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UK Newswire Archive

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Please say no to more biofuels at the expense of rainforests and food security

28-04-2007 19:18

The Government are consulting on the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) - which sets targets for the use of biofuels. An increasing share of biofuels comes from the global South and is grown at the expense of rainforests, local communities and food sovereignty. Far from reducing emissions, the RTFO will accelerate climate change by triggering more deforestation. Please go to .

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SWIFT,Belgium:Did The CIA's SRA International Ate George W Bush's E-mail ?

28-04-2007 18:42

SRA International for whatever reason has a virtual monopoly on U.S. Government 'IT' contracts. Why ? Are they really that good or do they just have unfair lobbying advantages in the Beltway and Washington,D.C. ? They,JUST like Cerberus hedge fund and its IAP Worldwide with its Walter Reed scandal and ongoing efforts to gain access and employment by data mining your IRS tax records and Titan Corp of Level-3,whose employees tortured at Abu Graibe and whose employee Makram Chams cashed the Dubai originated $70,000 check for Mohamed Atta,ARE ALL ON THE U.S. DOLE ! Why ? Not to forget Halliburton whose old Kellogg Brown and Root boys and Mr.(hee hee)Swindle are taking good care of wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and just bought themselves some nice banks(Leumi of Israel and Bawag of Austria) to 'hedge fund' through.And oh so maaany more.......

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The Grinding Machine: Terror and Genocide in Rwanda

28-04-2007 17:32

In his 7 April 2007 commemoration of genocide, delivered in Murambi, Rwanda, President Paul Kagame spoke—in the Kinyarwanda language—with the inflection and innuendo of viciousness. He complained that the French should have tasted the RPF’s wrath when—Operation Turquoise, 1994—the RPF had the chance to inflict and wound them. He complained about all the Paul Rusesabaginas abroad, and their white friends, who malign and slander the good name of Rwanda. And when he complained about the Hutus, there was no mistaking the message—Rwandans say—for the threat that it is. President Paul Kagame said that the RPF Army made a mistake: that they should have finished off all the Hutus before they fled to Congo (Zaire), and they should have finished off all those who returned, when they had the chance. Kagame’s supporters, both emboldened and embarrassed by his words, issued a sanitized version of this speech; the original has disappeared from public view. Rwanda today is a cauldron of terror. It is not over. For many Rwandans, every day it begins anew.

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Anti-deportation stall, Saturday, 5th May 2007, 12pm.

28-04-2007 17:22

Anti-racist activists from NWASDG and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! will be holding another anti-deportation protest and stall on Saturday 5 May from 12pm at Longsight Market, Manchester. You are invited to attend and take an active part. Actions speak louder than words. Say no to the racist Labour government's policies of starvation, isolation, detention and deportation of refugees and asylum seekers, where it matters: on the streets. Defend all asylum seekers! No to deportations! No to British state racism!

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A modern Orientalist view of Iran

28-04-2007 16:54

In an article titled "A Nation of Nose Jobs, Not Nuclear War" by Peter Hitchens in Mail on Sunday is only one of many recent audacious pieces that amalgamates two favorite issues used to support the American propaganda machine against Iranian sovereignty: women and the nuclear energy program. In a disingenuously compassionate tone, and using literary chicanery for his aim, the author draws unsuspecting readers in by impersonating a wide-eyed, open soul in search of understanding an enigma.

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Grandma faces eviction for using medical cannabis

28-04-2007 15:41

A campaign to support Pat Tabram (the 'Grandma who Eats Cannabis') is being launched to prevent her cruel and vindictive eviction from her home because she publicly refuses to stop self medicating with natural organic cannabis, and won't keep her mouth shut.

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Don't support Hilary Clinton ... but hey noone going to listen!

28-04-2007 13:29

Hilary Clinton
It wrong to support Clinton because... (I am alway slating somebody else's reports so here my thoughts.)

