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UK Newswire Archive

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Fur Is A Drag pt 3

02-11-2010 01:12

The next Fur Is A Drag event will be taking place on Sunday 21st November on Brick Lane, London E1 at 12 noon.

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Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance - Next Public Meeting

01-11-2010 23:30

Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance : United Against Cuts
16 November 2010 at 7.30pm

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Hands-on action top nuclear power in Germany

01-11-2010 23:28

Despite massive protests  [1|2|3|4]  and against the declared will of the population, the German government in September rammed through parliament an extension of the operating periods of German nuclear power stations.

On 5 November the next consignment of processed nuclear waste is due in Gorleben, a village of 600 people located roughly equidistant between the northern cities of Hanover and Hamburg. Despite the annual general police ban on protests along rail and road routes to be used by the waste shipment, activist groups are calling for rallies, blockades [1 2 3] and removal of ballast stones from the local railway line that weekend.


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The season so far

01-11-2010 23:23

A summary of our season so far

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Shift Mag Issue#10: "Neither National nor International: Notes against Europe"

01-11-2010 23:09

As part of Shift Magazine's issue on borders and Fortress Europe, this article urges that the left to abandon its traditional attraction to the EU as a progressive political project that serves as a crucial counterbalance to global capitalism and American imperialism, in favour of a more radical position.

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Hands-on action needed more than ever to stop nuclear power in Germany

01-11-2010 22:59

Despite massive protests and against the declared will of the population, the German government in September rammed through parliament an extension of the operating periods of German nuclear power stations. On 5 November the next consignment of processed nuclear waste is due in Gorleben, a village of 600 people located roughly equidistant between the northern cities of Hanover and Hamburg. Despite the annual general police ban on protests along rail and road routes to be used by the waste shipment, activist groups are calling for rallies, blockades and removal of ballast stones from the local railway line that weekend.

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Terror Targets Houston/Chicago -- Official Statement to Investigation

01-11-2010 22:39

The Internet analyses of the of Ghost Troop have become legend to Internet Intelligentsia as the new samizdat. In his statement below to government investigators, Captain May is countering the fifth column that is the real power of Al-Qaeda. The editorial about our missions is accurate, as the archives to which it links will show.
-- CSM Merlin Neadow, Vietnam veteran --

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First hand account from the Devonport blockade

01-11-2010 21:57

Report by Ray Davies of Trident Ploughshares and CND Cymru about today's Devonport blockade.

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Liverpool Mass Protest against the cuts 10.11.10

01-11-2010 21:01

Liverpool Mass Protest against the cuts - called by Liverpool TUC

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Emergency Convocation

01-11-2010 20:31

Urgent appeal to sign the petition for the granting of asylum to the Iranian hunger strikers in Athens, Greece. The aforementioned petition is addressed to the defaulting government of The Hellenic Republic: It is requested that it should grant asylum to the hunger strikers, who have already manifested alarming effects on their health due to the prolonged hunger strike.

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Venue Change for Alternative Vegan Festival

01-11-2010 20:16

Alternative Vegan Festival Update

The Alternative Vegan Festival will be going ahead as planned in a new, amazing venue in Leytonstone, North London.

This event is DIY, and anyone is welcome to get involved.

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Vote for a vegan pizza at Pizza Express

01-11-2010 18:51

Vote to get a vegan pizza on the menu at Pizza Express!

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Piracy & Participatory Economics

01-11-2010 18:28

Reflections on Michael Gilbert, Gabriel Kuhn, Piracy, Economics and so on…

The M62 Corridor (as planners doubtless think of it) - or at least a short stretch of it – had the good fortune last Thursday to host both Michael Gilbert and Gabriel Kuhn, hearing them talk on their respective expert subjects.

Your correspondent, equipped with a bicycle and railcard, was able to encounter both speakers by catching one talk in Leeds and the other in Bradford, and offers the following reflections.

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Ashley Ward News Update

01-11-2010 18:27

Ashley Ward, Bristol news update...
(1) New 20mph limit now live in residential streets in Ashley Easton and Lawrence Hill. Officers have noted numerous requests to extend to St Andrews, Bishopston and Redland (and indeed the rest of Bristol!) Some concerns raised about including Ashley Hill, Sussex Place, Lower Ashley Road, Ashley Road, City Road in the 20mph limit - we will be monitoring. Views welcome.

