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UK Newswire Archive

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Palestine Today 01 20 2011

20-01-2011 16:12

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, January 20 2011

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Expect Resistance!!!!

20-01-2011 15:19

On 2nd February 2011 the cops will try to evict the house-project Liebig 14
in Berlin-Friedrichshain/Germany - and this we take very seriously. The
threatening eviction is an attack against us all and we are not planning
on giving in so easily! For this reason we will take our anger to the
streets with a powerful demonstration on 29th January 2011.

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promises made / promises broken

20-01-2011 15:16

when we were asked to vote,a majour part of promise made were ;COUNCIL'S TO BE MORE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PUBLIC; (THOSE WHOM VOTED,GAVE PARTY'S COUNCIL CONTROL :)

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Report of Smash EDO noise demo 19/01/11 - More petty arrests

20-01-2011 15:07

EDO is a Brighton based arms manufacturer owned by ITT. They produce bomb release equipment for the US, UK and Israeli armed forces.

The Smash EDO campaign aims to close the factory down. Every Wednesday, since 2004, activists have gathered outside the factory gates to bang pots and pans

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Report of Occupation of Waitrose in Solidarity with the Abu Rahma family

20-01-2011 14:41

Jawaher Abu Rahma - Killed by teargas inhalation on 31/12/10
On Monday 17th January 2011 activists entered Waitrose in Western Road, Brighton, filled trollies full of Israeli frozen goods, sharon fruit, herbs and peppers and occupied the store.

Large photos of Jawaher and Bassem Abu Rahma were displayed and shoppers were told the story of the resistance of the village of Bil In, the expropriation of its land and the murder of those involved in the popular struggle.

Fliers were handed out calling on shoppers to boycott Israeli goods

The Bil In popular committee has called for renewed boycott action after the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma on 31st December 2010.

A day of global day of action has been called on February 10th against companies supplying tear gas to Israel - Jawaher was died after inhaling CS gas.

On Saturday 22nd there will be a demonstration in Churchill Square from 1pm in rage at the murder of Jawaher, and the increasing violence against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza

Read the boycott call from Bil In at

For more detail see

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#NetworkX Call for TUC Demo + Class Struggle

20-01-2011 14:22

A call out for creative disobedience, an example of unmanageable protest for the March 26th TUC demo.

What will it take to stop the cuts?

The politicians, businesses and banks ARE in it together. The rest of us need to take action on 26th March in London, the financial and political capital. All affected by the cuts, whether unionised workers or not, will take the fight to those responsible.

Real change only comes about through countless individuals taking action, such as the inspiring occupation of Millbank tower.

Sit down // sit in // don’t go with the flow //enough of doing what we are told

When you act you will not be acting alone. Legal advice, food and shelter will be available.

Contact details
Link to bust card
Target maps

...and see this fckbook group (logon required):

Class struggle statement

This statement was adopted by the Network X gathering of 15/16th of January with 14 stand asides and concerns expressed.

Statement from the Class Struggle workshop of the Network X gathering

We are currently facing an assault which we need to resist urgently, before this moment is lost.

Capitalism in Crisis

We live in a time of crisis; economic, environmental and social.  This is the normal functioning of capitalism: the shock and misery of crisis, and the shock and misery of “recovery”.  The economy falters and the majority of us suffer the consequences, the economy is readjusted in the aftermath and it is the majority of us who suffer unemployment, cuts etc. to foot the costs.  To fight austerity, we must fight capitalism itself.

The working class pays

Austerity is nothing more than an attack on the living standards of the working class.  Class ultimately is not about having a manual job, education level of accent, it is a about our relationship with the economy.  Either you live off your ability to work now (wages), your ability to work in the future (a student loan) or, unable to work, you are allowed to scrape by on the dole.  Those with the wealth and power to be above these “choices” will be untouched by austerity.  Instead, we will pay the price through layoffs, wage cuts, attacks on working conditions, cuts to benefits and services and student loan hikes.

Mass struggle is the solution

We can’t rely on anyone but ourselves to fight austerity.  The major parties, Labour included, differ only on the specifics of how our living standards are to be attacked.  Whilst understanding that workplace struggles will, in many cases, start off within the Trade Union framework, we need to understand that to be successful, in the current crisis, struggles will need to move outside of this framework.  Vanguards fighting on our behalf, and substituting their party, clique or scene for the struggle of the working class must be rejected.  Successfully resisting austerity will require:

-       Mass direct action: Strikes, occupations and other tactics which will disrupt the economy.

-       A mass movement: Students, workers and the unemployed share the same struggle and cannot fight alone.

-       Fighting divides: Race, gender, union membership, workplace, nationality, migrant/“indigenous” worker, etc.

-       A movement from below: Directly democratic control from the bottom-up; mass meetings and use of recallable delegates instead of stagnant committees.