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"The End Game" video stream- the anti-war movement and the Democrats

28-04-2007 13:20

As the debate intensifies over the Iraq war funding, this new Labor Beat (Chicago, IL) video examines the complicity of the Democratic Party in the war, against the backdrop of recent 4th anniversary of war protests. Video stream and dvd ordering info

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Wanstead Climate Action Group

28-04-2007 12:50

New Climate Campaigning Group in North East London

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Sign the Letter to British Journalists

28-04-2007 12:36

Recently, the British National Union of Journalists passed an outrageous resolution that urges a boycott of Israeli products. the resolution "violates the basic tenet of journalism - objectivity."

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TUC supports formal investigation into migrant worker underclass

28-04-2007 12:10

Following the BBC exposé of licensed gangmasters Focus Staff Limited, the TUC has today (Thursday) called for a thorough investigation into all the agencies and labour suppliers involved.

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The Imperial Nuclear Order

28-04-2007 10:44

But why not a much grander "Shock and Awe" through the so-called "conventional" weapons? And why Iran? The answer to this would have to address two questions: why is invasion necessary in the first place? And why does invasion have any reasonable chance of success only if the nuclear option stays on the table and may indeed be exercised? We have stated some of the factors impelling the U.S. to invade Iran. Furthermore, unlike Iraq, Iran cannot be softened and broken through sanctions. The unilateral, U.S.-imposed sanctions, which have been in place since 1979 in one shape or another, have simply not worked; with unbearable U.S. pressure, China and Russia may agree to some kind of limited sanctions imposed by the Security Council but such sanctions are unlikely to do any great damage to Iran because most states will find ways of bypassing them.

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Neocon Sarko Poised to Win French Elections

28-04-2007 10:29

In short, the French people have a choice between a neocon who likes to call Muslim immigrants voyous (thugs) or a graduate of the elite École nationale d’administration, in other words Ségolène Royal is one of a handful of énarques selected to become senior bureaucrats in France. For some reason, probably a throwback to their royal past, the French people accept this ironclad political monopoly with little question.

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28-04-2007 09:18

The Scream

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Critical Mass London 13th Anniversary ride.

28-04-2007 09:04

Video Start of ride left
The very well attended Mass got off to a good start, despite a spelling mistake on the kindly donated t-shirts. There was the usual large police presence with its usual intimidating videoing of riders. Pity they can't take their own medicine and try to conceal their faces.

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Call for Submissions: Zine on Property Destruction

28-04-2007 07:51

Entering the radical community, many quickly find themselves constantly hearing about debate over property destruction. Is it violence? Does it matter if it's violence? Is it effective? Is it alienating? And on and on. I've been hearing this argument pretty much since I regularly started attending protests. At this point, I almost don't want to deal with the subject. Naturally, you're asking, "Then why the hell do you want to make a zine about it?"

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11 people arrested at anti-fa demo in lisboa

28-04-2007 06:32

25 of april, Lisboa, Portugal. 400 people participate in an illegal anti-fascist demo. After the programmed end of it, a different and smaller group of 50 persons, marched towards the fascist partie headquarters, but the riot police stoped them with brutality, and eleven arrests were performed.

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Police ignore SOCPA music.

28-04-2007 05:06

For several months now police have been threatening Critical Mass riders with arrest if they dare to play their bicycle sounds systems in the SOCPA zone around Parliament Square.

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Barrett Heading to Morocco to Apprehend Suicide Hijacker

28-04-2007 00:13

An email from Kevin Barrett.

(Press Conference outside the office of Wisconsin Rep. Steve Nass, Room 12 West State Capitol, Madison, Wisconsin, Thursday, May 3rd, 10:30 a.m.)

Dr. Kevin Barrett, the University of Wisconsin lecturer who was denied a tenure-track position at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, hounded by Steve Nass and 61 state legislators, and handed a death threat by Bill O’Reilly—all because of his political opinions and religious identity—has opted for a new career: Fugitive Recovery Agent specializing in the apprehension of still-living 9/11 suicide hijackers.

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Australian ALP to vote on uranium mines policy

27-04-2007 23:20

No Uranium Mines
"I sought advice and indeed direction if you like from the rank and file of the party and those who attended those meetings were very strong in their view that we shouldn't change the policy," he said.
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