(2) Residents are delighted that the "Tea Garden" café in St Andrews Park is to remain. Strong support for Karen and Fay's excellent service at the public meeting on 4th October convinced officers that alternative plans would not be appreciated! Cafe Annual Halloween event on Sunday 31st October between 3:15pm and 7pm. Details at

(3) Ashley Neighbourhood Forum meeting is THIS Monday 1st November 6pm - St Pauls Learning and Family Centre, Grosvenor Road, St Pauls - A chance for all residents to help shape our wonderful ward. JR will be a bit late! Apologies.

(4) Communal bins - the pilot scheme in St Pauls seems to be generally successful. Streets are demonstrably cleaner, less cluttered, even friendlier I'm told, and recycling is soaring. There are still some issues, which officers are working on with individual residents. Comments welcome as always.

(5) Ashley Down Road - officers are considering responses to the consultation in preparation to improve the pavements and roads. This is long overdue. With three primary schools now along that stretch, we need safer walking and crossing arrangements.

(6) Official opening of Brunswick Cemetery Gardens between Wilder Street and Brunswick Square St Pauls - this beautiful, tucked away park has been recently restored complete with stunning artwork by internationally renowned artist Hew Locke . Saturday 13 November 12pm - 4pm and Talk at 5pm. More details at

(7) Work has started on the Montpelier Park improvements. Thanks to all, particularly Shiona and the dynamic Montpelier Park Group

(8) Other spooky Halloween events in York Road Montpelier Sunday 31st October Pumpkin weigh in TODAY Sat 30th October 3-7pm outside Gallifords, Picton Street

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Bath Anti Cuts Alliance: Together we can...

01-11-2010 18:27


* Save our services!
* Fight for every job!
* Hands off our retirement!
People and communities before profit and privatistion!


* Save our services!
* Fight for every job!
* Hands off our retirement!
People and communities before profit and privatistion!

'Bankers, Politicians, Fatcats - We Won't Pay For Their Crisis!'

Protest! @ -

B&NES (Tory) cabinet meeting to plan the cuts - Wednesday 3rd Nov from 4pm, outside the Guildhall, Bath

B&NES full council meeting to vote on the cuts - Tuesday 16th Nov from 5.30pm, outside the Guildhall, Bath


It's time to fight back against the cuts!

The Con-Dem spending review hs now been released, and it is as bad as everyone expected. By rsing our retirement age, freezing our wages, worsening our pensions and destroying our much needed public and community services, this government has introduced a spending review that hits the poorest and most vulnerable in society hardest, and leaves the rich and the bankers unscathed.

While we suffer, the Sunday Times rich list reported that the richest 1,000 UK citizens have seen their wealth increase by £77 billion over the past year. This increase alone would be enough to pay for the Tory budget measures AND leave those 1,000 individuals £38 million each better off than last year! Tax increases for businesses and the super rich and the shutting down of tax loopholes, as well as getting troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and scrapping Trident could also heal the deficit, but the budget has more to do with the old Tory policies of privatisation, public sector cuts and looking out for their rich mates, than it does about helping average people (the current cabinet has 18 millionaires and 53% went to private school).

What can we do to stop these cuts?

Up and down the country, a massive campaign has been started to defend our services and fight back against the cuts. We can win, but we need as many people as possible to stand up against the Tory cuts and defend their jobs and communities.

In Bath, the Bath Anti Cuts Alliance has already held several large and effective meetings and protests. two important upcoming protests are listed above.

To get involved in the campaign, or to let us know about cuts in your workplace or community, email us at bathagainstcuts[at]

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UK Anti-Cuts Protests and Public Meetings This Week

01-11-2010 17:59

As it says above. Please distribute this list as appropriate.

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Vodaphone's Broadmead Store Closed as Part of National Day of Action

01-11-2010 17:21

Today activists demonstrated against vodafone due to their tax dodging ways, and sucessfully shut their main central bristol store for the day.
This was one of many protests around the country which saw vodafone stores closed from london to leeds!

