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UK Newswire Archive

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small WORLD interview with Charlie, out of the Navy

22-12-2005 04:41

USS Antietam
Interview with Charlie and his experiences in the Navy.

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The PCS, the Immigration 'Service' and the Scottish Protests

22-12-2005 01:02

The following statement was issued, by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) executive committee, on 24 November 2005 with regard to the on-going protests against the dawn raids aimed at refugees in Scotland. Bear in mind when reading it, that this is the only union in Britain which has an absolute majority of socialists - mostly members of the SP and SWP - on its executive committee

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police clearly told to ignore carol singing protest in parliament square

21-12-2005 22:51

carol singers
police pointedly ignored investigating possible crimes this evening in parliament square when the 'serious organised crime and police act' was once again challenged by brian haw, maya evans and others. the event was called by tim ireland ( and raised money for 'medical aid for iraqi children'.

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21-12-2005 22:36

BRICK LANE LONDON E1 AREA NO TO CROSSRAIL HOLE ATTACKS Campaign focus on the Facts Of Another Crass Payment by Tony Blair To the big business interests, Crossrail Promoters, of £100 Million Of Public Cash! Blaire’s Transport front man Alistair Darling Shows Two Fingers To ‘Parliamentary accountability’ and to the MPs Select Committee on the Crossrail hole Bill’!

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Climate Chaos - read (and weep) all about it

21-12-2005 21:51

World Meteorological Organisation statement on the global climate in 2005

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Bayer´s Nexavar: FDA Embarks on Fast Track Cancer Drug Approval

21-12-2005 21:02

The report about new drug processing policies being adopted by the FDA, is accompanied by portraits of Dr. Janet Woodcock, FDA's chief operating officer, and Dr. Scott Gottlieb, deputy commissioner. The report comes on the heels of FDA's "quick approval" on Tuesday of Nexavar, a cancer drug that European regulators will not approve until the clinical trials are completed.

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Parliament Square carol service mentioned on Radio 4 news

21-12-2005 18:46

BBC Radio 4 6pm news gave a few minutes to cover tonight's carol singing in Parliament Square:

No arrests so far apparently...

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21-12-2005 17:26

The Edge Nightclub, Compton Walk, Southampton, have very kindly turned over the club to Greenpeace for a Benefit Night on Feb 23rd 2006 from 8 till late!!

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Global Poverty Grows

21-12-2005 14:17

Free traders praise this globalization as a panacea for spreading prosperity and combating poverty. However employees are not harvesting the fruits of this development.
Half of the workers of the world do not earn enough to free themselves and their families from poverty.

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Thursday night free cinema - Fallujah, War Of The Worlds

21-12-2005 14:03

The rampART social centre now has a stunning video projector setup thanks to a kind donation. The setup utilises a 8ft wide screen, full blackout, half decent sound (not 5.1 surround sound but what activists videos have that anyway) and seating for about 80 people.

This thursday, the second of the relaunched rampART free cinema gets into the christmass spirit and brings you the shocking RAI TV documentary 'Fallujah - the hidden massacre'. We'll also be screening some little seen video propaganda from Iraqi insurgents for a view of the other side. Enough reality, we'll screen classic clips from the ultimate war film of all time, 'Apocalypse Now' then enjoy the mass distraction of the 2005 remake of War Of The Worlds.

Films start 8pm SHARP

Entry FREE. Popcorn etc available.

15 rampart street, London,

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Peace workers denied access Bethlehem

21-12-2005 12:13

Latest news 9pm: lawyer says Israeli authorities will try to
deport the 3 early tomorrow morning before she has a chance to file a court request to freeze the deportation and pursue the
matter in court. Their phones seem to have been taken away and they are incommunicado.

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URGENT - Protest against eviction on Broadway Market 6pm today

21-12-2005 11:43

Francesca's Café in Broadway Market, Hackney has been evicted today from 7am. There will be a local show of solidarity against the eviction outside the Café at 6pm this evening, please come and show your anger and support.

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Broadway protest tonight

21-12-2005 10:07

6pm outside the cafe on Broadway market in Hackney (provisional)

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Parliament Square, 6pm today - will we be arrested for singing Christmas Carols?

21-12-2005 10:00

Will Tony Blair arrest us for singing songs of peace and goodwill in Parliament Square? Christmas Carol concert will test the limits of government free speech ban.

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Urgent eviction of Broadway market cafe NOW

21-12-2005 08:34

occupied for 3 weeks by an inspiring mixture of locals and activists this cafe that is going to be illegally turned into yuppie flats at 34 broadway market is now being evicted and demolished - please come down and help stop the further gentrification of hackney- support needed now - eviction began 7am..

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21-12-2005 07:19

After 2 weeks of occupation against gentrification, by an inspiring coalition of locals and activists the cafe on broadway market has just started to be evicted - call came at 7am -- please come down to 34 broadway market, London Fields, Hackney - as soon as you can .

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21-12-2005 03:45

hunger strike
MTST Manifest:
Hungry at Christmas, pro popular housing!

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Sussex University LGBT

21-12-2005 00:06

A student at Sussex University has just created a discussion forum as part of a new online community for their LGBT group

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Art censorship strikes Cowley Road again

20-12-2005 22:16

The original mural
A group of local artist were told “you can have a free reign” to paint murals on a wall on Cowley Road owned by a local estate agent in Marston Street

After deciding to illustrate a poem written by local Poet Nyarai Humba and spending many hours researching photographs they then spent two days in the freezing cold painting the mural.

Over the weekend they had so much public support for the mural, the artists were constantly fed mince pies, cups of tea and mulled whine by passers by as they painted. So you can imagine the shock and horror they experienced to find the poem had been painted out by censors the day after it had been finished.

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Haiti: U.S. NED/USAID Co-opting labor movement in Haiti

20-12-2005 20:04

"Democracy Promotion" a tool for transnational control is now being used to co-opt the labor movement in Haiti. It has a key role in destabilizing the constitutionally elected government of Jean-Bertrand Aritide.
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