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UK Newswire Archive

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next week is Raw Food

14-07-2010 14:22

Here's what's still to come!
7pm every tuesday at the Better Food Company, Sevier Street

Here's what's still to come!

20 July Raw Food
How to access ultimate physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through what we eat and how to incorporate more of these life-giving foods into your diet. With raw food guru Saskia Fraser

27 July Life Drawing
An informal life drawing session with a clothed model. Please bring paper or sketch books, something to lean on and a selection of pens, pencils or charcoal. With Clodagh Scott

3 August Fertility Awareness
Learn how the female body works and identify when it is fertile – or not, depending on what you are interested in! Men welcome too. With Patricia Perez.

10 August Be Creative with Driftwood
Make a plant pot holder out of driftwood. Wood supplied but please bring scissors and ball of string or twine. With Bristol Women’s Workshop tutor Anne Harding

17 August Belly Dancing
Have a fun evening learning to shimmy, shake, and hip drop in the Egyptian fashion. Bring a coin belt if possible and a veil or large piece of light, floaty material like a large pashmina. With Laura Kelly

24 August Homeopathy
Explore the amazing world of homeopathy and how it may help you with all sorts of complaints. With homeopath and earth energy healer Alison Wilding

31 August Tree Walk
Another fact filled amble round St Werburgs to get to know your trees a little better. Meet outside St Werburgs City Farm Café at 7pm. With Ben & Lucy

7pm every tuesday at the Better Food Company, Sevier Street

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Increase in domestic violence after World Cup

14-07-2010 10:24

'Police record massive increase in domestic abuse calls after England World Cup exit'

An article from The Mule about the increase in violence after the world cup. Large sporting events increase the amount and level of violence in homes, and especially against women.

"Greater Manchester Police recorded 353 incidents of domestic abuse in the city following England's World Cup defeat against Germany, making it the second highest recording of domestic abuse this year, after New Year's Day."

The White Ribbon Campaign is a ampaign of men speaking out about male violence against women, find out more at


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14-07-2010 10:07

Norwin is a boy. He has been locked up in a solitary cell for years. He has never even been convicted of any crime.

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Stanmer Organics Open Day

14-07-2010 09:10

Stanmer Organics Open Day on Sunday 18th July 2010 Noon to 6pm

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EDL Jewish division

14-07-2010 08:49

There is an interesting discussion about the EDL Jewish Division on the EDL's web forums.

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What's the real 'Gold Standard' in infant nutrition, Paul?

14-07-2010 05:28

What's the real 'Gold Standard' in infant nutrition, Paul?
Ask Paul, the psychic octopus.

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9/11, The New Evidence discussed with former 'Leveller' Journalist Ian Henshall

14-07-2010 00:30

Since 2001 much evidence has trickled out that contradicts the official story of 9/11 being organised by Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

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Bulgaria: Sofia Made First Step in Solving Pet Overpopulation Problem

13-07-2010 22:56

On July 9, 2010, local website surprisingly announced that Sofia animal control service named Municipal Enterprise Ecoravnovesie will start a campaign for free sterilization, vaccination, anti-parasitic treatment, ear tatooing and passporting/registration of semi-restricted, yard dogs in the Sofia administrative district Novi Iskyr.

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Letter from a resident of L’Aquila

13-07-2010 21:38

Yesterday a woman called me from a debt recovery company, on behalf of Sky. She tells me that according to the records I haven’t been paying Sky since September 2009. She asks me why. I tell her that I left my house on April 4 last year and I never went back. Because of the earthquake. My Sky decoder lies crushed somewhere under the ruins.

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Salinder Bhatoa of the English Defence League

13-07-2010 21:29

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic organisation with links to hardline racists including Combat 18, Blood and Honour, BNP and National Front. They also have links to Islamophobes from Stop Islamification of Europe [Zionists] and the Hindu Defence League [Islamophobes] and Sikhs Against Sharia.

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English Defence League ejected from Sheffield Indymedia Meeting

13-07-2010 21:07

The EDL were ejected from a Sheffield Indymedia meeting at around 8:30pm on 13th July 2010.

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Fidel expresses dire warning of possible Iran/US/Israel war

13-07-2010 20:36

The author of the article below works very hard to de-emphasize Fidel's message that the anti-war "movement" better stand up and take notice or Obama, the US right, and that nuthouse of imperial zionism will have us in another calamitous war that will make the last two seem like child's play. Please spread widely very fast."

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Panama: strikes and protests force climbdown on anti-strike laws

13-07-2010 20:10

A ten-day strike by banana plantation workers in Panama has come to an end after the government agreed an package of concessions that included the suspension of its anti-strike legislation, Law 30.

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Video about police repression at 2009 Gaza protests in London

13-07-2010 17:36

Short film about police brutality during and after the 2009 protests in London against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

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New UK Based Zine Distro (website) Launched!

13-07-2010 17:26

Scale Trees Distro a new UK based zine distributors have just launched their website.

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New Scotland Based Zine Distro (website) Launched!

13-07-2010 17:23

Scale Trees Distro a new Scotland based zine distributors have just launched their website.

We specialise in zines about ecological direct action, land defence, forest occupations and communities struggling against environmentally destructive projects.

Check out the website!

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English Defence League London Division organiser Sam Harman exposed.

13-07-2010 16:58

The English Defence League [EDL] are racist, Islamophobic football hooligans. Sam Harman has organised demonstrations and coaches for the London Division of EDL. He has been an admin on the London EDL facebook. Sam writes regularly on the EDL London facebook page, on the EDL troll page Cheerleadered and has accused the Muslim Defence Force of being violent while he himself is associated with hooligans such as Joel Titus.

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Oil Spill at the British Museum

13-07-2010 15:55

This morning three members of the art activist group Culture Beyond Oil poured non-toxic black oil around the British Museum’s world famous Easter Island sculpture, in protest at BP’s sponsorship of the museum. Emily James, Director of Just Do It, happened to be there and captured the action.
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