An Anarchist Against the Cuts writes: Today activists demonstrated against Vodafone due to their tax dodging ways, and successfully shut their main central bristol store for the day. This was one of many protests around the country which saw Vodafone stores closed from London to Leeds!

Activists have today formed a picket outside Vodafone’s Bristol Broadmead Store, blockading the doorway in disgust at the HMRC’s deal with Vodafone that have allowed them to walk away from paying a tax bill thought to be worth £6bn to the public purse. The action started at 1:30pm where activists gathered following rapid mobilization over night. The activists have picketed the store, which vodafone themselves have closed, in protest while others handed out leaflets explaining the action.

This comes after George Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review in which he announced that another £7bn will be cut from welfare, producing a total of £18bn of cuts from vital welfare services. These cuts have been widely condemned by charity groups representing the most vulnerable in society, and the highly respected Institute of Fiscal Studies confirmed on Thursday last week that the coalition’s cuts will indeed hit the poorest in society the hardest.

Full Story | Full Report of Today's Vodaphone Action | CUTZ: This week in Bristol and Beyond | Private Eye: Britain's 6BN Vodaphone Bill | London Indymedia: 21 Vodaphone Stores Shut in Anti-Cuts Action

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After a rather hasty and (sort of) secret call out sent only a little over 24 hours before the planned start of the action, we wern't sure how many people to expect as we approached the meeting point.

Fortunately around 16 activists, from the IWW, anarchists against the cuts and various friends were ready and waiting in castle park. We also attracted the attention of one mounted police officer, who after watching us from a distance came over and asked what we were planning to protest and where! She had apparently been tipped off about our presence by CCTV opertives who had seen us gathering with plackards. After the appaling actions by the police on the anticuts march we didn't really think we wanted anymore of their 'facilitiation' of our demonstrations and the only response to the question was "Whats your horses name?".

Unfortunately someone then came up to the group and said "hi is this the vodafone protest?" at which point we decided to quickly head to the shop before the police could get there. Although in retrospect it seems the police officer was the only person who didn't hear this, since they didn't radio it in and look rather confused.

It seems vodafone were expecting something to happen (it was a national day of action after all) and as soon as we approached they locked their doors. Activists lined up in front of the store, holding placards exposing their tax dodging ways and calling on people to fight the cuts. We were joined by members of socalist worker from a nearby stall, protesters from the right to work group, aswell as a few latecomers and even members of the public who didn't know about the protest untill they saw it happen! We handed out around 400 leaflets, that combined with our chants and the loud reading out of the leaflet informed many shoppers of the reasons behind our action, and many a good converstation was had.

After around half an hour had passed a couple of police officers showed up, looked around and decided the best thing they could do was lock themselves inside the shop with the vodafone staff. Personly I approve of the police locking themselves inside when we take to the streets and hope they continue with this strategy.

After just over an hour numbers started to dwindle (tempted by the free vegan food fair mostly!) so we headed off, however we came back several times during the afternoon to make sure they hadn't reopened. Infact they stayed shut untill the end of the day, and the protest spontainously started again around 4pm as the zombie walk went past and several members of the undead saw us holding placards and joined us in a second brief vodafone picket, this time with much more fake blood.

The action couldn't really have gone better! Infact we plan on repeating it next week and are publicly calling for people to join us at 1pm next saturday at the castle park bandstand or 1.30 outside vodafone in broadmead for another picket.

We think it is a great way to spread our belief that these cuts are truely unnessacary, and that we are definately not 'in this together' since whilst we pay with our services and our tax bills the richest in society pay nothing. Although there has been some debate about the accuracy of the initial reporting (see for example), it appears pretty conclusive that they (like most of their corporate peers) have been tax dodging to quite a large extent, and owe us at the very least around £1billiion.

See you on the streets!

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Palestine Today 11 01 2010

01-11-2010 16:12

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle EAST Media Center,, for Monday, November 1st 2010.

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BBC colludes with police to trivialise crime against ordinary people

01-11-2010 15:52

The Police trvialise and ignore crimes aginst ordinary people, whilst putting vast efforts into investigating more minor crimes against VIPs. The BBC, along with the rest of the media, seems to share the attitude of the police.

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Halloween Demo's Hit Brick Lane Fur Shops

01-11-2010 15:39

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