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UK Newswire Archive

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David Rovics & Attila the Stockbroker Benefit Gig

12-05-2010 12:04

Rovics and Attila Gig for West Mids IWW 2010
Sunday 23rd May 2010, doors 6pm, entry £6.
The Wagon & Horses, Adderley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham

Back after last year's great gig, the folk and punkrock trans-atlantic alliance are back to fan the flames of discontent! With our own veggie curry, stalls, and all proceeds going to West Mids IWW - a truly radical labour union!

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Malema, music and murder

12-05-2010 11:52

The murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche a week after the Johannesburg High Court banned ANC Youth league president Julius Malema’s new found signature tune, Dubhul’ ibhunu (“shoot the Boer”) revealed beneath the racialised, legalistic and narrow-minded surface of the debate, important political currents at play.

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Trident: Song and Dance

12-05-2010 09:22

As Liberal apologists quickly ditched their non-existent ‘anti-Trident commitment’ in the scramble for office, this emssage from Trident Ploughshares, Scottish CND, CND UK and the Scottish WILPF… KICK UP A SONG AND DANCE! at FASLANE SAT 5 JUNE 12.30 – 2.30 Nuclear Weapons Convention – Now we can! Our message is simple: it’s time for [...]

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Practical info for Paris No Borders Action

12-05-2010 00:06

The Paris No Borders Mass Action for Freedom of Movement is fast approaching.
English callout and previous info here:

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Athens protests and situation commentary

11-05-2010 22:02

A view of whats going down in Athens

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Athens - Syndagma 11-5-2010

11-05-2010 21:59

new apointmet tommorow


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Decommissioners trial postponed until June 7th

11-05-2010 20:41

plus upcoming Smashing events...

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Who is the real David Cameron?

11-05-2010 20:16

..just call me Dave!
As David Cameron becomes the UK's youngest prime minister since Lord Liverpool in 1812, the Tories' heir to Blair can honestly be said to have had a seamless rise to office, escaping any kind of serious scrutiny into his background except at the margins. Who is the real David Cameron?

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Athens: death of a (riot) dog.

11-05-2010 19:50

A well known anarchist activist (of the canine kind), known as 'S@ns Papiers' , sadly passed away after dying of natural causes, following childbirth. She was founder of a group known as the Bl@ck Dogs, co-members were her puppies.

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Palestine Today 05 11 2010

11-05-2010 16:40

Palestine Today 05 11 2010
Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Tuesday May 11th, 2010.

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Biodiversity Walk at Manchester Airport - 9th May 2010

11-05-2010 16:16

- - -
Around 60 people took part in a Biodiversity Walk organised by the Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport coalition. Local residents and campaigners visited green belt areas threatened by Manchester Airport's plans to build car parks at freight sheds.

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BNP electoral performance in the East Midlands

11-05-2010 15:20

These statistics should give anti-fascists an idea about where the BNP are picking up votes in the region, and how their performance compares with the rest of the country.

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Britain’s Hung Politics: The Death Throes of Parliamentary Democracy

11-05-2010 15:06

Clegg, Cameron and Brown marking the Victory in Europe Day, 8 May 2010
Despite the seeming ongoing ambiguity in the wake of the British national elections, one thing is clear: the spectrum of British polity has now officially shrunk to a meaningless, narrow band of monochrome politics, where the majority of citizens have no choice or influence on any important areas of policy. Democracy is being expropriated from the electorate.

Not on the agenda of discussions to form the next British government are issues such as shifting the burden of taxation on to the wealthy so as to fund badly needed public services and job creation; or bringing the financial oligarchy under democratic control by nationalising banks; or immediate cessation of British involvement with the US and other NATO forces in criminal wars being waged in three foreign countries – Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

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Non-Corporate From the Gulf Coast

11-05-2010 14:20

"The Cajun "paradise" lost in southern Louisiana. The entire Gulf Coast wetlands ecosystem is a delicate and profound balance of tides, winds, and ocean temperatures. It's almost cosmic. Tides push and pull vast and deep columns of water through narrow passes into lakes and bays and back out to the open ocean. This is a marine cardiovascular system on a continental scale, one supporting waters that roil with life. Winds move shallow layers of salt water toward the shore and push back with undercurrents of brackish and freshwater from lakes like Pontchartrain, Borgne, and Salvador. The coastal prairies and cypress swamps breath. Water temperatures and salt concentrations from the edge of the continental shelf and as close as the shallows of Chandeleur Sound and Barataria Bay trigger complex movements of sea life, telling them when to spawn and where to feed. Larger seasonal shifts provide signals to migratory birds, ushering them to land upon horizon-to-horizon beds of grass where they feed from the bounty all around."

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'Ride Down the Road' against the expansion of Birmingham Airport

11-05-2010 12:15

Outside Birmingham City Council House
On Saturday 8 May students and members of environmental groups from across the West Midlands, supported by Plane Stupid, took a sound system for a bike ride down the A45 Coventry Road, which is due to be diverted with public money to allow Birmingham International Airport to expand.

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Climate9 Public Campaign Launch May 20th, Word Power 43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh 6.30-8pm

11-05-2010 10:22

Don't get too down about the elections, here is a fine example of collective responsibility. Please Spread Far and Wide to anyone you think may be interested


Solidarity with the Climate 9

The Climate9 defence committee will be launching their campaign for support and solidarity on Thursday 20th May 6.30-8pm at WordPower Bookshop, 43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. The evening will feature speakers from the Climate9 Defence Committee, details of the case from the lawyers, discussion on direct action and using the courts to call for real justice, a chance to meet the activists and climate-action bingo! You are invited to RSVP ASAP to Tel 075351 47478 and check out our newly launched website on

read more

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Leeds ALIU Visit DEFRA Labs, Weetwood nr Leeds

11-05-2010 09:45

At dawn this morning, ALIU volunteers inspected the DEFRA / VLA site on Adel Lane, Weetwood, Leeds, LS16 5PZ as they were rumoured to have a functioning animal unit.

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Climate9 Public Campaign Launch May 20th, Word Power 43-45 West Nicolson Street,

11-05-2010 09:38

The Climate9
Last year 9 brave people broke into Aberdeen airport, closing the runway for several hours and preventing hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions. Unsurprisingly, the state decided to arrest them and take them to court. They have been hounded by undercover police, harrassed and needlessly stopped in the street, and are being called domestic terrorists. This summer, they'll be arguing in court that their duty to stop climate change is a valid defence... and they're looking for help.

The Climate9 will be launching their campaign on Thursday 20th May, between 6.30-8pm at WordPower Bookshop, 43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. The evening features speakers from the Climate9 Defence Committee, details of the case and a chance to meet other activists and play mystery games. If you plan to come, please drop the Committee a line on or call 075351 47478. Don't forget to check out the shiny new website:

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GREECE . Political unrest spreads in football matches..

11-05-2010 09:31

Greece May 2010
The political unrest spreads to football .. in Greece
the crowd just before the beginning of the football match is shouting .." burn - burn the Parliament" , "thieves - thieves" ..

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APP Romp home in Vauxhall

11-05-2010 09:27

On top of the APP's stunning result in Oxford they romp home in Vauxhall as well.
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