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UK Newswire Archive

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Second UK Wide Day Of Action Against Immigration Snatch Squads Press Release

24-04-2008 04:56

Outside the Immigration Reporting Centre, Northumberland today.
Around the UK at dawn this morning, protesters have again blockaded UK Border Agency depots to prevent vans leaving to snatch families from their beds. This is the second UK wide day of action No Borders UK have held in support of the many actions that happen outside UK Border Agency depots around the country regularly but go unreported in the mainstream media. This action is in support of the mothers at Yarl's Wood on hunger strike and to highlight the recent restructuring of the UK borders police. You can change your name but you cannot hide!

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Immigration Reporting Centre is blockaded to protest forced deportations.

24-04-2008 04:20

Outside the Immigration Reporting Centre, Northumberland today.
The Immigration Reporting Centre, Northumberland House, Norfolk Street, North Shields has been blockaded today in protest at a recent spate of brutal raids by immigration “snatch squads”.

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BBC1 /ITN / Ebola lab. "Open meetings" to be held this week by MRC.

24-04-2008 03:24

The MRC are to be holding "open meetings" this week in "a community centre" they state on their website. When and where then are these "open meetings".?
They also claim that local people are "very interested" in the lab plans. Interested? We are ANGRY!

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Kidnapped Tibetan Lama's Birthday April 25th - Petition Linked Please Sign

24-04-2008 01:19

April 25th is the Birthday of a little boy kidnapped by the Chinese government...perhaps a nice birthday present for him would be your signature on this petition...

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London Zine Symposium 2008

23-04-2008 23:24

Zine Symposium 2008 flier
The London zine symposium is a day bringing together zine, small press, comic and radical writers to celebrate DIY, zines and radical culture.

Sunday April 27th - 12pm-6pm
The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ

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Support Mel Broughton - For SPEAK's sake!

23-04-2008 23:04

Mel demonstrating for Felix, murdered by Oxford University
Mel Broughton was remanded on 14 Dec 2007 at Banbury Magistrates' Court in connection with alleged offences relating to the SPEAK campaign.

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Help break the cycle of mass destruction

23-04-2008 22:20

Footprints for Peace (Australia), with the active support of the French network for nuclear phase-out, will walk from London to Geneva (April 26 - July 18) via France for a nuclear-free world.

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Cannabis Campaigners say "Stick it to them"

23-04-2008 22:02

The LCA is asking people to either write on their ballot papers or attach a suitable sticker to show their feelings against the injustice of the law that punishes victimless cannabis users and prevents beneficial uses of the plant.

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Autonomous Bloc for SHAC march this Saturday

23-04-2008 21:51

Antispeziesistische Aktion
Look for the Antispeziesistische Aktion or Green anarchist flags...

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Birmingham Council workers strike against the imposition of a new contract

23-04-2008 21:40

Newtown Neighbourhood Office Picket
Council workers in Birmingham today protested against the imposition of a new contract, and a new pay and grading structure by Birmingham City Council. UNISON has branded the new pay structure as discriminatory although it was designed to end wage inequalities, some workers will lose up to half their pay.

Around 4,000 people protested in Victoria Square Birmingham during the previous strike and given the potential size of the dispute tomorrow, with teachers and civil servants joining the strike, there could be around 10,000 people protesting against Birmingham City Council. This is set to be the biggest public service dispute in the last 20 years.

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Oxford May Day

23-04-2008 21:36

This years May Day march in Oxford.

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Labour Incompetence.

23-04-2008 21:21

Some say this Economic collapse in UK started with Thatcher's Tax Cuts.

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Greyhound demo in Leeds, Sunday 27th April

23-04-2008 21:04

The Northern Greyhound Killers awards arrive in Leeds.

Will David Smith be there?

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23-04-2008 20:38

chains fore chainye
0h yeah we @LL got your number spreads the word!

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"We Will Not Be Moved"

23-04-2008 20:18

El Barrio Fights Back Against Globalized Gentrification

By Michael Gould-Wartofsky

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28 Days Later(ish) - Social Centre opening party

23-04-2008 20:02

28 days have passed since London's newest social centre was occupied, there's been no word from the owners and the deadline for an IPO to be granted has passed so we thought it'd be nice to have a party.

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Sonae and the high incidences of cancer in Kirkby.

23-04-2008 19:20

Time to get rid of this filthy polluting factory owned by criminals.

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habeus corpus - round 2 - challenging bail, prison license, docks and bollocks

23-04-2008 18:57

Justice Owen ordered an answer be given as to why Babs was in Holloway and you guys called your mate, the Governor, down at Holloway to release Babs, then you decided that there was nothing to talk about as Babs was released?


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Chernobyl Day Event - Saturday 26th April 1pm

23-04-2008 18:31

Merseyside Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Chernobyl Day Event - Saturday 26th April 1pm

In The Peace Garden
St.Johns Gardens
(Back of St.Georges Hall)

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BBC1 / ITN / UK Major Safety Alert issued today as Camden contracts exchanged.

23-04-2008 18:16

On the front page of today's thelondonpaper {} a "Major safety alert was announced as the MRC admitted 'having exchanged contracts' and it was announced that the centre will hlod deadly viruses such as ebola, anthrax and rabies". Scientists and MP's are criticising the project as residents are planning to fight 'in any way necessary' to protect their families.
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