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UK Newswire Archive

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Bristol Co-Mutiny - Who Makes The Bombs Critical Mass

08-09-2009 21:04

In Bristol and surrounds, a diverse group of people will converge between
the 12th and 20th September; drawn together by the common threads of our
indignation at how a combination of corporate greed, social injustice, war and
environmental degradation is leading us all towards climate choas and
financial collapse. Collectively we will share skills and knowledge, and
collaborate in autonomous actions to find a way out of the mess.

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Disarm DSEi arms fair, London - pictures.

08-09-2009 20:50

Barclays employees looking on.
Around 150 activists and anti arms-trade campaigners gather in London to bring attention to Europes largest arms fair due to take place in London between 8th and 11th September 2009.

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Defend Community Events

08-09-2009 20:32

Community arts and music events up and down the country are under threat from the implementation by local police forces of ACPO policy on the charging for policing of events

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World War Two: Good war or imperialist slaughter?

08-09-2009 19:45

The Second World War, was supposed to be a ‘good war’, perhaps the only ‘good war’ of the last hundred years. This has been used again and again to justify the present social order. This idea of the ‘good war’ serves to reinforce the idea that, when it comes down to it, we must all rally together to defend democracy when it is threatened by something ‘much worse’...

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Operation Liberation Update: SHAC UK National Demo

08-09-2009 17:47

Operation Liberation, UK National Demo – less than three weeks to go!

OPERATION LIBERATION – Saturday 26th September 2009, Starts 12 noon at the farm:, part of the Global Week of Action against animal lab breeders:

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Palestine Today 090809

08-09-2009 17:16


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday September 8th, 2009

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The liberal “Anti-Capitalist” – Climate Camp 2009

08-09-2009 16:28

The camp for climate action 2009 recieved lots of criticism, much of it is superficial and fails to get to the roots of the problematic relationship between anti-capitalism and environmentalism.

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Animal Rights Protest Tomorrow

08-09-2009 16:18

A DEMONSTRATION is due to take place tommorw against Sanofi-aventis for thier current support to hls tommorow

meet at newcastle monument 3.30 set off at 4 to the factory

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Prague (CZ): We all are unadapted!

08-09-2009 15:09

Media, politicians, neo-Nazis and even "decent people" have united in order to bring to light today's biggest threat: the unadapted. The abusive characterization has began to live its own life. It is used for denouncing anyone who is not a favorite: Roma, squatters, ravers, the poor...

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DSEi City demo visits Arms Trade investors as police keep a low profile

08-09-2009 14:53

Despite Disarm DSEi's refusal to negotiate with the police, the planned demo visited a number of investors in the Arms Trade. Protestors arriving at the meetup were surprised to find a very small police presence, and a noticeable lack of FIT teams and police cameras.

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Mitie noise demo during Bristol Co-Mutiny

08-09-2009 12:04

We invite everybody to demonstrate noisily at the main offices of Mitie Group on Wednesday week (16th September) at 11.

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Grilliband - your chance to ask about vestas, e.on, nukes, and that bloody grin

08-09-2009 11:45

Does my grin look big in this?
Guardian Repost + commentary: "Live Q&A: David Miliband on the Copenhagen summit
In the first of a series of web chats on Copenhagen with government ministers, David Miliband replies to your questions". OK, so it's MSM hosted, but no reason not to take the opp. to take this grinning buffoon to task, eh?

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Statement of Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative on Arrests of their Members

08-09-2009 11:39

On September, 4th 2009 District Court in Belgrade decided that arrested members of ASI will be held for thirty days in detention. Our comrades are accused of an act of international terrorism.

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Care in the Consultancy: New Labour private enterprise stitching up the NHS

08-09-2009 10:22

The crisis in the National Health Service reaches new and absurd heights as global management consultancy firm McKinsey and Company was recently employed by the government to advise on reducing the huge budget needed to maintain the health service.

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Anarcho-syndicalists arrested for 'international terrorism' in Serbia

08-09-2009 09:43

The 'Belgrade Five'
On Saturday, Sept. 4, five political activists were arrested in Belgrade on trumped up charges of 'international terrorism.'

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Western Sahara campaigners meet Foreign Office officials

08-09-2009 09:06

A group of campaigners went to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to deliver a letter to David Miliband to demand that the UK government takes swift action to secure the safety of the Oxford Six students. The students were arrested and beaten by Moroccan police whilst on their way to a British Council-sponsored peace workshop.

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Sri-Lankan Army massacred civilians in bunkers - medical worker

08-09-2009 08:39

A medical worker who came out of Mu’l’li-vaaykkaal during the last days of the war on the NE Sri Lankan coast last May reveals shocking evidence which had so far only been rumoured.....meanwhile, conditions in Sri Lanka’s militarised internment camps continue where over 250,000 civilians remain in captivity, what critics have called “the world’s biggest open air prison”.

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Meeting and greeting the Arms dealers

08-09-2009 06:50

Monday morning, and with ITT sponsoring a pre-DSEi conference at the QE2 Conference Centre in Victoria, a meet and greet event was organised for 8 in the morning. Arriving about 20 minutes early, the first sight to greet the eyes is 3 police vans and a sea of yellow jackets clustered around the entrance door. As I get closer, I see that someone must have got there much earlier, as the central glass panel is redecorated with an antiwar slogan. Railings are being erected around the site, and as I draw closer I am approached by a copper who calls me by a name that is definitely not mine. He informs me that someone has applied for permission to demonstrate, and that they have provided a designated protest area to facilitate our right to protest. I point out that I am nothing to do with the application, and that I would not be joining anyone who had applied for state permission to exercise the right to protest. He then proceeds to threaten me with a SOCPA arrest if I don't enter the pen.

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Indefinite refuse strike in Leeds starts

08-09-2009 06:45

On monday September 7 bin workers employed by Leeds city council took indefinite strike action
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