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UK Newswire Archive

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NoBorders - english version now available - videoclip

16-12-2006 13:47

the cover
The videoclip is now finally available in english version and in wmv format.

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Capitalism. The Guardian myth?

16-12-2006 12:12

A comment I posted on the Guardian website underneath an article on the recent allegations of corruption towards the BAE arms manufacturer. I understood the debate to be centred on a choice, "Morality/Legality or Jobs". Some people saying... "We need to insist our government sticks to law" others saying "fuck that it will disrupt the economy and many, many people will be unemployed." Both reasonable arguments, no one seemed to be asking why that choice was necessary.

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cell phone lies: an assault on the truth and public health

16-12-2006 00:40

A recent danish study seemed to give the all clear to cell phones, but it merely ignored the mountain of clear contrary evidence. The website: shows the extent of victims

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Yet another case dropped in West Mercia

16-12-2006 00:18

13th December 2006 the social inadequates of west Mercia police failed yet again to convict me for being present near a laboratory.

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Families in Immigration detention October 2006

15-12-2006 22:55

Released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000

In October 2006 you asked how many families were in Immigration Detention in Dungavel, Tinsley House and Yarl's Wood? How many adults, how many children?

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London Xmas proletarian shopping

15-12-2006 18:55

In the spirit of Steal Something Day, this Saturday there'll be two mass proletarian shopping trips, the first will be in Camden Market, meet on Chalk Farm Road around 1pm. The second will be around Covent Garden, meet on the Aldwych around 5:30pm. Dress as Santa, steal from the rich and give presents to the kids. Just nick it...

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BAE Systems Scandal: Email Tony Bliar!

15-12-2006 16:21

Look, he is ready and waiting to listen to us!
Hello everyone,

I have attempted to formulate an email/letter to send to Tony Bliar which captures the nation's feelings regarding the latest BAE/Saudi scandal which he has now pulled the plug on. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to reproduce and amend this letter as you see fit, and send it to him. This is a democracy, he needs to know what we think!

He can be contacted here!

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15-12-2006 14:28

Many progressive Americans are hoping for a more peaceful U.S. foreign policy because President Bush lost control of Congress or after he leaves office — but the chances of this happening are not favorable.

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Newcastle Asylum Protests Continue Despite Police Intimidation.

15-12-2006 13:55

Newcastle-based asylum rights organization Tyneside Community Action for Refugees continue to organize protests in support of the protesters in Harmondsworth and Yarl’s Wood detention centres and to end the detention of children.

Full article now in Spanish and French

15-12-2006 11:33

15 December 2006: Starting today, the website is available in Spanish and French, apart from the original English version. This new multilingual interface is meant to broaden access to information in a way that strengthen people's resistance movements against free trade agreements (FTAs).

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Hungerstrike in Campsfield

15-12-2006 10:23

photo by Stalingrad O'Neill

Detainees held at Campsfield House, Oxfordshire, are understood to have been on hunger strike for 4 days now. 66 detainees, mainly Turkish and Kurdish, were logged as having skipped meals on Monday and are consuming only sugared water and coffee. They are protesting against the lack of information on how long their cases would take to be processed.

Recent detainees hungerstrikes: Families on Hungerstrike in Yarl's Wood Detention Centre | Hunger Strike in Colnbrook Detention Centre

Links: Campaign to Close Campsfield | National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns | UK NoBorders groups

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Australian lawyers launch court bid to secure David Hicks’s release from Guantán

15-12-2006 08:49

None of us are free
The ongoing imprisonment of Hicks, which is designed to psychologically destroy him, has further underscored the contempt for legal precedent and democratic rights that characterises the entire Australian political establishment.

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No ifs, no buts - corporate crime is completely fine!

15-12-2006 03:12

No ifs, no buts - unless Blair says so.
A major criminal investigation into alleged corruption by arms dealer BAE Systems was halted yesterday when Tony Blair claimed it would endanger Britain's "national security" if the inquiry went any further.

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Skerton West by-election result - BNP percentage drops to 11%

15-12-2006 01:02

BNP vote going, going...almost gone...

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Protest against Kalyx, Shut down Harmondsworth deportation centre, Mon 16:30

15-12-2006 00:35

Nobody should live there, especially not the innocent
Come and show your solidarity with the detainees of Harmondsworth deportation centre by protesting against Kalyx. Shut the centre down, stop the deportations, dignity to all.
Monday 4.30pm to 5.30pm. 25 Chapel Street NW1, Nearest tube Edgware Rd.

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Serious Fraud Office drops case against BAE

15-12-2006 00:28

The Serious Fraud Office has dropped the corruption probe into BAE systems following possible 'damage to national security'.

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Verdict Due in THC4MS Trial

14-12-2006 23:27

Three providers of medicinal cannabis to MS sufferers are due to be judged tomorrow in Carlisle, where the jury will be asked to decide if they conspired to break the law or if, in fact they did their best to work within it. The common law defence of medical necessity in cannabis cases was removed after this alleged offence was committed and the changed law is being applied retrospectively. Hardly fair, is it?

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Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset, Now or Never!

14-12-2006 21:34

Coverage of Thursday’s events. The most recent news first.

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Zionist inversion of values (video-cartoon by Latuff)

14-12-2006 21:26

Another example of moral inversion, largely used by those who support the State of Israel and its crimes.

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Pinochet is dead! It is time to kill the system that spawned him!

14-12-2006 19:22

The fact that the death of Pinochet on Sunday sparked off celebrations in Chile and around the world should surprise no one. He was a hated figure, a living symbol of the real face of the bourgeoisie.

In "normal" times the capitalists prefer to govern through "democratic" parliamentary means, so long as their fundamental interests are guaranteed. But the capitalist system cannot always guarantee that its interests can be defended through parliamentary means. History is full of examples where the bourgeoisie has preferred to do away with the niceties of "democracy"... Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Suharto... the list is endless.
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