See notes from gathering:

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Network X call out for the 26th March TUC demo

20-01-2011 12:06

A call out for creative disobedience, an example of unmanageable protest for the March 26th TUC demo.

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Benefit for Unity & WestGAP Sat 22nd

20-01-2011 11:53

This SATURDAY, The Oppressed - anti-facist Oi! - are coming to Scotland for the first time ever, to headline a fundraiser for The Unity Centre and West GAP in Pivo Pivo at 15 Waterloo St. near Central Station, Glasgow.

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Shops in Herefordshire and Monmouthshire selling real fur

20-01-2011 11:51

Please contact the outlets below asking them to remove the real fur that they have on sale and to stop supporting this cruel death trade.

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International Week of Direct Action against SHELL begins!

20-01-2011 11:44

Good Morning, We have just heard that Shell oil have received permission to complete their raw gas pipeline in Co. Mayo Ireland.

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Shell given permission to complete Gas pipeline in Mayo

20-01-2011 11:37

This morning we heard that An Bord Pleanála (the Irish planning board) has granted Shell oil permission to finish their raw gas pipeline.

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Homophobic tory minister criticises islamophobia

20-01-2011 11:31

Baroness Warsi has criticised the social acceptability of Islamophobic prejudice. Perhaps in her new campaign against bigotry she should look towards her own faults, having campaigned for parliament in 2005 on a platform of opposition to equal ages of consent for homosexual and heterosexual sex, and support for the homophobic Section 28 from the days when the tories were honest and open about their bigotry.

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Calais Migrant Solidarity Info Night, London, Monday 24 Jan

20-01-2011 09:54

Films and discussion about the current situation on the ground in Calais.

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Slip of the tongue by ACPO?

20-01-2011 02:53

Did ACPO spokesman mean to say this?

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Wikileaks Cables on Israel's Gaza Onslaught

20-01-2011 01:13

CounterPunch has accessed Wikileaks’ file of cables on Israel’s Gaza assault two years ago (Operation Cast Lead, December 27, 2008 through January 18, 2009). Though the cables often simply rehash Israeli press reporting, providing little new insight into Israel’s attack or the planning behind it, they show with pitiless clarity the U.S. government to be little more than a handmaiden and amanuensis of the Israeli military machine.

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Anti-Benefit Cuts Leafleting Glasgow Monday 24th January 3pm-4pm

20-01-2011 00:57

ATOS Health Care
Corunna House
29 Cadogan Street
G2 7AB

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Freeskilling next Tuesday - Burns Night Ceilidh

20-01-2011 00:22

25 January, 7pm, Better Food Company, St Werburghs, Bristol
Hello all

As next week 's freeskilling session coincides with Burns Night, what better way to spend the evening than coming to a ceilidh?

Rachel Miller, a true Scottish lass, has offered to teach us ceilidh dances from scratch, so no knowledge of the dances is necessary and all are welcome. (A few experienced feet will be very welcome too!)

Please come for a 7pm start. We may have to restrict numbers due to the size of the cafe space.

As always, we're really grateful to The Better Food Company for giving us their space, for free, every Tuesday. (Their cafe is open until 7pm if you fancy a cuppa or cake beforehand).

A note about Burns Night....
Burns Night is annually celebrated in Scotland on or around January 25. It commemorates the life of the bard (poet) Robert Burns, who was born on January 25, 1759. Burns' best known work is "Auld Lang Syne".

Burns Night of course usually involves Haggis, and we may even be able to conjure some up for a taste...


Who can believe it, we'll then be in to the February program:

1 February Jazz Up, Fix & Recycle Old Clothes

Tips, hand stitch techniques and ideas to recycle & fix your clothes. Bring a project, either a garment to fix or alter, additional bits and needles supplied. If you have a sewing machine, feel free to bring that too. With Rob Webb

8 February Compassionate Campaigning

Sustainable solutions are often hindered by the current system, ranging from the Council selling off green spaces to planning policy preventing us from living on the land and stopping supermarkets. Learn how to increase your power to create positive alternatives through compassionate and conscious campaigning. With Claire Milne

15 February Emotional Help for Activists using EFT

Learn the basics of Emotional Freedom Technique ‘EFT’, a very quick and effective way to heal trauma, develop greater confidence and overcome fears and doubts. A session intended to help those involved in political activism as well as personal issues. Liberate yourself and your world! With Karen Bell

22 February Meditation for People with No Time to Meditate

Convinced of the benefits of meditation, but never seem to get around to it? Learn how to fit mini-meditations into the daily scrum that is modern life. No experience, equipment or physical contortions needed! With Lynne Knight

To share your skill, please contact the Freeskilling team at

Hope you see you there!

Hayley, Alison and Tamarind
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