pro-democracy’ movement there. By examining the policies of the Aung San Suu Kyi led National League for Democracy (NLD), the less than positive implications of an NLD-led government coming to power can be deduced.

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HRW: Israel Arbitrarily Blocking Medical Evacuations From Gaza

21-10-2007 15:33

Ethnic cleansing, one sick Gazan at a time.

The Israeli government must feel so proud of itself for not having the any member of the IDF pull the trigger on these people: just let their treatable diseases take their course.

One also has to praise the actions of the Tel-Aviv based Physicians for Human Rights - Israel for their wonderful humanitarian work in this area.

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Zionism's Terror Camps Train Foreign Youth

21-10-2007 15:29

The Israeli Government is again found guilty of what it accuses others of doing.
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