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UK Newswire Archive

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Peace Action London- Thurs 25th September

20-09-2008 18:41

The next Peace Action is taking place on Thursday 25th September.
Come and join in! We'll be meeting outside Holborn Tube Station @ 1PM, before heading to an army careers office.
For more info, please contact:

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Cologne street resistance to Anti-Islam Congress

20-09-2008 16:57

Street blockade
Demonstrators and counter-protesters clashed last Friday at the start of an "anti-Islamification congress" in Cologne. On Saturday police banned the extreme-right "anti-Islamification" rally in Cologne just as it was about to begin, following clashes with thousands of opponents.

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Energy Poverty , The Govt's Idea Of Help !

20-09-2008 16:33

Just at a time when a dedicated consumer watchdog for the energy industry is required more than ever before with bill queries and contests likely to be higher than ever before, domestic utility cut-offs tripling in the last 2 years and in the face of a boasted 500% increase in profits, it has been announced that the consumer energy watchdog EnergyWatch is to be dissolved on the 1st of Oct along with Postcomm and The National Consumer Council.

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Another UCLA van torched

20-09-2008 16:33

ALF torch UCLA van in Irvine, CA - June 2008
Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: September 19, 2008
Institution targeted: Primate Vivisectors at UCLA

Received anonymously

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Activists visit animal breeder

20-09-2008 14:31

On Thursday activists decided to pay Harlan UK a visit in Leicestershire. Harlan breed animals such as beagle dogs to supply to labs like HLS. We thought we would catch them by surprise so we turned up at their gates at roughly 3:30 am. The security were very shocked to see us and hid in their office. We will not rest until places like Harlan and HLS are closed down for good.

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St Modwen admit no cinema for Farnborough

20-09-2008 13:51

once a thriving town centre
Developer from Hell St Modwen has been forced to admit what was common knowledge, that there is no cinema for Farnborough town centre. They were also forced to admit to yet more delays for their so-called redevelopment of Farnborough town centre, a town centre that was not in need of redevelopment until they trashed it.

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Camp Bling announces emergency relaunch on third anniversary. - NEW WEBSITE

20-09-2008 13:43

Camp Bling announces emergency relaunch on third anniversary.

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"All We Want is the Truth" - Menezes Inquest Opens on Monday

20-09-2008 13:08

On 22nd July 2005, Jean Charles de Menezes, an innocent member of the public, was killed by Metropolitan police officers in a grotesque and very public fashion. No one has been held accountable for his death.

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Drumming up Resistance - Samba band invites new members

20-09-2008 11:24

Come and join Rhythms of Resistance samba band .

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Queerbeograd and fascist attack

20-09-2008 10:39

At this very moment we're in the middle of the 5th Queerbeograd festival in Belgrade, Serbia. The theme of the festival this year is 'Direct Action & Antifascism'. The latter appeared again important when a group of 25 people leaving the festival yesterday evening we're confronted with an organized attack by fascists. The festival has participants from Macedonia, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Slovenia.

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Global Financial Meltdown

20-09-2008 09:37

The financial crisis has by no means reached its climax. It could potentially
disrupt the very foundations of the international monetary system. The
repercussions on people's lives in America and around the world are dramatic.

The crisis is not limited to the meltdown of financial markets, the real
economy at the national and international levels, its institutions, its
productive structures are also in jeopardy.

As stock values collapse, lifelong household savings are eroded, not to mention
pension funds.

The financial meltdown inevitably backlashes on consumer markets, the housing
market, and more broadly on the process of investment in the production of
goods and services.

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URGENT help stop the deportation of Babakhan Badalov

20-09-2008 09:22

Babi has been moved to heathrow this morning and is to be forced on to a flight at 3:15pm please call the airline now and tell them to not fly him.

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Zimbabwe: Land at core of Western anger

20-09-2008 03:13

The question is why are the Westerners pretending they are on a mission to discharge Rudyard Kipling's bastardised "white-man's burden", that onerous "responsibility" of saving the African from himself?

It is not difficult to unpack the West's icy response given the section of the agreement that has obsessed their media who have a sickening tendency of hunting in packs like wild dogs.

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The Homeless Move to BushVille.

19-09-2008 23:22

This is what I have been watching the wires for, a report revealing the
21st. century Hooverville.

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Riots and 20 arrests at ESF Malmo

19-09-2008 23:01

As the full European Social Forum got underway for proper, Swedish police, backed by foriegn police made 16 pre-emptive arrests at Malmo central train station in the mid-afternoon.

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prottest againt rolls royce raynesway derbysuppliers of nuclear parts 4 trident

19-09-2008 22:01

anti-nuclear protest against Trident - Monday
hope youll come and join a worthwhile cause .rools royce dont just supply nuclaer parts at raynesway .but store nuclear equip like uranium

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SHUT ITT! Oct 15th Advice and info

19-09-2008 21:43

Meet October 15th at 12 noon opposite Falmer Station, through the underpass, next to the Sussex University sign. Good directions to Falmer can be found at the following link by Sussex Uni:

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trident nuclear demo rolls royce raynesway derby monday 10 am all welcome

19-09-2008 21:24

rolls royce nuclear plant monday protest
trident nuclear demo this monday rolls royce supply parts for deadly weapons and tridet

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The financial Ike

19-09-2008 20:53

Fiscal paradises are prospering; people are suffering. Is this how humanity’s well-being can be guaranteed?

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Otis Ferry - sent to jail

19-09-2008 19:34

Otis Ferry
Otis Ferry, has been remanded in custody after intimidating witnesses
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