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UK Newswire Archive

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Nuclear energy is a red herring

25-02-2009 10:49

Nuclear Power? No Thanks!
An article entitled "Nuclear Power? Yes please.." appeared in the Independent newspaper on 23 February, 2009. It states that "four of the country's leading environmentalists" advocate nuclear power as a solution to climate change.

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Plymouth University Occupied!

25-02-2009 10:46

Around 20 students from the University of Plymouth have occupied room 202 of the Smeaton building, in the middle of campus.

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Al-Haq commences legal proceedings against UK government over breach of legal ob

25-02-2009 10:32



REF.: 10.2009E

DATE: 24 February 2009

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City cleaners demo report and new callout

25-02-2009 00:28

Sacked cleaners and their supporters gathered for the second time outside the Willis Building in the heart of the City of London, where they used to work until forced out by cleaning contractors Mitie, apparently determined to use the recession to break union organisation. 'We'll back and that's a fact" they chanted at the end, and they will be - this Thursday.

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Bnp in manchester

25-02-2009 00:22

The BNP will be holding a meeting in the Manchester town hall at 12 noon.

Since they chickened out of Liverpool lets give them a good send off in Manchester.

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Defend Yahya al-Faifi

25-02-2009 00:18

In London
Thursday 19th February was an international day of action to Defend Yahya Al Faifi and his family, who live in Cardiff, are now threatened with deportation after their asylum application was refused. The family were forced to flee Saudi Arabia in 2004 after receiving threats for Yahya’s trade union activity.

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The Return of the Solitaire?

25-02-2009 00:06

Solitaire maybe returning.

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Black Sea: Pentagon's Gateway to Three Continents and the Middle East

24-02-2009 23:12

map of Black Sea
The Black Sea is a vital geo-strategic area for the NATO in conjunction with its missions in Afghanistan, Darfur, Iraq and Kosovo.

With the inclusion of Romania and Bulgaria into the Alliance, the Black Sea has been incorporated into NATO's Article 5 (collective defense) operational zone. For two years now it has been repeatedly mentioned that Bulgarian, now joint Bulgarian-US, air bases may be used for attacks against Iran.

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Cardiff student occupiers settle in for the night...

24-02-2009 22:44

After a hard days occupyin' Cardiff student group 'Cardiff Students Against the War' are now settling in for a night in their new TAZ in the Shandon Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University.

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Feminist Health Weekend - 28.02-01.03

24-02-2009 22:35

Feminist Health Weekend
Whitechapel, London
Saturday 28 February - Sunday 1 March

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South Wales Anarchists accuse Welsh labour AM of hypocrisy

24-02-2009 19:01

Huw 'gravy train' Lewis has criticised a proposal by the Welsh arsembly to allow US firm and major polluter Covanta to build a waste incinerator in Merthyr Tydfil. At the same time, Lewis is happy to see taxpayers' money being invested on his behalf into some of the worst polluters on the planet so he can enjoy a very generous pension! Hypocrisy or what??

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More charges of union complicity in mass sackings at BMW’s Oxford plant

24-02-2009 17:16

Workers reported for shifts at the BMW plant in Cowley, Oxford, on Monday after a one-week shutdown, still uncertain as to the future of some 500 agency staff.

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GM will save the world (and Tesco's bank balance)

24-02-2009 16:30

Tescos have really outdone themselves this time. At the London 'City Food Lecture', Chief Executive Terry Leary has announced that Tescos will be willing to 'back' GM foods, due to changing consumer attitudes and some sort of misguided belief that people starving in Africa are only doing so due to the UK's and Europe's lack of acceptance of GM foods.

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Palestine Today 022409

24-02-2009 15:35


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, February 24th, 2009.

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Cardiff University students occupy!

24-02-2009 13:52

Around 30 students from 'Cardiff Students Against War' have occupied the large Shandon Lecture Theatre in the main building.

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NATO summit 2009: A democracy free zone

24-02-2009 12:45

When the alliance of democracies meets, there is no space for democracy on the streets

When NATO celebrates its 60th birthday in Baden-Baden, Kehl and Strasbourg on 3 and 4 April 2009, there will be a lot of nice speeches about the values of democracy, and the need to defend democracy against a multitude of threats. But while NATO might talk about democracy, democracy will be temporarily suspended in huge areas of Baden-Baden, Kehl and Strasbourg.

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Lampedusa's prison for migrants burns: Picket of Italian Embassy

24-02-2009 12:38

Protests and a general strike of the residents in Lampedusa, who do not want their island to become 'a new Alcatraz'; mass escapes involving over 1000 migrants detained in the 'reception' centre; mass hunger strikes by the migrants against their deportation to Tunisia and the inhumane way they have been treated; at least 11 suicide attempts; riots that led to the Lampedusa centre (not in line with fire regulations) to be half destroyed by fire, the 17th February. The number of persons injuried may be around 80, 60 immigrants and 20 policemen. Migrants were kept locked inside the burning centre.

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Help the Police stop public disorder

24-02-2009 11:29

If only the Police would help themselves.

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Andrew Beckett: Decommissioning the arms trade

24-02-2009 11:18

Comment is free

Decommissioning the arms trade

When government agencies cloak arms exports to Israel in secrecy, we have a moral and legal right to prevent their damage

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Watching Them Watching Us

24-02-2009 11:18

Ever been angered by police pointing a camera in your face? Find out here what to do about it.
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